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If you’re thinking about heroin detox, or drug detox in Orange County, then there’s a lot that you need to know. Detox can be a complicated, challenging process. But completing a heroin Detox in San Clemente or elsewhere is essential if you want to regain control of your life.

At The House of the Rising Son, we know exactly how important it is to be informed and have the right type of support available to you while you’re going through detox. That’s why we’ve put together the following blog post. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about heroin detox in Orange County.

Who needs heroin detox in Orange County?

Anyone who uses heroin regularly will have to go through detox. That’s because heroin changes the way that the brain and body function. The body and mind need to clear the heroin out of their systems before they can return to normal.

This is why detox is the first step in every patient’s substance abuse recovery plan. It’s when the body prepares itself to function without heroin. And you need that to happen before you can start identifying and resolving the root causes of your substance abuse problem.

What’s heroin detox in San Clemente like?

There’s no point in sugarcoating it: heroin detox can be intense. It often involves a variety of withdrawal symptoms. This is a list that can include things like:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle aches and abdominal cramping
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia

People sometimes compare heroin detox to a bad case of the flu. In fact, the worst symptoms of heroin withdrawal last about a week, which is also how long the average flu lasts.

That being said, the exact amount of time that a person’s heroin withdrawal symptoms persist will depend on their unique biological factors and the way that they used the drug. For example, factors like how long you abused heroin and how much you took can influence the severity of your detox.

Supervised detox vs. unsupervised

Patients technically have the option of choosing between completing a supervised detox in a treatment center and going through the process on their own. However, it’s almost never a good idea to attempt to detox from heroin on your own.

That’s because withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. You want to make sure that you have someone available to assist you and guide you through the process if your symptoms become too intense for you to handle on your own.

Another thing to think about here is the fact that you will likely have intense cravings while going through detox. You may struggle to get past these if you’re detoxing at home or in another place where you can get your hands on heroin. This won’t be an issue if you complete your detox in a treatment center.

What comes after heroin detox?

Detox is a very important part of recovering from substance abuse. But it’s also just the first step in that process. To truly recover, you will also need to complete some type of rehab.

Rehab is when you address the thinking patterns and behaviors that caused your addiction. You’ll work directly with a trained mental health professional who can help you analyze and understand your past to get you ready for the future you want to live.

Many people also decide to complete aftercare after they finish rehab. As the name implies, this is treatment that you get once you’ve finished rehab. It often involves continuing to work with a psychologist and participating in group-based treatments.

These three phases form the foundation of a successful substance abuse recovery plan. And the first step is completing your heroin detox in San Clemente.

Finding the right Orange County heroin detox option for your needs

Picking the right place to do your heroin detox is important. Doing so will help you ensure that the process is as comfortable, safe, and painless for you as possible.

That’s why you should look into The House of the Rising Son. Our detox center is located in beautiful Southern California. We’ll set you up with a customized treatment plan that takes your unique needs into consideration.

With our help, you can successfully complete the first stage of your recovery so that you can turn the corner towards a brighter tomorrow. So why wait? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our heroin detox options in Orange County and San Clemente, California. We look forward to hearing from you.


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If you’ve decided to quit using heroin and pursue recovery support for your addiction, then congratulations. Making that decision is the first step towards becoming a healthier version of yourself.

The next step will be for you to complete your detox from heroin. If you’re not sure what this is or how it works, don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know about heroin detox below.

What is heroin detox?

Heroin detox is the first stage of the recovery process. It’s when your body gets rid of the last traces of heroin in its systems. The detox process typically includes withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which can make it difficult to get through on your own. That’s why many people prefer to go through detox at a professional facility.

How does heroin detox fit into my treatment plan?

When you make the decision to quit using heroin, the first thing that you have to do is let your body adjust to not receiving regular doses of it anymore. This is what happens during detox and it’s why completing this is the first step towards beating your addiction.

Once you’ve finished heroin detox, then you can begin rehab. This is when you’ll get the intensive treatment that you need to identify and resolve the root causes of your addiction.

After you finish rehab, then it’s often a good idea to continue getting some type of care. Many people choose to continue working with a therapist and going to group meetings. But you can figure out what works for you once you get there.

Do I have to go to a professional heroin detox facility?

It’s almost always a better idea to complete heroin detox at a professional detox facility instead of doing it on your own. That’s because this process is an uncomfortable one that can have a lot of negative side effects.

Some of the rarer side effects of heroin withdrawal can be fatal. So you want to make sure that you have a professional medical team watching over you just in case something severe happens.

Get started with heroin detox faster by reaching out to The House of the Rising Son today

Are you ready to beat your addiction to heroin? If so, you need to complete a heroin detox to kickstart your recovery. And the easiest way to get started with that is by reaching out to The House of the Rising Son.

We provide a wide variety of personalizable detox plans to choose from. So when you reach out, all that you need to do is tell us a bit about what you’re looking for and we’ll handle the rest.

So why wait? Take the first step towards becoming a healthier version of yourself by getting in touch with one oof our addiction specialists today.