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If your life is bowling out of control due to alcohol addiction, then you need to find a reliable alcohol rehabilitation facility. The facility will help you get rid of the behavior before it completely wrecks your life. The House of the Rising Son proves to provide the best services when it comes to alcohol rehabilitation in San Clemente. Finding the right treatment facility is the first and most crucial step in the addiction recovery process. This is why we’re here for you. We have all forms of services that match alcohol addiction needs. Learn information about San Clemente here. 

Licensing and Accreditation

All our team members are qualified to offer the treatment service that you seek. We’ve been highly trained and passed all the relevant examinations. We followed the right procedure when registering our rehabilitation center. This means that we have been licensed and accredited by the government to provide the services. Discover facts about Alcohol Rehab San Clemente.

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Solid Reputation

Through our incredible services, we have built a name for ourselves. We ensure that every client who comes to our facility leaves to live a completely changed life. Our website has numerous positive testimonials from past clients. Don’t just take the word for it, call us at (888) 238-1038 and learn more about what our alcohol rehabilitation in San Clemente can do for you or your loved one.