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What Can I Expect from a Couples Rehab Irvine Facility?

Throughout the United States, there are some fantastic rehab treatment centers, but if you live in or are considering traveling to Irvine, CA you will not be disappointed with your options here.

Irvine is a town located in South Orange County, California, and is considered to be part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Couple in therapy

The town was first designed in 1960 and now has a population of just over 300,000 which makes it a great sized town for a person or couple who need to get away while going through rehab to a place that is picturesque, quiet, and serene.

And, because of its close proximity to Los Angeles and plenty of transportation options, you don’t have to live in Irvine, CA to consider this town a place for your couples rehab experience.


What Is Couples Rehab?

Couples rehab is a type of treatment program where both you and a significant other can work together to begin to deal with an addiction you both are struggling with, whether you have an active addiction to the same substance or different ones.

Through couples rehab, you will spend time in marriage counseling and/or couples counseling (depending on if you are married or just partnered), as well as spend time in your own individual therapy as well.

You will also participate in group therapy sessions with others who are your same gender as well as those who are struggling with a similar substance abuse to yours.

Couples rehab may also involve some family therapy, depending on your family makeup and if you have previously worked with a family therapist before.

Attending a couples rehab facility can also be done as inpatient or outpatient, based on you and your partner’s work and home life as well as the severity of your addiction.

Couples rehab centers will also offer some other resources other than just various types of therapy.

Many will allow the couple to be housed together. Others may feel it’s better for you to be housed separately.

Healthy, self-care activities like yoga, meditation, life coaching, hiking, and other forms of exercise will usually be prioritized and encouraged by the healthcare staff, your therapist, and social workers while you are both there.

Finally, certain treatment facilities might even allow you to bring pets along or have your children or other family members attend things like social activities or family counseling sessions together.

This is a quick snapshot of the various things you can expect from a couples rehab facility in Irvine, Ca, and most likely in other parts of the country as well.

Let’s look at some of these elements of an inpatient couples rehab facility in more detail so you and your partner can better understand what you can expect if you decide that a couples rehab program is the right choice for your substance abuse issues.

Couple counselling

Marriage Counseling and/or Couples Counseling

The cornerstone of any good treatment program for a couple is going to be the type and level of counseling they receive together as they embark on their recovery journey.

The reason for this is pretty straightforward.

If you and your partner have been struggling with addiction issues together, there’s a good chance that you will greatly benefit from working simultaneously to break the cycle.

For some couples who are seeking addiction treatment, there has been a history of substance abuse with the same substance.

For example, maybe you and your partner have both battled an alcohol addiction and know that neither of you is going to be able to beat it without both of you committing to a rehab treatment plan.

On the other hand, perhaps you have a problem with alcohol abuse, but your partner is actually addicted to opioid medication. In a situation like this, you both may need different types of treatment throughout your rehab, but you’ll still need some intensive marriage counseling or couples counseling to help your relationship while you both get the treatment you need.

A reputable, licensed marriage therapist who specializes in drug and alcohol addiction will be able to work with both of you toward understanding your own and each other’s addiction.

They will also give you the tools and resources you need to support each other and your relationship through any withdrawal symptoms and the long-term recovery process.


Addiction can wreak havoc on any one person, but the relationship distress that it can cause is significant, and can lead to serious consequences within that relationship from poor communication to infidelity and even potentially divorce.

Working with a licensed marriage therapist inside a couples rehab program is going to be a great start in ensuring your relationship issues are addressed in couples therapy while simultaneously helping you begin to work on your substance abuse issues as well.


Individual Therapy

While good couples therapy is going to be a vital part of your recovery journey, you’ll also need to make sure you choose a program that prioritizes intense individual therapy as well.

Individual therapy is usually referred to as cognitive behavioral therapy and works with the specific person to address their addiction issues alone.

Even if you and your partner recognize that you both need help with your substance abuse issues and need to work on them together, you are still individuals who have led separate lives at one time or another.

Each person has their own individual pasts, personalities, mental health challenges, and other factors that have contributed to a substance abuse issue that they are now seeking treatment for today.

And though it’s going to be important for you to work together as a couple to begin to overcome your challenges (and support each other through them) it is just as important that you begin to each have the tools and resources to work on your individual substance use and mental health issues as well.

Another reason individual behavioral therapy is so important is that there may be a history of trauma, emotional abuse, or even physical abuse that has played a role in your relationship with each other that needs to be addressed separately and together.

Alcohol and drug addiction tend to be closely related to abusive behaviors and are often one of the most cited reasons for domestic violence inside a home.

