Non 12 Step Recovery Programs San Clemente

Are you searching for non-12-step recovery programs in San Clemente? The House of the Rising Son is an upscale rehab facility with holistic treatments and therapies. By helping patients develop self-empowerment, we motivate them to attain sobriety and maintain it over the years. Here are the top benefits of attending a non-12-step recovery program like ours:

1. Follows a non-religious approach

If you do not believe in a higher power but would like to overcome addiction with peer support, the non-12-step recovery may be an ideal treatment option for you. The non-12-step recovery approach follows a secular route and does not see addiction as a disease beyond human control. Instead, it empowers recovering addicts by teaching them healthy ways of living, communication skills, and instilling qualities such as honesty, openness, self-care, and accountability. The non-12-step recovery works by modifying negative behaviors, emotions, and thought patterns and helping patients overcome substance abuse disorders.

2. Helps develop new strategies to attain and maintain sobriety

The non-12-step recovery approach helps recovering addicts develop skills training, manage cravings, regulate emotional responses, and change negative thought patterns. At our alcohol and drug rehab, we teach new behaviors to teach patients how to manage high-risk triggers and stressful situations. One of the common causes of relapse is experiencing negative thoughts repetitively. Our non-12-step drug addiction program trains patients to use self-talk with positive messages whenever they experience negative thoughts or emotions.

This non-traditional drug addiction treatment teaches patients relaxation techniques and motivates them to engage in sober activities. Furthermore, it also helps strengthen interpersonal relationships, thereby preventing future relapses.

3. Enables patients to heal and recover with peer support

The non-12 step recovery programs include modalities like group therapy sessions and support group discussions, all of which help patients heal and recover with peer support. By sharing their experiences and recovery journey with fellow residents in a non-judgemental setting, patients feel safer and less vulnerable in a non-12-step rehab. Sober fellowship strengthens an individual’s commitment to sobriety in the long term.

4. Reduces your chances of relapse

The non-12-step approach yields the best patient outcomes and significantly reduces the risk of relapse. By teaching a sense of self-empowerment, we help patients feel more in control of their behaviors and actions. By practicing scientifically-proven coping mechanisms, you can manage triggers and cravings and maintain sustainable sobriety without feeling the urge to use drugs.

5. Helps overcome the underlying mental health issues

This treatment approach focuses on identifying and treating underlying mental health issues, which helps patients attain comprehensive recovery from substance abuse disorders. Using advanced behavioral modalities and psychotherapies, we help patients achieve a safe recovery from chemical dependency and avoid relapse over years to come.

Contact The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038 for admission-related inquiries and to verify insurance. Our non-12-step recovery programs in San Clemente are widely popular for the lowest relapse rates and excellent patient outcomes. Embark on a life-reforming journey towards sobriety with the #1 rehab in San Clemente.

Non 12 Step Recovery Programs San Clemente

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Non 12 Step Recovery Programs San Clemente

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