Couple Rehab California

Are you looking for the best couple rehab in California? The House of the Rising Son is a top-rated treatment facility with a dedicated staff team, state-of-the-art amenities, and highly effective therapies. Our customized treatment approach has motivated hundreds of individuals battling an addiction to embrace sobriety and maintain it over the years.

Couples therapy for a substance use disorder

In most cases, addiction impacts an addict’s whole family, especially married or cohabiting couples. Addiction can destroy both partners’ lives and affect their relationship in the long run. In many cases, seeking professional help just for the addict is not enough as one partner’s disorder will inevitably affect other family members as well.

Couples therapy helps rebuild trust and enables both partners to realize each of their shortcomings. Couples rehab at our men’s treatment center helps recovering addicts build a healthy, loving, and supportive partnership. Couples therapy is one of the many psychotherapies that help recovering addicts recognize and resolve conflicts with their partners or spouses. Our licensed marriage and family therapists help clients to understand their partners, improve open communication, and resolve their relationship issues.

How addiction affects intimate relationships?

If one or both partners develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, their entire relationship will suffer in the end. Couples dealing with an addiction problem may experience financial troubles, loss of a job, poor communication, lack of trust, etc. 

Besides, addiction to drugs or alcoholism can negatively impact an individual’s sexual functioning, causing one or both partners to feel unsatisfied, irritated, and lacking love and affection. Addiction victims are also three times more likely to abuse children, which adds a much more dangerous component to the equation. Seeking couples rehab from one of the best rehab centers in California is crucial to saving your marriage/relationship before it becomes too late.

Top reasons to choose us for couples rehab 

As a reputed California drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab for couples therapy, we promote positive changes in spouses/partners in an intimate relationship and help them learn new ways to interact with one another. Here’s why you need to choose our CA rehab for couples therapy:

  • We use highly effective evidence-based therapies like behavioral couple therapy (BCT), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and alcohol behavioral couple therapy to resolve their conflicts and support each other throughout their recovery journeys.
  • By conducting 12-step meetings for couples (recovering couple anonymous), we help our clients share their challenges, stories, and recovery journey with others battling with similar issues as them. Our 12-step meetings help couples seek additional support to embrace sobriety and strengthen their commitment to recovery.
  • Our facility offers couples a serene atmosphere far from the everyday stress and triggers, making it ideal for healing and recovery.

We can help you embark on a liberating journey towards a better, brighter, and promising tomorrow. Contact The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038 to sign up for our couple rehab in California. Do not let your substance abuse disorder take a toll on your intimate relationships; act today.

Couple Rehab California

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Couple Rehab California

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