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How long does Alcohol & Drug rehab take start to finish?

In most cases we ask for a minimum of a 30 day commitment to treatment. There are however many options for those only seeking detox or someone seeking programs that have longer stay options such as a 60-90 day in-patient drug rehab option. There is no concrete set time for a drug rehab program. Professionals will make recommendations for length of stay based on criteria of history of drug addiction, severity of issues, and always considering someone’s state of mental health.

What is the success rate for a for Alcohol & Drug Rehab programs?

There is hope for a life of freedom and recovery for every drug addict struggling. Statistics show that more people will maintain sobriety the longer they stay in treatment and stay connected to a recovery community. Success is based on the willingness of the person participating in drug treatment. The person seeking treatment has to be willing to put in the work and do all that is asked and necessary through counseling and therapy to bring about the desired change.

What happens if I relapse?

This is a concern for many people struggling with substance abuse. However relapse should not be considered a failure but part of the journey. If you or a loved has struggled with relapse then it is important to go back into an alcohol or drug rehab program immediately. This is the best proven way to continue moving in the right direction towards a life of lasting recovery.

How much does Rehab Cost?

At The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, CA we understand that private residential rehab costs can vary based on length of stay and insurance coverage. One determining factor is the type of insurance coverage you may have. Private alcohol & drug rehab programs often times offer many types of amenities that could increase the price of treatment. However most good private insurance policies will cover in-patient rehab with little to no cost at all. The best way to know how much rehab would cost would be to reach out to our treatment specialists today. They can assist you on finding the best options available to meet your current needs.

Is my insurance accepted? Do I have out of pocket costs?

These are common questions for those seeking a treatment program. We have treatment specialist available who can assist in having your insurance benefits verified for our alcohol & drug rehab program. Our specialist are can give you accurate information and get you into our facility the least out of pocket cost possible. Call us today to get more information on your insurance to see what you qualify for based on your insurance benefits.

What happens when I call?

We have treatment specialists available 24/7 to help you in your journey to finding the best options available to you. When you call, our treatment specialist will be able to listen to your story and make educated recommendations of what might be the best and most effective path to recovery. First they will get an understanding of what the current situation is. Then they will take down the pertinent info to get insurance verified for rehab. After having insurance benefits verified our specialists will reach back out to discuss the best options available at the least out of pocket cost. We specialize in helping those seeking addiction treatment make the best educated decision possible to start their recovery journey. We also have sober coaches available to help the ones struggling be encouraged as they move forward towards going into drug rehab. Call (888) 238-1038 today to have our team at The House of The Rising Son assist you in your recovery journey.

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