Alcohol- Thors Therapy
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When you drink a lot of alcohol consistently, it negatively impacts many parts of your body. But the liver is one of the biggest areas of impact for those who are addicted to alcohol. That’s why, as you start thinking about alcohol detox or rehab, you may be wondering how long it will take to clear your liver out.

According to The American Addiction Center, alcohol can stay in your liver for about a week after you quit drinking. If your alcohol addiction wasn’t too severe, then your liver can return to its original functionality within a few months to one year after your last drink.

But there’s more to learn about this topic. So keep reading to get a better sense of how your liver functioning will improve when you quit alcohol.

How the liver heals itself

Your liver is responsible for filtering out alcohol when you drink it. Each time that this happens, some of the cells in the liver die. But the good news is that your liver can produce new cells to make up for the ones it loses in this process.

This process of regeneration is what helps the liver get back to its normal function once you quit drinking.

What if your drinking problem is severe?

There are some scenarios in which your liver won’t be able to fully heal the damage that you’ve done to it. Essentially, if you’re a heavy drinker for a long period of time, your liver is no longer able to regenerate cells at the same rate that it once could. This can lead to a variety of problems.

Perhaps the most significant problem associated with this process is alcohol liver disease. It has a survival rate of just 55-60%. Factors like your age and gender can impact how likely you are to survive this condition.

That’s why it’s important to limit your drinking now instead of waiting around until your liver is no longer able to properly regenerate its cells.

Healing your liver from alcoholism

The best strategy to reduce your risk of a serious condition like alcohol liver disease is to quit drinking. But that’s obviously not a simple process. Otherwise, you probably would’ve done it by now.

That’s why it’s a good idea to begin your recovery with alcohol detox in a professional facility. Doctors can watch over you to ensure that you complete your detox in a safe, comfortable, and efficient manner. This is the first step towards healing your liver from the alcohol-related damage it’s sustained.

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With our help, you can get the attention that you need to start your recovery from alcoholism the right way. It could be the perfect solution for healing your liver and enjoying the many other health benefits of quitting drinking.

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