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We’ve Decided to Go to Rehab…Should I Pick a Couples Rehab Near Me?

Anyone who has ever struggled with a substance abuse problem knows how difficult it can be to make the decision to do something about it.

Maybe you’ve tried addiction treatment before, but the program didn’t fit right.

Or maybe this is your first time deciding that an inpatient rehab is the path you are ready to go down.

Wherever you are in your recovery process, there are some big choices you must make. And, if you are part of a couple who have both struggled with substance abuse, you may have even more questions about what to do next.

Is it okay to get substance abuse treatment together?

Will my insurance cover the cost of an addiction treatment center?

What should I look for in a good alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility?

Should I look for couples rehab near me, or go somewhere away from home?

These questions are probably among many that you and your partner have, and you are not alone.

Couples rehab is one of the fastest growing programs in the United States for substance use disorder. As more individuals recognize the need for both people in a relationship to work on getting clean and maintaining sobriety together, the desire to do it congruently has grown.

In fact, research has shown that when a couple enters into a substance abuse program together, their chance of succeeding goes up exponentially.

Addiction treatment cannot be done in a vacuum. When there is abuse in a home, it’s a family problem, not just an individual one.And – anytime there is more than one person in a family fighting with an alcohol or drug addiction (even if the substances are different) – it is going to be nearly impossible for anyone in the household to maintain sobriety for any length of time.

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So, if you’ve decided – as a couple – to enter into an inpatient rehab program, you are taking the first brave step toward changing your family tree.

Getting sober as a couple will make a great difference… not just for you and your partner but for your entire family, and for many generations to come.

Now that you’ve taken that first brave step, let’s look at some of the questions that you have and see what answers we can provide for you.


Is it Really Okay to Get Addiction Treatment Together?

Even though couples rehab is one of the fastest growing programs in the United States for substance abuse treatment, you may still have your doubts.

For years, experts believed that drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab centers should be focused on the individual, and actually encouraged patients that entered into inpatient rehab to isolate themselves for at least a period of time from their family and friends.

The idea was that the person seeking addiction treatment needed to put all their focus on themself.

It was important to not allow outside distractions to come between them and their behavioral therapy treatment attempts at lifestyle changes, and need to remove themself from triggers that were perpetuating their choices and damaging their decision-making skills.

And so, the idea of couples rehab seemed counterintuitive to a successful substance abuse treatment program.

New research has proven otherwise.

Experienced and reputable rehab programs can be a beneficial experience for a couple who has been wrestling with substance abuse, even if those substances are not the same.

For example, if one of you has an alcohol addiction, but the other one struggles with a drug problem, good addiction treatment services will have the experts and skills to treat both.

It is more common than you might think for two people in a relationship to have addiction issues and yet they both have addictions present in different ways.

A big part of substance addiction is that it encourages enabling and codependency amongst its victims.

Whether it’s alcohol or drug abuse, addiction thrives in environments where more than one person is helping the addiction to stay alive.
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Think about it like this: if you have a problem with alcohol abuse and you decide to quit drinking, your addiction will struggle to thrive if your spouse decides to quit drinking too.But – if your spouse continues to smoke marijuana or abuse prescription drugs, then it’s going to be much easier for your own alcohol addiction to keep one foot in the door.
And this is where good rehab programs can make all the difference.

When a couple is trying to get sober, it’s best that both people enter into a treatment program that insists on a “no-tolerance” rule for all people involved, and any type of substance use that has taken place in the past.
Whether it’s through behavioral couples therapy, group therapy, journaling, or individual counseling, deciding to go to an addiction treatment facility together is not only okay, but it may also make the difference between long-term success for both of you, or one person relapsing and finding themselves exactly back where they started.


Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of an Addiction Treatment Center?

Another big question for most couples who are considering rehab is most likely going to revolve around insurance and if it is typical for an insurance company to cover some of the expenses associated with alcohol and drug rehab centers, or if most participants end up paying for the services provided out of their own pocket.

This is a very valid question, and any addiction treatment center you inquire with should be more than happy to help provide you with answers to it.We all know how complicated insurance plans can be. From deductibles to copays to out-of-network providers, it is inherently important that each of us understands our health insurance package, what the benefits are, and what portion of a medical treatment we are going to be responsible for.

When it comes to addiction treatment, most insurance companies will usually cover at least a portion of your alcohol or drug rehab time in a program.

Many insurance companies are beginning to understand the importance of substance use programs. And they are willing to invest more generously in them.

This may differ between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, and it will also depend on your policy and insurance provider.

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For those couples who have opted for a high deductible insurance plan, your out-of-pocket expenses are clearly going to be higher than those with a low deductible plan.

Your best option for figuring out how much of your couples rehab will be covered by your insurance provider is to check with your insurance company and find out what they will and will not agree to pay for your treatment process.

