How Do Dual Diagnosis Patients Get Treatment?

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Types of Treatment

Although full recovery from co-occurring disorders takes time, it is possible, and there is evidence. Patients go through a series of behavioral interventions that come after a thorough situational diagnosis at the rehab. That is to choose between inpatient care or outpatient services.  Learn information about San Clemente, CA.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is always the best choice when the patient is in a severe state or needs critical attention. It is widely known as residential rehab, a common practice with The House of the Rising Son, a San Clemente dual diagnosis rehab facility. It is vital since patients get extra crucial services such as onsite supervision, daily therapy services, and the opportunity to regularly attend support groups. This treatment process should not be interrupted in any way. A slight change may alter the recovery process. Discover facts about The Steps to Take In Getting Dual Diagnosis Rehab.

Outpatient Treatment 

The final decision on when a patient must get outpatient services come after hard thought choices. It is a flexible treatment process and comes with its cons and pros. But the caregivers should always advise on the best route to take in assisting patients. Methods of payment for dual diagnosis programs are one of the reasons that can influence the choice of outpatient treatment programs. 

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