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The House of the Rising Son is one of the preeminent San Clemente Rehab Centers with state-of-the-art amenities, comfortable accommodations, and the best staff team. Our approach to treating addiction helps recovering addicts develop a positive outlook on themselves and the world around them, enabling them to embrace sobriety and maintain it in the long-term.

What is dual diagnosis?

Individuals diagnosed with an addiction condition also suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue, known as dual diagnosis. Patients suffering from dual diagnosis require a treatment plan that addresses addiction and their mental health issue(s).

One study by the NSDUH reveals that close to 45% of individuals with an addiction problem have a co-occurring mental health disorder. At our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab, we offer the best treatment for addiction and co-occurring behavioral disorder assistance to ensure that our patients stand the best chances of attaining a safe, comprehensive, and successful recovery.

How we treat dual diagnosis?

Addiction conditions often stem out from an underlying mental health issue. Trying to address the substance abuse disorder without treating the underlying psychiatric problem may prove futile. At our San Clemente, CA rehab, we use a combination of medical detox, behavioral modalities, holistic therapies, and non-12-step procedures to help patients recover from dual diagnosis. By following an integrative treatment plan, we ensure that our patients attain a safe and speedy recovery and embrace sobriety over the years.

Our dual diagnosis treatment process offers relapse prevention education and equips patients with critical skills to safely overcome triggers, cravings, and stressful situations. At our men’s treatment center, we primarily focus on identifying and treating the underlying mental health issue, which reduces the chances of relapse significantly over time.

What makes us the best rehab center in San Clemente?

Ranked among the best rehab centers in San Clemente, we have a compassionate and dedicated management who goes to great lengths to help individuals battling addiction attain a safe recovery. Here are some of the qualities that make us stand out from other rehabs:

  • Our staff – We have a highly experienced and qualified team of clinicians and therapists who have reformed the lives of numerous addicts with their exceptional quality of care and mentoring. Our clinical and non-clinical staff create a safe, supportive, and friendly atmosphere for our residents, ideal for healing and recovery.       
  • Levels of care – Our facility offers four types of addiction care: detox center, residential treatment, aftercare, and couples rehab. Each type of treatment addresses the unique needs of recovering addicts and prepares them for a sober and successful life after rehab.
  • Our treatments – Using a combination of high-quality medication-assisted treatment, non-12-step procedures, holistic therapies, and behavioral modalities, we ensure that our clients attain improved mental wellness along with sobriety.

Get in touch with us at 888-238-1038 to learn about our treatments and therapies. Listed among the best San Clemente Rehab Centers, The House of the Rising Son follows an integrative treatment approach encompassing detox, inpatient therapy, and aftercare to help patients recover from addiction. Call us today to get started on an unshackling journey towards a better tomorrow!

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