Drug & Alcohol Addiction Intervention

Intervention can be one of the most difficult tasks to perform when dealing with a loved one who is struggling with an addiction or mental illness. The reality is intervention saves lives, by making the decision to approach the problem with your loved one you have the opportunity to open their eyes to something the cant see or have been in denial about.

An intervention is an extremely emotional and difficult situation that is a heart wrenching experience for many people, but in the end you are making the effort to take the next step and the success of an intervention is so rewarding for both parties. There are two ways you can stage and intervention, private or through professional help. There are professional interventionists that can be brought in to help control the situation and provide guidance when you decide intervention is needed.

If you decide to hold a private intervention where you and your loved one sit down and talk about the process, we are available via phone to help educate and prepare you for the talk and help explain the treatment available to your loved one after a successful intervention takes place. If you are thinking of approaching a loved one please give our consultants a call for a free evaluation and information on what your options are whether you are thinking about bringing in professional help or approaching the situation personally.

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