Non 12 Step Addiction Recovery

The House of the Rising Son stands as a premier treatment facility for non 12 step addiction recovery, with holistic therapies that can prepare you for long-term success with sobriety. We offer unsurpassed quality addiction treatment and care and help patients attain comprehensive wellness from their physical, mental, and behavioral health problems.

What is a non-12-step drug addiction program?

Non-12-step addiction treatment involves non-medicinal recovery methods such as yoga, tai chi, guided meditation, massage therapy, spiritual therapy, exercise, etc., which complement traditional treatment practices. These holistic therapies bring the mind, body, and spirit into alignment and improve the overall wellbeing of individuals battling addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

These therapies also equip patients with essential coping mechanisms to lead a sober life after rehab. Non-12-step treatments are also essential tools for helping individuals heal from their traumatic past and attain improved mental wellness.

Benefits of non-12-step addiction treatment

Holistic therapy or non-12-step programs are non-medical addiction recovery methods that feature personalized therapies. These therapies address the physical and mental addiction symptoms and correct nutritional, emotional, and mental imbalances. Some of the benefits of our non-12-step recovery programs include:

  1. Addressing withdrawal symptoms like lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, etc., and promoting overall wellness during and after rehab treatment.
  2. Holistic therapies are more flexible than traditional treatments and cater to each individual’s unique needs.
  3. Non-12-step therapies help identify the underlying causes of addiction, strengthen resistance to cravings, and increase the patients’ self-confidence in the long run.

More importantly, the non-12-step programs allow patients to heal and recover in peer support, promote physical fitness, and reduce the risk of relapse drastically over the years to come.

Types of non-12-step addiction treatment

Our non-traditional drug addiction treatment encompasses medically assisted detox, medication-assisted therapy, comprehensive medical care, one-on-one mental health counseling, and holistic methods. Our alcohol and drug rehab offers the following types of holistic or non-12-step addiction therapies:

  • Nutritional therapy – A healthy body is a key to improved physical and mental wellbeing. By ensuring well-balanced and nutritious meals during, we help patients develop improved physical fitness, good health, and an overall more balanced lifestyle routine.
  • Exercise and recreational therapy – We engage our patients in daily physical exercise to improve their stamina and physical fitness. Physical exercise also helps relieve stress and improves sleep over time. Besides, we organize recreational events and activities, such as rock-climbing, horseback riding, hiking, etc., to keep our residents entertained and relaxed during their rehab journey.
  • Meditation, massage, and acupuncture therapy – These holistic programs improve relaxation and allow patients to place their undivided attention on healing and recovery. More importantly, they equip patients with critical life skills, breathing exercises, and coping mechanisms to conquer triggers and manage cravings.

Join us at The House of the Rising Son and garner our non 12 step addiction recovery programs’ wholesome benefits. Call 888-238-1038 to learn more about how our treatments and therapies have helped reformed the lives of individuals battling substance abuse disorders. 

Non 12 Step Addiction Recovery

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Non 12 Step Addiction Recovery

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