Depending on the level of confidentiality you are looking for, you can do this by either going to your human resources department at your place of employment, or you can call the insurance provider yourself and ask them for the pertinent information you need for the specific substance use you are interested in.

Most insurance companies also have an online website where you can put in your name, policy number, and date of birth and you will have quick access to your insurance policy and coverage.

Finally, a number of substance abuse facilities also offer some payment options for couples who are not in a position to pay for both parties to be able to attend a couples drug rehab program at the same time.
Let’s be honest… good rehab centers are not going to be inexpensive. And a couple who is seeking addiction treatment services together will have other financial challenges as well that your insurance coverage isn’t going to cover.

There may be daycare costs for childcare while the couple is in rehab. There may also be some lost wages and household expenses that may have to be covered from money that was in savings or was to be used for future purchases.

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Regardless of your insurance coverage, your rehab center’s cost, or your own financial situation, it’s important for you to spend some time working out the financial details beforehand.Many substance abuse facilities, like The House of the Rising Son Treatment Center & Rehab, have experts onsite that can help you navigate the complicated world of insurance coverage.

There are onsite mental health services administration people who understand the intricate inner workings of the insurance industry and can make sure you understand what your financial obligation will be way before you even step foot on the facility’s grounds.


What Should I Look for in a Good Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Facility?

For couples who are looking for an alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility, there will be some things that will be universally important.

At the same time, there will be factors you’ll want to look for that are unique to your situation and marriage.

Though there are some programs that may be a combination of outpatient and inpatient rehab, for our purposes here let’s focus mainly on rehab centers that offer inpatient rehab for couples to attend together.

Treatment centers that are considered inpatient will provide living arrangements for you and your partner for a period of time. These living arrangements are designed to feel like a regular home environment, with kitchens for meal prep, living and sleeping areas, and other types of setups that would be similar to your home environment.

Some facilities, such as House of the Rising Sun in San Clemente, CA even offer Pet Friendly Rehab for those who want to bring their animals as a source of emotional support.There are also oftentimes gyms or exercise rooms, tennis courts, running or hiking trails, and maybe even water activities available.

The idea of an inpatient center for couples is to emulate a typical home life setup while you are going through the treatment process.

Some critics have suggested that this type of couples rehab treatment makes rehab feel more like a couple on vacation than a couple seeking addiction treatment.

However, many American addiction centers now believe that one of the best tools for combating alcohol and drug addiction is to allow couples to be in an environment that feels as much like their home as possible.

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By making an addiction treatment center feel like home, there is only one factor that is removed…the alcohol and drug abuse.

Most treatment centers that are considered inpatient suggest you spend at least 30 days in the program, depending on the nature and severity of your substance use disorder. After your initial assessments, a longer program may be recommended instead.

Regardless of the set-up of your facility, or the length of your treatment program, you will very likely engage in certain programs that are proven to be imperative to treating substance abuse and arming couples with the tools necessary to maintain their sobriety long after they leave the alcohol and drug rehab facility.

Some of these proven programs are things like behavioral couples therapy, individual counseling, group therapy, and other mental health services that may be needed to uncover the sources of your substance abuse.

Though you and your partner have come to couples rehab to treat your addiction issues, oftentimes there are other underlying mental, physical or emotional issues that are exacerbating your substance use disorder.

Once you are both in the treatment process, a professional treatment provider will be able to assess each of you individually and as a couple and decide what treatment options are best for your situation.

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While most of the above factors are common in most drug and alcohol rehab centers, it’s important that you also spend some time thinking about the things that might be important to you and your recovery that aren’t necessarily standard in all American addiction centers.You’ll want to first think of things that are important to you, while your partner does the same. Then, sit down together and discuss your lists. Are there certain items that both of you feel are going to be key to your long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction?

Maybe there are things on one of your lists that the other person thinks will actually have adverse consequences.

Either way, it’s important that you both have a chance to weigh in on what type of treatment options you are hoping for and then – together – spend time seeking treatment facilities that can best accommodate your needs.

Know that there is a process to drug and alcohol treatment that your professional treatment provider can help you understand, but that you also need to advocate for your own needs and be a part of your overall recovery process.


Should I Look for Couples Rehab Near Me, or Go Somewhere Away from Home?

Deciding to go to rehab together is the first brave step you and your partner have taken on your road to recovery.

Deciding if you should only look at centers for couples near where you live can be the next daunting step.

This can be a tricky one. Not all states offer licensed treatment centers, and you must be diligent in your research in order to make sure that the facility you choose has the right credentials, services, and treatment options available for both you and your spouse, depending on what types of drug and alcohol addiction you are both seeking addiction treatment for.

It may be tempting to focus solely on cost and distance when choosing a substance abuse treatment facility.

But like most things, not all facilities are created equal.

