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Drinking alcohol habitually can have a big impact on how your brain functions. This can cause a variety of mental and physical health issues. It’s why completing alcohol detox is such an important step in the road to regaining your health.

As you complete alcohol detox or rehabilitation, you should know that alcohol remains in the brain for about 14 days after your last drink. By that point, much of your brain’s functionality will turn back to its normal state.

Keep reading to learn more about how alcohol impacts your brain and what you can do about it.

How alcohol influences your brain

Drinking alcohol socially and in moderate quantities will likely only have a minimal impact on your brain. But if you’re a heavy drinker, you may face a variety of brain-related issues as a result of your alcohol consumption. These include:

  • Memory problems
  • Troubles with learning new things
  • Mental health issues
  • And more

Since everyone is unique, you may experience some, none, or all of these problems if you’re a heavy drinker. The only way to know for sure is to consult with a physician.

When alcohol leaves the brain, what happens?

Though there are lots of brain-related problems that can come from drinking habitually, the brain is super resilient. It begins repairing itself immediately after your last drink. By the time that 14-days have gone by since your last sip of alcohol, most of the alcohol in the brain will be gone.

But that doesn’t mean that you can heal all of the damage that you might’ve done from being a heavy drinker of alcohol in 14 days. It just means that most of the alcohol itself will no longer be in your system at that point.

You may still have long-term brain-related health issues after that 14-day period is over. That’s why it’s always a better idea to not begin drinking heavily in the first place.

The best way to get alcohol out of your brain

If you’re ready to protect your brain and get the alcohol out of it, then the first step towards achieving that goal is going through detox. This is a process that begins occurring naturally when you quit drinking. But there are a lot of potentially painful and dangerous side effects of detox.

That’s why it’s not usually a good idea to detox from alcohol on your own. Instead, you should seek out a professional’s assistance. You should consider contacting The House of The Rising Son.

We provide high-quality, personalized detox and substance abuse recovery services in Southern California. With our help, you can go through detox from alcohol safely and as comfortably as possible. That way, your body can begin healing from the impact of alcohol addiction right away.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Get in touch with one of our addiction specialists today. They’re standing by to answer your questions and to give you an individualized detox recommendation.