Outpatient Rehab San Clemente

If you need outpatient rehab in San Clemente, we invite you to The House of the Rising Son, where we handle all addiction forms, no matter their specifics, severity, or withdrawal intensity. Our men’s treatment center provides patients with outstanding rehabilitation programs to support them throughout their recovery journey.

Who qualifies for outpatient treatment?

The outpatient treatment is ideal for three categories of people: those who have completed the inpatient treatment, those dealing with mild and moderate addictions, and people who can’t afford intensive care. We advise contacting our professionals for immediate clinical assessment to see if you fall into any of these categories.

Do I need outpatient treatment if I have completed the inpatient program?

If you’ve completed the inpatient program, it means you were dealing with severe addiction, requiring detox and intensive rehabilitation services. If that’s the case, you most definitely need outpatient services to help you further your sobriety goals and remain focused and committed to your recovery. The inpatient treatment alone, however effective it may be at countering the addiction’s effects, isn’t enough to ensure stability, sobriety, and healthy living over the years.

Does insurance cover the outpatient rehab treatment?

Not all insurances cover the same treatments, especially when it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To know for sure if your insurance covers our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab, we recommend speaking to one of our professionals as soon as you can. They will help you better grasp our services and payment options.

How can I begin the outpatient treatment?

If you’ve decided to join our San Clemente, CA, rehab, you should call our team whenever you can for an introductory discussion. Our professionals will ask specific questions about your addiction situation, potential mental issues, medical history, recovery goals, insurance coverage, etc. Based on the findings, they will help you make an appointment to arrive at our facility for clinical assessment, treatment planning, and detox. If you qualify for our outpatient rehab program, you can begin the treatment whenever it feels more fitting for you, depending on your overall schedule.

How long will the outpatient treatment last?

The treatment’s duration will generally depend on a variety of factors. These include your addiction’s type and severity, withdrawal symptoms, medical status, recovery progress, etc. Some people only need several weeks, up to a month, of rehab support, while others need continuous care over the years. Many people also choose their treatment’s duration based on their recovery goals and personal educational and professional plans.

What happens in outpatient rehab?

At our best rehab centers in San Clemente, we provide medical assistance, psychotherapies, counseling, and mental and emotional support for a safe and comfortable recovery. Our outpatient program’s goal is to help you reintegrate into society and adopt a healthier, more stable lifestyle after rehab.

For additional details about our outpatient rehab in San Clemente, call The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038, and let’s discuss your situation. You can come in for assessment and treatment whenever you feel ready for the journey.

Outpatient Rehab San Clemente

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Outpatient Rehab San Clemente

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