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The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente provides a comfortable private residential drug rehab program. Our program is individually tailored to help those struggling with addiction get the best care possible.

At The House of The Rising Son we believe that drugs do not discriminate. Drugs can affect anyone, regardless of age, background, race, and gender. Some people start using drugs for recreational purposes, to have fun, to experiment with the feeling, or escape problems such as depression and anxiety.

It is worth noting that drug addiction is not only caused by illicit drugs that include heroin or cocaine. However, prescription drugs or medications, including sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and painkillers, also contribute to a similar problem. In fact, prescription painkillers and marijuana are some of the most abused substances in the USA.

At The House of the Rising Son in San Clemente we recognize that many drug addicts do not understand that drug addiction is a serious disease. And quitting it requires strong will, consistency, and, most importantly professional help. People who try to quit drugs cold turkey without taking the help of drug rehab programs often suffer from harmful withdrawal symptoms. It is because drug addiction affects the brain in a way that makes quitting hard.

This is when the role of a professional addiction treatment center comes into play. Fortunately, The House of The Rising Son offers a drug rehab program based on comprehensive treatment for drug addiction. The House of The Rising Son incorporates several treatment options in its effective rehab program that helps drug addicts overcome the addiction, prevent relapses, and lead them to productive lives.

That is to say, drug addiction, if not treated on time, can take a heavy toll on addicted individuals by negatively impacting social, personal, and professional life. It affects thinking ability and takes control over the way brain functions. That is what makes understanding drug addiction, recognizing its symptoms, and choosing the right drug rehab program extremely important.

If you are experiencing addiction withdrawal symptoms, consult our team at The House of The Rising Son for a comprehensive alcohol and or drug rehab. You don’t have to suffer any longer call now to speak with one of our addiction treatment specialists.


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How much I understand Drug Addiction

As mentioned earlier, drug abuse is a chronic disorder characterized by the compulsive use of drugs that are difficult to quit. Even though the initial decision to take drugs is often voluntary, reusing them recurrently is what leads to brain changes.

The addiction gradually becomes a challenge for an individual’s self-control. Most importantly, drug abuse interferes with the ability of a drug user to resist strong urges to take drugs. Remember that these changes in the brain are persistent. This is why medical professionals consider drug addiction a “relapsing disease.” In which the risk of returning to drugs is always high, especially if an addicted individual does not participate in a professional drug rehab program.

It is important to understand that relapse is common when a person is in the withdrawal phase. Relapse does not mean that addiction treatment did not work; however it indicates other mental health issues. Simply put, if an addicted individual suffers from a mental disorder or any other chronic health condition, it is important to be part of an ongoing aftercare program.

What Happens to Your Brain When You Take Drugs

As mentioned previously, regardless of what type of drug individual takes, it affects the reward circuit of the brain. Whether it is cocaine, heroin or prescription medications, overdosing drugs cause euphoria. Not only this, it increases the production of dopamine in the brain (feel-good hormone) that gives addict a high feeling and develops its tolerance. When a chemical messenger (dopamine) floods in the brain, the activated reward circuit motivates the addicted individual to repeat certain behaviors that he/she needs to thrive (sex, eating, or partying).

In other words, dopamine surge in the brain reinforces the pleasurable behaviors that may be full of risks or unhealthy. As occasional drug use turns into abuse, the brain slowly adapts to new behaviors and reduces its ability to respond to situations. Overdosing or frequent use of drugs reduces the intensity of pleasure or high feeling as compared to the feeling when the drug was taken the first time. This leads to high drug tolerance where addicted individuals induce more dosages of drugs to achieve the same “high feeling.”

Although slow, these adaptations of the brain can make an individual more dependent on drugs. It comes to a stage where a drug addict is unable to derive pleasure and satisfaction from other activities he/she once used to enjoy. According to the National Institute of Drug and Abuse, long-term use of drugs can cause some major changes in brain chemical, affecting functions such as:

  • Memory
  • Judgment
  • Behavior
  • Stress
  • Decision-making
  • Learning

Despite tons of harmful repercussions, many people continue the use of drugs. This is what makes it an addiction that has long-term effects on life. The House of The Rising Son provides a residential In-patient alcohol rehab program and drug rehab program that can help addicted individuals attain addiction-free life.

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Can I Become Addicted to Drugs – Main Addiction Causes

Numerous factors can contribute to making someone a drug addict. Remember that the more risk factors you have, the greater the chances that you will become a drug addict.

Some of the common causes include:

Biological Factors
The genes you are born with play a vital role in causing addiction to drugs. If your parents have been drug addicts, it may increase the risk of developing drug addiction in you. Besides this, ethnicity, gender, and any mental disorder can influence the risk of substance abuse.

Your environment includes various influences from family, friends, and economic status. Environmental factors like peer pressure, stressful work routine, sexual or physical abuse greatly affects your likelihood of substance abuse or drug addiction.

Both environmental and genetic factors, when interact with developmental stages in your life, spike addiction risk. Although age is just a number when it comes to developing a drug addiction, the earlier someone is exposed to drugs, the more they will likely develop its addiction.

This particularly becomes more problematic for young adults or teens as their brain is in a developmental phase. Developing drug addiction at a young age may affect their brain areas that control judgment, decision making, and self-control. It makes them susceptible to risky behavior.

How to Recognize Drug Abuse

The symptoms of drug use may vary as they mainly depend on drug type and the length of addiction. Below are some of the common signs of drug abuse that are important to recognize before you go to the drug rehab center.

For Cannabis-containing substances

  • Feeling high
  • Decreased coordination
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Slow reaction time
  • Difficulty in remembering
  • Paranoid thinking or anxiety
  • Exaggerated cravings for foods
  • Increased heart rate

Club drugs, cocaine, heroin or other stimulants

  • Excess confidence and exhilaration
  • Behavior changes
  • Dilated pupils
  • Paranoia, Irritability, or anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression when the drug wears off
  • Impaired judgment
  • Hallucinations, confusion, and delusions
  • Rambling speech
  • Increased energy
  • Nausea with weight loss

Our professionals at The House of The Rising Son are ready to speak with you and get you started on your intake process. You or your loved one do not need to continue to struggle with a drug addiction. Our proven drug rehab program can help you now.

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