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Pet Friendly Rehab Program

At The House of The Rising Son we created a specialized recovery tract for those struggling to be able to bring in their animals for support. We realize that pets can be your best friends and companions to help you get through the tough phases of your life. A bulk of evidence has shown that pets not only make great companions but also have a deep salubrious effect on mind, body, and soul. They understand you and can help you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression, which are the common withdrawal symptoms of addiction.

An addicted individual goes through several disturbing symptoms in his/her early recovery stages. When you own a pet, they do not let you feel dejected or lonely. Studies have shown that pets can have a therapeutic impact on people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and various life-threatening disorders such as heart diseases.

Finding a Pet Friendly Rehab in California

When trying to overcome addiction on your own you may face many challenges. With that being said its hard to leave your pet who is your best friend behind. This is why our pet-friendly rehab program offered at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA has been proven to have great success in helping addicts with their pets recover. Our reputed addiction rehab center offers a world-class pet- friendly rehab program for those struggling with heavy drug and alcohol addiction.

The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, can help you recuperate well with our comprehensive pet-friendly rehab program. Our reliable addiction rehab provides you the help to break your addiction cycles today. Apart from treating addiction disorders, the treatments and therapies at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente CA help you improve your physical and medical condition as well as mental health.

Pet Friendly Rehab Center in California

Our pet-friendly rehab center works with a unique therapeutic approach. We have expert staff that ensures you receive the support you need for lasting change. The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA provides evidence-based addiction treatments. In addition, we offer the intensity and rehab duration that requires going beyond recovery to help clients achieve long-term sobriety.

Before we round up the information on how The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, helps you attain addiction-free life, let’s quickly understand how pets can be your addiction treatment partner.

How Do Pets Help in Addiction Treatment?

Out Pet-friendly rehab program at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, offers several engaging treatment solutions for pet lovers who are alcoholic or drug users. There are various reasons why addicted individuals choose to accompany their pets during their addiction treatment stay.

While pets are just a toy for kids in many families, addicted individuals who are struggling with isolation and loneliness consider their pets their only family. As mentioned earlier, pets, regardless of the role they play in the house, are an integral part of the daily routines. Beyond this, pets offer comfort, calm you, and alleviate stress. In addition, at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA we understand how important and helpful pets can be when it comes to escaping addiction cycle during treatment. That is why we off pet friendly addiction treatment.

Addiction professionals at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, Ca knows that leaving a loving pet behind when receiving addiction rehab can be difficult for addicted individuals. This is one of the reasons why many patients choose a pet-friendly rehab program at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA. The rehab center helps addicted individuals enhance their experience of rehab and benefit recovery process.

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Advantages of Pet–Friendly Rehab Program

As mentioned previously, the unwavering love of your pet can be of great help when you face the challenges of addiction recovery. There is no denying that pets are neutral and impartial to any circumstances. They respond with affection and loyalty when their owners are going through a tough time. Within recovery, Pets’ company can be a rewarding experience and can provide you the following benefits.

Emotional Stability: Your pets provide love and affection without demanding any compensation. For addicted individuals, this can be valuable and priceless because addiction, whether alcohol or drugs strips away what people hold dear to them. The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, allows the companionship of a pet to help addicted individuals heal their emotional wounds and boost their morale. Our medical staff at our rehab center are addiction professionals and know that pets can work as icebreakers in the rehab programs process, making it easy for patients to connect to people during treatment.

Inspiration: When you opt for pet-friendly rehab, your pet can accompany you during treatment. That can be one way to remember that you have a life outside the rehab center that you have to get back to. This fact can be a source of motivation that keeps you focused on your goals of sobriety and healthy life. If you bring your family pet, it helps you remind your love and good times you have spent with your family.

Responsibility: You might not have thought about this aspect before, but choosing our pet-friendly rehab program at The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA is a great way to forge pride and responsibility in you. The individually customized pet-friendly program includes therapies that help addicted individuals build their self-esteem. The therapies make people understand that their pet is their responsibility and requires care, love, and attention. This forces patients to maintain and follow a healthy routine, which is necessary to get rid of addiction.

Self-Care: Tied to the last point, the sense of responsibility can lead you to a sense of self- care. When you take care of the well-being of your pet, it increases your self-care habit.

Interpersonal Skills: There is no doubt that a pet-friendly rehab program follows a holistic approach. It helps you learn empathy. You develop traits to enhance your interpersonal skills. Positive interactions with people are essential to protect sobriety and improves your relationships with loved ones that help in stable recovery.
Beyond these health benefits of a pet-friendly rehab program, quality time with your pet is very effective for improving your physical and mental health.

Addiction Treatment in Pet-Friendly Rehab Program

At The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, addiction professionals specialize in providing not only addiction disorders but also co-occurring mental diseases. The rehab center provides compassionate care and help within a serene setting. That helps addicted individuals to stay focused on their recovery treatment without having to worry about any external stressors and pressures.

Here are some of the treatments included at our pet-friendly rehab program of in San Clemente, CA:

Customized Inpatient Treatment

The best part of choosing The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, is that all specialized alcohol & drug rehab treatments we offer are pet-friendly, We offer cat friendly rehab and dog friendly rehab as well. In any rehab program, you can bring your pet. Some common treatments at our inpatient pet-friendly rehab program are:

  • Dual diagnosis Rehab
  • Opiod addiction treatment
  • Couples treatment

After a thorough psychological and neuropsychological assessment, our addiction professionals at The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA create individualized plan that offers plenty of profound healing strategies to help patients overcome tough obstacles.

Pet-Friendly Options in California

At The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA, we offer pet-friendly

  • Art therapy
  • 12 step meetings
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Reprocessing and desensitization
  • Family Programs
  • Fitness Components

Behavioral therapy

We also provide pet-friendly accommodations to our patients in private rooms.

At The House of The Rising Son in California our Alcohol and Drug rehab center in California recognizes that a comforting bond between patients and their pets provides a priceless asset to addiction recovery. This is the reason The Rising Son provides a comprehensive pet-friendly addiction rehab facility to its patients.

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