Drug Rehab Centers San Clemente

Finding the finest drug rehab centers in San Clemente can make the difference between a successful recovery journey and an unpleasant experience, leading to relapse. Here are the five core aspects making The House of the Rising Son the right destination for you:

  1. Patient-oriented detoxification services – Our men’s treatment center ensures customized detox, providing patients with a comfortable and safe detox experience. This approach allows our professionals to tailor the medication treatment to your unique case, combining it with therapy, counseling, and recovery-specific procedures that promote sobriety and stability throughout the treatment and beyond. The detox process is vital to ensuring long-lasting sobriety, which is why it’s critical to perform it in a high-end facility like ours, where professionals can supervise the process for extra safety.
  2. Dual diagnosis treatment and support – Many patients undergoing addiction recovery programs also require intensive dual diagnosis treatment to manage their co-occurring disorders. These include mental health issues like PTSD, traumas, depression, severe anxiety, OCD, personality disorder, etc. Untreated, they may impact the patient’s long-term recovery and cause them to relapse after finishing the rehab treatment. We offer customized dual diagnosis treatment during the rehab treatment and beyond via MAT and specific psychotherapies and behavioral therapies.
  3. Top-notch residential care – The residential program is a milestone in the recovery process. It places addiction victims in a controlled and monitored environment, where they get medical and psychiatric assistance around-the-clock. At our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab, we ensure outstanding residential care, making sure patients recover in a comfortable, supportive, and secure setting. The residential program offers medication-based treatments, holistic recovery procedures, recreational activities, psychotherapies, and many other specific procedures promoting stability, recovery, and healing.
  4. A safe and non-judgmental recovery space – There’s no denying that addiction victims need their safe space more than anyone else. Our San Clemente, CA, rehab is a haven for patients requiring a comforting and non-judgmental setting to heal and grow. Our staff never judges or shames patients, since we know drug addicts are victims before anything else. Our goal is to support and guide them towards a better life with a positive, supporting, and empathetic attitude along the way.
  5. Potent post-treatment follow-up – Not all rehab facilities ensure premier aftercare services, which can damage the patient’s progress during inpatient treatment. We have the best rehab centers in San Clemente primarily because we ensure patient-oriented aftercare services, helping patients rebuild their lives from scratch. Our professionals and health experts will teach patients about healthy living, improving their financial status, forming a happy and supportive family, fixing relationships with their loved ones, etc.

Our drug rehab centers in San Clemente promote sustained recovery in a home-like environment, where you can focus on your healing and lifelong plans. We advise contacting our team immediately for clinical intake and treatment at our center.

You can reach The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038, speak to our rehab specialists about your condition, and make an appointment today. The sooner you enter rehab, the easier the recovery process will be.

Drug Rehab Centers San Clemente

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Drug Rehab Centers San Clemente

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