Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

When both individuals in a relationship struggle with substance abuse and addiction, it can be twice as difficult to seek help. Though they enable one another in their addiction, the good news is they also have the ability to keep each other accountable in recovery. This is why couples therapy is a powerful treatment option. …

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Couples Therapy Techniques

It is not uncommon for an individual struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to get into a relationship with someone who has a similar struggle. Because their life habits are similar and unfortunately well suited for the other, both members of the relationship enable and encourage the other’s addiction. However, when both individuals are ready …

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What is Couples Therapy?

Often, an individual struggling with addiction will find themselves in a relationship with someone who is having the same struggle. Though, from the outside, this relationship is clearly mutually destructive, their current patterns and habits greatly complement one other. This makes it incredibly difficult for couples to get clean. However, when both individuals in the …

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