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Battling substance addiction can be a life-transforming journey, and our treatment center in San Clemente should be a defining part of the story. The House of the Rising Son is a high-end detox and rehab facility with luxurious amenities, unique treatment programs, a unique approach to rehab, and qualified experts at the helm.

What does the rehab treatment consist of?

The rehabilitation program relies on several recovery treatments, including medical detox, dual diagnosis treatment, inpatient care for limited duration, and aftercare programs depending on the patient’s needs and preferences. Each of these programs play a defining role in the recovery process, allowing you to overcome the withdrawal, regain your physical and mental stability, and focus on healing and making plans for a better future.

How long with the rehab treatment last?

The rehabilitation treatment’s length varies depending on several factors, including your addiction’s severity, the substance involved, the existence and severity of your mental issues, etc. It’s also linked to your recovery progress, since not all patients recover at the same rate. The minimum required period is 30 days, which includes the time necessary for detox, along with other specific recovery procedures inside the inpatient program. Our San Clemente drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehab offers 30, 60, and 90 days inpatient treatment to ensure reliable rehabilitation and recovery.

Is detox dangerous?

The detox process will come with its specific side-effects, depending on the substance you’re using and your addiction’s severity. Our San Clemente, CA, rehab team is trained to cope with even the most severe cases, ensuring our patients’ top safety and comfort during the procedure. You have nothing to fear, since our professionals will supervise the detox treatment closely, making sure everything goes according to plan and ready to intervene when it doesn’t.

How much does rehab cost?

The cost of the rehabilitation treatment will depend on its length and type. These are not the only factors influencing the costs, as we also need to mention your addiction’s severity, the treatment programs you need, whether you opt for aftercare assistance, etc. We work with major insurance companies and offer reliable and affordable recovery services to make our treatments available to as many people as possible. To find out how much the treatment will cost you in your specific case, we recommend contacting our experts today.

How successful is the rehab treatment?

The program’s success will depend on numerous factors, including your determination to stay sober over the years. Our best rehab centers in San Clemente offer personalized rehabilitation treatment to help patients recover and embrace long-term sobriety and healthy living.

If you wish to find out more about our treatment center in San Clemente, we advise contacting our specialists at The House of the Rising Son today. You can speak to a rehab expert at 888-238-1038 about your insurance coverage, recovery goals, and available treatment options. We will help you set an appointment and come in for clinical assessment and treatment preparations as soon as possible.

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