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The House of the Rising Son is one of the few rehabs to follow the non 12 step recovery in San Clemente. By approaching addiction from a scientific and psychological perspective, we provide a comfortable environment for non-religious clients to heal and recover from their substance abuse disorders.

Benefits of Non-12-Step Rehab Programs

While the 12-step program welcomes anybody with an addiction condition, it may not be suitable for all. The non-12 step recovery programs follow a more scientific approach and help non-religious individuals embrace sobriety. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Like 12-step programs, non-12-step programs also promote abstinence from alcohol or drugs but without emphasizing the influence of a higher power.
  2. These programs instill a stronger sense of self-empowerment in recovering addicts.
  3. The non-12-step rehab treatment approach does not label addiction as a “disease” and encompasses all the vital components for recovery, such as detox, medication-assisted therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, counseling, and couples rehab. Recovering addicts also participate in non-12-step support groups and heal and recover with peer support.

If you’ve been through 12-step programs before with no success, the non 12 step recovery in San Clemente is an ideal path to attain sobriety. The non-12-step recovery programs are highly effective and yield promising outcomes as they follow a secular approach to recovery and long-term sobriety.

Are non-12-Step recovery approaches effective?

Some of the popular non-12-step recovery approaches include SMART Recovery, women for sobriety, secular organizations for sobriety, etc., all of which offer equally effective and rewarding results as the 12-step recovery programs. As these programs follow a secular approach to treating addiction, they are an ideal treatment option for both religious and non-religious individuals.

Like 12-step programs, this approach also helps patients heal and recover in peer support and sober fellowship, promoting essential coping mechanisms for long-term relapse prevention. The non-12-step recovery programs are effective at promoting long-term sobriety management and healthy living post-rehab.

What is a non-12-step rehab program?

12-step programs are not the only available options for those willing to commit to sobriety. There are non-12-step rehab programs that take a secular approach to help recovering addicts embrace a healthy lifestyle without drugs/alcohol. These programs are ideal for those who do not believe in a higher power and prefer a non-spiritual approach to rehab that focuses on promoting critical life skills and coping mechanisms to overcome addiction.

Like 12-step meetings, non-12-step rehab programs also promote abstinence from drugs and alcohol and do not label addiction as a disease. They encompass critical components such as medically detox, medication-assisted therapy, behavioral modalities, counseling sessions, non-12-step meetings.

Call The House of the Rising Son at (888) 238-1038 to join our non-12-step recovery in San Clemente. As a premier treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, we follow a customized treatment approach and use evidence-based procedures to help patients attain a safe and sustainable recovery.

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