For the couple who is brave enough to begin to address this problem, there are many roads toward recovery from not just addiction but from violence as well.

But…oftentimes this piece of the relationship won’t reveal itself unless both parties feel comfortable and safe talking about it through individual behavioral therapy before they can address it together in front of a licensed marriage therapist.

group therapy

Group Therapy

Another important part of any good couples rehab program will be the opportunity for both you and your partner to attend group therapy sessions as well.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes these sessions will be based on gender.

Having women be able to talk openly with other women about their addiction challenges, their family and work pressures, or even about difficulties in their relationships is an imperative piece resource while in addiction recovery.

This same holds true for men.

Building a support system of others who can relate to your situation and your feelings surrounding it is a proven tactic for helping people get sober and empowering them to stay that way.

Group sessions may also not be based on gender, but instead on specific mental health challenges or on specific addictions of each member of the group.

For example, a person who is suffering from an opioid addiction may need to be in a different type of group therapy than someone who has a problem with alcohol.

family therapy

Likewise, if there are any mental health issues at play as well, certain therapy groups may work better for one individual than another.

Choosing a treatment program that understands how different types of substance use, gender, and mental health all play a role in how each person’s addiction needs to be addressed is going to be crucial if long-term success is going to be the end result.


Family Therapy

Another type of therapy that is often part of couples rehab involves having other members of the family attend therapy sessions, other than just the couple who are in the treatment program.

Typically known as family therapy, this may include children, siblings, parents, or other members of a couple’s extended family.

Led by a reputable family therapist, sessions can be conducted at the facility where the couple is currently receiving addiction treatment, or it may be done virtually as well, if traveling would be a challenge for the family members, or the family therapist feels that in-person meetings would be detrimental to one or both parties enrolled in the addiction treatment facility.

Unfortunately, addiction often affects relationships that reach far beyond just the couple themselves.

the interior of a house

Having other people involved in the recovery process can be extremely helpful in making sure that the couple understands the ramifications their addiction has had on others, as well as helping them stay accountable in the future.

A good family therapist will know how to navigate a family’s tender subjects with care and will spend time figuring out which relationships have suffered the most damage and need the most repair.


Housing Options

Different treatment programs have different theories on what are the best housing options for inpatient residents, and it’s important that you take some time and decide which option is going to work best for you and your partner.

Some programs believe it’s best for a couple to have separation from each other when it comes to their living quarters while in treatment.

This theory is based on the idea that an addict is going to be able to focus more intently on themselves when they don’t have to worry about their partner’s needs, their partner’s progress, or be influenced by their partner’s opinion during the time they both spend in rehab.

This is also a popular tactic when there has been any sort of emotional or physical abuse during the relationship. Separation in this situation seems like an ideal way for both parties to do their own work in a safe and neutral environment.

On the other hand, there are many couples rehab facilities that see the benefit of allowing both people to live together while completing the program.

Attempting to simulate a “household” for these individuals will give them a chance to see what it’s like to live together, under the same roof, while not allowing drugs or alcohol to play a role in their relationship.

This can be an extremely effective treatment option for couples who do not have a past history of domestic violence and feel that learning to live together without abusive substances at play is a big motivation for attending couples rehab in the first place.

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Does This Sound Like What You’re Looking For?

If so, then please go ahead and give our treatment facility a call today!

The San Clemente Treatment Center is a highly skilled drug and alcohol treatment facility just minutes from Irvine, CA, and many other Southern California cities.

Not only do we offer inpatient treatment programs for individuals and couples, but we can accommodate a variety of different challenges and needs, based on what will work best for you and your partner.

When you first visit our facility, a highly trained therapist will meet with you to discuss both your and your partner’s individual needs.

They will work with you to figure out things like whether or not either of you needs a medical detox program if either of you is going to experience withdrawal symptoms, and what sort of housing options will work best for both of you.

Our skilled therapists will also come up with a customized plan to begin the healing process that will allow you to live a life without substance abuse, give you back your marriage, and help alleviate issues of anxiety, depression, and lack of intimacy that have probably plagued you both for years.

From state-of-the-art housing options to numerous self-care and exercise-related activities, our couples rehab Laguna Beach facility can give both of you the counseling and talk therapy you need, while also providing you with an environment that will prepare you to live a life without the substances that have been controlling it for far too long.

We even have the option to bring a pet, if you decide that your fur friend is going to help you both in your recovery journey!

If you’re ready to take the brave step into exploring a life of sobriety, please consider calling our Orange County facility today.

No one can do this alone.

We promise you don’t have to.

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