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The House of the Rising Son ranks among the most reliable and advanced Orange County detox centers, offering state-of-the-art detox services, patient-oriented rehabilitation procedures, and a welcoming recovery environment. If you want the best rehab treatment for fast and sustainable results, here is what makes our rehab facility unique compared to other centers:

Customizable programs

Our men’s treatment center diverges from the classic cookie-cutter approaches that have plagued the rehabilitation industry for so long. We believe that the ideal rehabilitation treatment needs to ensure personalized treatment and rehab for effective and reliable results over time. To achieve that, we perform in-depth clinical and psychiatric assessment during the intake process, gathering as much information about our patients as possible.

This includes getting valuable data about your addiction’s specifics (withdrawal symptoms, side-effects, the substance used, addiction’s length, etc.), medical history, mental health disorders, etc. Our professionals may also inquire about your personal and professional problems to help them get a more thorough understanding of your circumstances. The findings will help them craft a personalized detox and recovery program, allowing you to get the most out of your rehabilitation experience.

Non-12 step treatment alternatives

Our Orange County drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab includes a variety of non-12 step procedures as part of an overarching holistic rehabilitation system delivering outstanding long-term results. It’s clear that 12-step programs don’t have a 100% success rate and that, in many cases, they may fail entirely. If you’ve already tried a similar program in the past with little to no success, our non-12 step alternatives may be the better option.

The non-12 step recovery strategy includes recreational activities (yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, fitness classes), optimized nutrition, psychoeducational classes, mindfulness practices, etc. These form a holistic recovery system intended to ensure optimal physical, mental, and spiritual healing and recovery.

Support for personal development and transformation

We approach the Orange County, CA, rehab program as one of personal growth and mental, spiritual, and emotional transformation. Substance addiction will infect a patient’s personal and professional life and destroy any hopes for a better future. This can, in turn, impact the patients’ confidence in themselves, lower their self-esteem, and take away their willpower, determination, and optimism. We seek to reverse that process and ensure full and complete psychological and emotional transformation.

Our best rehab centers in Orange County will provide you with the best setting to:

  • Overcome the withdrawal and quit your addiction for good
  • Learn about the power of responsibility, honesty, and accountability
  • Resort to introspection to highlight your faults and combat your harmful thoughts and emotions
  • Embrace sobriety as a lifetime goal
  • Learn positivity, determination, and strength of character
  • Learn how to transform your lifestyle by making better long-term decisions, etc.

At The House of the Rising Son, our Orange County detox centers serve as homes for addiction victims who need medical, psychological, and emotional care and guidance. Call 888-238-1038, speak to one of our rehab specialists and make an appointment for clinical intake and treatment planning today.

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