For example, you may know of a center that is only an hour away but doesn’t offer certain types of therapies that you and your spouse feel are going to be beneficial in your sobriety.

Or you’ve found a facility that is cost-effective, but the grounds themselves feel unkempt and not at all like home.

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Facilities like The House of the Rising Son Treatment Center & Rehab are able to combine quality care, exceptional living arrangements and provide treatment plans that are affordable and oftentimes will be at least partially covered by insurance.

It’s understandable that traveling to a rehab center may feel unrealistic to you and your partner.

You may worry about children left behind, jobs, chores, and other activities that will be a challenge to complete if you have to travel outside of your area or state for the right alcohol or drug rehab center.

If you are feeling this way, remember this…

When you and your spouse enter into a couples rehab program, you are making a commitment to yourselves and each other that you are ready to finally get the help you both need and deserve.

You have made the choice to put your lives on hold for a season of time and focus on the most pressing issue in your lives – your need for sobriety.

So… doesn’t it make sense that choosing the best substance abuse program should not be contingent on distance from home?

If you are both truly committed to your sobriety and long-term freedom from drug and alcohol abuse, then the location of the facility where you choose to get clean should have no weight in your decision.

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Remember – when you enter an inpatient program, you will be asked to commit to staying in the program, onsite, usually for 30 days at the minimum.So, where you are during those 30 days should matter less about location and more about the reputation and proven track record of the substance abuse treatment program itself.

Make your recovery your top priority. Choose a rehab center like The House of the Rising Son not for its location, but for its exceptional programs, skilled staff, and reputation for being one of the best couples rehab centers offered in the United States today.

We have no bias about where you come from. Nor should you.


What Other Things Should I Consider When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center?

Despite having some answers now to your big questions, there are still plenty of others left to address.

There is no doubt that making the decision to go to a rehab center is not one that you and your partner are going to make lightly.

The time commitment and financial expense are both huge factors that must be weighed. Not to mention time away from family and friends, job constraints and community responsibilities all will factor into your final decision about which rehab center to go to and when.

At The House of the Rising Son, we know all of this, and we applaud you for making the difficult and daunting decision to get addiction treatment.

The idea of entering into an alcohol and drug rehab program is not one that anyone makes lightly. It takes a person who is brave, determined, and motivated to change the trajectory of their life is currently on.

It takes a person who is tired of living in the prison that drugs and alcohol have locked them in.


We invite you to learn more about us!

The House of the Rising Son is located in Orange County, California just outside of beautiful San Clemente.

With a fully licensed staff and plenty of mental health services administration support, therapy, and activity options, we can provide both you and your partner with a customized program that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you learn to live the life you already have without substances that keep it from being the best it can be.

If you have lifestyle changes you would like to make other than removing drugs and alcohol from your life, we can work on that as well.

Another advantage to our program is that we offer a full range of aftercare therapy and treatment programs as well.

When you browse rehab centers, it’s important you understand what they can offer you once your inpatient rehab treatment is over.

Some centers for couples don’t have the ability to render care once you’ve left their rehab treatment and returned home.

We don’t believe that your drug or alcohol rehab services should end when you leave our facility. In fact, your time with us is just the beginning of a new adventure…one that we are happy to continue to support you through.For those couples who don’t live near our treatment center, we can offer other types of ongoing support as well.

At the end of your time here, we will talk about what sorts of treatment programs we can continue to offer you virtually. Many of our patients elect to continue to do drug and alcohol behavioral couples therapy with the counselor they had while at our rehab center.
Others want to engage in family therapy or mental health services when they return home and ask us to set that up for them as well.

family therapy

There may be centers for couples near your home that you’d prefer to continue your outpatient program with instead of continuing your drug and alcohol rehab with us.

If this is the case, we may be able to connect you with others that are closer to your home and will allow you to continue to work with professionals in person instead of virtually.

Because of our vast knowledge of drug and alcohol rehab programs and what type of treatment options are available, we can help determine what is going to best serve you and your partner as you re engage with life after spending time at our treatment centers.

And, we can make sure that your family has the resources as well.

Our main mission at The House of the Rising Son is to help you and your partner find the type of treatment options that will provide you a way out of the cycle of addiction that has more than likely been a part of your relationship for much longer than you would like to admit.

There is a good chance that this is not the first time you have asked these questions and sought the answers. There is a good chance you have wanted to change in the past, but life continued to hold you both back.

At House of the Rising Son, we admire your strength to finally have the desire to change. And we will help both of you use that strength to move past addiction and into a life that is free from all the stress, worry, sadness, and shame that addiction brings with it.

Give us a call at 866-507-1035 and let us answer more of the questions you probably still have.

We have a 24/7 admissions policy and friendly, skilled staff members who are waiting to answer your call.

Your bravery has gotten you this far. Let us at House of the Rising Son get you to the next step toward a life of sobriety that will change you, your partner, and your family for generations to come.