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Substance addiction is a debilitating condition capable of delivering life-threatening effects if not treated at the right time. The House of the Rising Son ranks among the best rehab facilities in the business with its state-of-the-art treatment, unique rehab approach, and luxury amenities. But how does our Southern California treatment center compare to others, and what makes ours unique?

There are several areas where our center shines among other facilities:

Recovery approach

Compared to other recovery centers, our men’s treatment center functions based on holistic principles. We address our patients’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs through an all-encompassing treatment designed to ensure a safe, comfortable, and well-rounded recovery. This approach is particularly critical when considering that patients react differently to the same treatment and that the ideal rehab approach is one that considers the unique differences between individuals.

We use a mix of conventional and modern rehab programs, including medication, psychotherapy, psychoeducational classes, fitness routines, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. All these procedures will come together to ensure a well-rounded rehabilitation experience with outstanding long-term results.

The medical detox treatment

Unlike other SoCal drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab facilities, our center relies on personalized detox treatment to stabilize patients and help them recover safely. The detox procedure may unfold differently for some patients, depending on their addiction’s severity and the type, and their overall mental health and progress efforts. To ensure optimal results in every situation, we take patients through an in-depth clinical assessment phase prior to detox.

This will help our experts gather critical data about the patients’ addiction, mental health status, clinical status, and overall recovery goals. They will design the detox program based on the findings, ensuring a patient-oriented recovery approach with unbeaten long-term effects.

The dual diagnosis treatment

Co-occurring mental disorders can sabotage the patient’s ability to recover and remain sober over the years. Our SoCal, CA, rehab program relies on customized dual diagnosis treatment to ensure safe and comfortable rehabilitation from co-occurring disorders. Our approach relies on both inpatient and outpatient dual diagnosis treatment, providing immediate and long-term relief and coping skills.

It is the most reliable approach to helping patients cope with their mental issues over the years and the reason why we have some of the highest recovery success rates.

Relapse prevention education

Teaching patients about addiction, mental problems management, and relapse prevention is critical to ensure a healthy and sober lifestyle over the years. We have the best rehab centers in Southern California, ensuring extensive rehabilitation and addiction education to patients looking to embrace a healthy and clean lifestyle post-rehab.

The program teaches patients about nutrition, social triggers management, getting a better job, improving their financial status, fixing problems with their loved ones, etc. This approach shows why our Southern California treatment center is one of the country’s most reliable rehab institutions.

Call The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038 to make an appointment or ask about insurance coverage and available treatment options. You can speak to a rehab counselor today and come to our facility for an in-depth clinical assessment as soon as you’re ready.

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