Non 12 Step Treatment San Clemente

Nothing ensures safer and more comfortable recovery from substance addiction than a modern rehab facility, ensuring all the amenities, services, and comfort necessary. But these facilities haven’t always been the norm in the past, and they still aren’t the norm today. The House of the Rising Son’s non-12 step treatment in San Clemente is rather the exception, with its highly effective rehab programs ensuring safe, reliable, and long-lasting recovery results.

The difference between traditional and modern substance abuse recovery

Most rehab facilities in the past, and many more today, relied on cookie-cutter approaches to rehabilitation. These approaches included superficial detox services, paired with universal recovery programs that all patients had to go through with no variation or significant modification. The results were below subpar in the sense that the program worked for some patients and failed for others, and nobody could find a solution to the problem.

Modern programs like our non-12-step recovery system have revolutionized the way we see addiction and the recovery process as a whole. Our non-12-step alcohol and drug rehab program operates based on holistic principles that propose an underlying connection between a patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual planes. This theory suggests that whatever affects the patient physically also impacts them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and the process goes both ways to certain degrees.

Rehab facilities have put this theory to the test so much that it has now graduated from that status and, today, we consider it a certainty. It is when the rehabilitation treatment has changed dramatically for the better.

Why our treatment is better than anything else before it

Our non-traditional drug and addiction treatment promotes safe and comfortable holistic treatment, bringing together multiple disciplines and recovery procedures to attain the optimal results. Among the procedures we’re using we include:

  • Medical detoxification to cleanse the body, restore the nervous system’s chemical balance, and combat the withdrawal’s dangerous symptoms
  • Dual diagnosis treatment to identify and address co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Behavioral therapies for mental and emotional stability and healing
  • Individual and group therapy and counseling
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for long-term sobriety management and for coping with recurrent mental health issues
  • Personal growth support via long-term counseling and professional guidance
  • Family and couples therapy
  • Addiction education and sobriety training for long-lasting relapse prevention, etc.

We believe that the ideal drug addiction program needs to consider the patient’s personal profile, coming with unique social, familial, and professional problems. Each patient will recover at their own pace and deal with unique challenges along the way. The treatment that will consider these challenges during the recovery journey will have the most chances at ensuring a defining and life-transforming rehabilitation experience.

If you’re interested in our non-12-step treatment in San Clemente, we recommend speaking to our rehab professionals for additional information today. You can call The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038 to verify your insurance and make an appointment as soon as possible. We invite you to come in for clinical assessment and recovery planning and change your life around today!

Non 12 Step Treatment San Clemente

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Non 12 Step Treatment San Clemente

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