San Clemente Alcohol Rehab Center

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The House of the Rising Son is a top-rated San Clemente alcohol rehab center. We’re the best in the trade as we provide affordable, reputable treatment and world-class recovery support for individuals and families that are struggling with alcohol addiction and the related problems. San Clemente information can be seen at this link.

Our Addiction Treatment Methods

Alcohol addiction is one of the common problems that is affecting many families in San Clemente. We approach the issue in an integrated manner to ensure a patient fully recovers. We take a short course to assess oneself (mind, spirit, and body) and their environment (family, social place, friends, and the workplace). This helps us to know why an individual indulges in alcohol consumption and design the best solutions to fix the problem. We deliver back to society a wholesome individual with a refined sense of purpose, great self-awareness, and deeper dedication to personal wellbeing. Click here to read about Alcohol Rehabilitation San Clemente.

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Contact Us Today

We always follow up on our patients after the rehabilitation process. This way, we ensure that they remain true to the new path of sobriety. You can never go wrong with our San Clemente alcohol rehab center. Give us a call or text us at (888) 238-1038 and talk to our friendly staff.