5 Ways Group Therapy Helps During Rehab

Group Therapy as Part of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in San Clemente

Group therapy is used during addiction treatment to help develop and practice coping skills, foster support and connection for long-term recovery, and improve treatment engagement. It aims to reduce isolation during rehab while helping dispel the stigma, increase communication, and discuss recovery with people who have had similar experiences. Most group therapy is guided by a licensed therapist, wherein patients get together, listen, and give encouragement and support to each other.

Our San Clemente drug and alcohol program at The House of the Rising Son includes group therapy as part of its programs because we understand the positive impact it can have on recovery and life after rehab ends. The community, understanding, and growth that group therapy fosters are an integral part of how patients grow during their time with us.

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The Benefits of Group Counseling and Therapy

  1. Encourages sharing and vulnerability. Some patients may have a hard time opening up. As they see others speaking and sharing and slowly become comfortable in that environment, it can help reduce their fear, encourage them to open up to others, and be more vulnerable. With increased vulnerability, patients may better understand the things they experience, and see their triggers in a new way.
  2. Improves communication. One of the most important parts of communication is listening. Group therapy teaches patients how to listen, understand, and hopefully increase empathy. Group therapy also teaches patients how what they say can be misinterpreted and how to handle that healthily. Ultimately, it fosters clear communication, as well as being a better listener and having a more empathetic connection.
  3. Reduces isolation. Addiction can be extremely isolating, especially with the remaining stigma associated with drug use today. Group therapy provides community, as every patient in rehab is working towards a shared goal.
  4. Changes behavior. As the discussions in Group therapy often focus on the immediate issues that stem from substance abuse, group sessions can help patients learn how to change their mindset and behaviors associated with their addiction. As they learn changed behaviors and responses, it provides perspective along with additional coping tools learned from other group members. Changed behavior comes from better managing how one responds to triggers and choosing healthy options over using or drinking.
  5. Increases understanding. The nature of group therapy is to allow the group to identify patterns in developmental influences, including their childhood experiences and traumas. The impact that development and childhood influences have on patients and their relationship to addiction becomes clearer when they can discuss these similar experiences. This clarity impacts patient’s current relationships when they can see how an experience triggers a negative response and leads to substance abuse.

Recover for Good with Help from Group Addiction Therapy in San Clemente

Don’t fight addiction alone. Choose the power of group therapy and the community of group recovery with help from The House of the Rising Son. Our drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs offer a variety of therapies and treatment options to fit your recovery needs. When you are ready to make a change, let our team help guide the way.

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