Rehab San Clemente

For safe, comfortable, and reliable rehab in San Clemente, The House of the Rising Son offers patient-oriented detox and rehabilitation services in a welcoming and accommodating setting. If you’re looking for the ideal men’s treatment center, you are in the right place.

Our treatment standards

Our facility approaches substance addiction from a different perspective compared to other rehab centers. We diverge from the classic cookie-cutter approaches and embrace a more practical, patient-oriented strategy that focuses on addressing each patient’s unique circumstances and recovery needs. Addiction affects individuals differently, and the ideal treatment should follow the same pattern, ensuring comprehensive recovery and healing.

For that reason, we rely on personalized rehabilitation programs that will provide medical and psychiatric support for years to come. We employ a variety of holistic procedures to achieve your recovery goals as part of an all-encompassing recovery system that will change your life entirely.

The benefits of holistic recovery

The notion of holistic recovery relies on the concept of body, mind, and soul connection. We believe that what affects your body will inevitably affect your mind and so on. Harnessing this connection represents the core of our rehab approach, as we offer medical, psychiatric, and spiritual support throughout the recovery journey. Through our holistic system, the patients will:

  • Manage their addictions more effectively
  • Overcome the withdrawal in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment
  • Understand their faults and work to overcome them
  • Grow their self-esteem and become more positive and confident in themselves
  • Learn the concepts of healthy living and improve their diets, workout routine, and mental prowess
  • Become more emotionally and spiritually balanced, etc.

Holistic recovery refers to addressing all areas where we can observe addiction’s impact, including physical effects, mental and emotional repercussions, and spiritual problems. Our team of recovery experts will assess your condition and recommend optimal treatment and rehab services based on your long-term recovery goals.

Top rehabilitation programs

Our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab center relies on comprehensive recovery programs for extensive and sustained rehabilitation. The goal is not only to help you overcome the withdrawal and stabilize but ensure long-term recovery and sobriety long after leaving our facility. To achieve that goal, we rely on a multi-layered treatment, consisting of:

  • Detoxification services via medication and therapeutic assistance
  • Inpatient treatment to help patients recover and stabilize in a controlled and safe recovery setting
  • Outpatient programs for long-term aftercare, guidance, and expert assistance

Our San Clemente, CA, rehab program promotes long-term rehabilitation and management as the best strategy against relapse. The truth is that many addiction victims relapse soon after completing the rehab program when lacking a supportive environment post-treatment. Our best rehab centers in San Clemente fill that gap and offer patients guidance and counseling to help them embrace a lifetime of sobriety.

If you need immediate rehab in San Clemente, speak to our rehab specialists at The House of the Rising Son. You can call our team at 888-238-1038 and come in for medical assessment and treatment planning today.

Rehab San Clemente

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Rehab San Clemente

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