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Finding the ideal detox in San Clemente is a matter of life and death when dealing with prolonged addiction and severe withdrawal or side-effects. At The House of the Rising Son, we want to present our rehabilitation facility as vastly superior to anything else you might find in the area and beyond. Here’s where our detox and rehabilitation center shines compared to other facilities:

Personalized medical detox

The detoxification process is neither simple nor risk-free. It can come with unforeseen effects like drug interactions, life-threatening side-effects, new addictions, etc. To ensure safe and reliable detoxification, you need to consider joining a certified detox program at an accredited men’s treatment center. The aspect to interest you the most is whether the programs are cookie-cutter-type or personalized, as the difference between the two is considerable.

Cookie-cutter approaches, available at many rehab facilities, tend to have limited use since not all patients function the same. This means these treatments function more or less like a coin toss. We distance ourselves from such approaches and adopt a more patient-oriented approach, with our professionals assessing each patient’s condition during the intake process. This will allow them to gather critical data about their medical history and status, and addiction specifics to create a personalized detox plan for safe and reliable recovery.

Customizable dual diagnosis treatment

Many old rehab centers lacked any type of dual diagnosis treatment and only focused on addressing patients’ addictions alone. This put them at risk of relapse due to untreated mental issues that impacted their recovery and sabotaged their sobriety efforts even years after completing the rehab treatment. At our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab, we ensure top dual diagnosis treatment as part of a comprehensive and holistic recovery system.

The treatment relies on medication, psychotherapy, counseling, and MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) to ensure optimal recovery and long-term dual diagnosis management. If you show signs of dual diagnosis, you need to speak to our experts and come to our San Clemente, CA, rehab today for assessment and treatment.

Long-term recovery support

We believe that the rehabilitation treatment doesn’t end with completing the residential program. Instead, it’s a process that can last for a lifetime, requiring life-long lifestyle changes over the years. Our professionals will help you change your life significantly, from prioritizing your goals and values to your interactions with loved ones and building a better career.

If you’re looking for the best rehab centers in San Clemente, you need to consider our facility as soon as possible. We ensure a safe and comfortable recovery setting, high-end detox and treatment services, complete dual diagnosis treatment, and a friend, welcoming, and non-judgmental recovery environment.

We advise contacting The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038 and coming in for clinical assessment and treatment before it’s too tale. Substance addiction worsens with time, preventing you from living the life you’ve always dreamed about. Allow our experts to help you quit your harmful behaviors, by coming to our detox in San Clemente today!

Detox San Clemente

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Detox San Clemente

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