Dual Diagnosis San Clemente

If you’re a victim of prolonged drug or alcohol addiction, you may have already developed co-occurring mental disorders without even knowing it. The House of the Rising Son offers patient-oriented dual diagnosis in San Clemente, to help patients address their co-occurring mental issues in a safe and comfortable environment.

What are co-occurring mental disorders?

Co-occurring disorders refer to a mix of a form of substance addiction and a mental issue, both manifesting at the same time. These disorders can grow to extensive proportions, causing mental, emotional, and even physical repercussions, and will impact the patients’ ability to recover and heal from their addiction.

Studies suggest that around 45% or more of addiction victims also show symptoms of co-occurring mental disorders like severe anxiety, OCD, aggravated depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, etc. It’s also worthy of mentioning that many of them fail to receive the treatment they need during rehab. Our men’s treatment center fixes that problem by ensuring optimal dual diagnosis treatment, helping patients manage their disorders both during and long after the rehab program.

How dual diagnosis treatment works

The dual diagnosis treatment relies on targeted medication and therapy to counter mental health issues that may impact your rehabilitation. Our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab program helps patients manage their mental health issues during and after the rehab treatment, offering reliable long-term management strategies. The treatment’s duration will depend on each case’s specifics, including addiction severity, the disorder’s type and advancement, reaction to the medication, etc.

If you believe you may have a substance addiction, you need to contact our team for immediate clinical assessment. Co-occurring disorders are difficult to diagnose, with many rehab experts confusing their symptoms with those of substance addiction. As a result, they may ignore these conditions during the rehab treatment, setting the stage for addiction relapse after the rehab treatment. Untreated co-occurring mental disorders are among the main causes for long-term addiction relapse in patients who have completed a form of drug or alcohol rehab.

Why our dual diagnosis treatment is different and unique

Our San Clemente, CA, rehab program relies on a holistic approach to achieve the best and fastest results. We strive to help patients address their underlying mental health problems that may be responsible for their addictive and harmful behaviors in the first place. In that regard, we employ a variety of holistic recovery procedures, including psychoeducational support, advanced psychotherapies, Tai Chi classes, yoga and meditation, emotional trauma assistance and counseling, etc.

This holistic approach shows why we have the best rehab centers in San Clemente, relying on patient-oriented treatments to harness the finest rehab outcomes. If you require a personalized dual diagnosis in San Clemente, we advise you to contact our rehab specialists for in-depth clinical assessment and treatment planning.

The House of the Rising Son invites you to come to the most advanced rehab facility in San Clemente to detox, recover, and set your life straight in a comfortable and secure environment. Call 888-238-1038, make an appointment, and come in for extensive dual diagnosis treatment today!

Dual Diagnosis San Clemente

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Dual Diagnosis San Clemente

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