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Couples Rehab Costa Mesa: Are You Ready to Commit?

Across the United States, drug and alcohol addiction is increasing at unprecedented rates.

According to a survey by SAMHSA – the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – almost 23 million people need substance abuse treatment every year.

Sadly, less than 12% of them will actually receive it. 

Many experts believe this has a direct correlation with the Covid-19 pandemic that has swept our world and left people isolated and lonely.

There are also some that feel that working from home makes it harder to have a healthy “work/life” balance, and this leads to people using drugs or alcohol to cope with their stress and the emotional toll this type of living environment puts on them.

It’s also led to a significant rise in mental health and relationship issues as well.

Others believe it’s because alcohol and drug use has become so normalized, that most of us no longer even recognize when “too much” is indeed “too much.”

Whatever the reason, if you are considering a couples rehab program for you and your partner, you are to be commended for your courage and willingness to take this first step toward ending the substance abuse in your home.

Addiction treatment can be an overwhelming concept, and the fear that a drug or alcohol addiction program won’t work is a justified one for many addicts that are struggling to not feel hopeless and alone.

Maybe you’ve tried alcohol and drug addiction treatments before, with no success.Perhaps you’ve both been to a family therapist, marriage counseling, or even behavioral couples therapy and none of it has helped.

Many people even try outpatient couples rehab before they realize they need something else, something more substantial, to help them beat their alcohol or drug addiction once and for all. So if you’re looking for a center at the Costa Mesa or couples rehab Santa Ana, The House of the Rising Sun is a life changing choice.

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Is It Time We Try an Inpatient Couples Rehab Program?

Only you and your partner can decide if an inpatient couples rehab program is going to be right for you.

That said, there are certain factors to consider while you’re making this decision.

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Can We Make the Time Commitment?Perhaps the biggest roadblock for many couples who are considering an inpatient substance abuse treatment center is whether or not they both can realistically take the time to enroll in one.

Most inpatient substance abuse treatment centers are exactly that – inpatient.

This means that – even if you can find one close to home – you will be asked to stay on the premises 24/7 during the time you are a patient there.

And, because most inpatient addiction treatment centers are anywhere from 30 to 90 days (depending on the severity of your situation) you may find yourself unable to perform your typical job, home, and community obligations like you normally would for an extended period of time.

(Note: some inpatient treatment centers will let patients bring laptops, cell phones, or other devices to the treatment center in order to complete certain work or personal tasks. Most, however, discourage it.)

So, the first question you both need to ask yourselves is this:

Do we have the ability to make the true time commitment to an inpatient substance abuse treatment center?

Many employers will work with a person who has admittedly come forward and said they have a substance abuse problem, and want to seek help in treating it.

Substance addiction affects many areas of our lives, and an understanding employer will recognize how seeking treatment will help you not only in your personal life but in your professional life as well.

For those of you who have family members who count on you, this is also a challenging area, but not one without options.

Maybe there are other family members who will be willing to take on your home responsibilities for some time while both of you seek alcohol and/or drug addiction help.

Just like with your work life, there will be many people in your personal life who are supportive and excited about the two of you finally getting the help you need to be the best mother, father, sister, brother, or another family member that you can be.

If you are worried about making the time commitment necessary to a drug and alcohol rehab center, consider talking to your physician or family therapist about whether or not they feel this is – ultimately – the best option for you and your partner.Sometimes, there are better options that won’t be as big of a time commitment for both of you.

Other times, an inpatient substance abuse treatment center is now the only option.

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Can We Make the Financial Commitment?

Another important commitment to consider when deciding to go to an inpatient treatment center is this:

Can we financially afford it?

Thanks to an act passed in 2014 by the Obama administration, insurance companies can’t deny coverage for mental health treatment programs or to individuals who wish to attend rehab for a substance use disorder.

This act also doesn’t allow an insurance company to deny a person coverage for their treatment program based on “pre-existing conditions”.

Despite this, it will be important that you understand what things may not be covered by your insurance before you choose a specific addiction treatment center.

For example, it is fairly typical for most insurance companies to not cover the following, and still be in compliance with the current coverage rules and regulations:

  • Most require you to use an “in-network” addiction treatment center.
  • Some may insist that the treatment center be affiliated with a hospital that is in their network and not one that is privately owned.
  • Coverage will vary depending on what type of treatment you require.
  • Coverage may vary depending on what length of treatment you require.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why an insurance company may try to deny your claim for an inpatient addiction treatment center, so it’s best you make sure what sort of coverage your insurance company provides before you commit to one specific program.

That said, a good treatment center can help you navigate your insurance and give you a better idea of what will and won’t be covered.

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Make sure you reach out to a facility and ask them for the specifics before you enroll.Yes, you may be asking yourselves whether or not you can financially commit to couples rehab.

But the other question is…can you afford not to?


Will Our Family and Friends Be Supportive of Our Decision to go to Couples Rehab?

Having the support of others that are close to you will be imperative when you and your partner make the decision to go to an inpatient rehab center.

As mentioned, inpatient treatment will take you away from your professional and personal responsibilities for a period of time.

Not only that, but when a couple decides to go to rehab together, that leaves the family responsibilities even more challenging to navigate.

For many couples who have been struggling with a dual addiction for any length of time, there is a good chance that many of your family and friends will be relieved when you choose couples rehab.

Perhaps they’ve watched both of you struggle for years. Maybe they are aware of the toll it’s taken on your family. There may even be a family member or friend who is the one saying that you both need an addiction recovery program before it’s too late.

Not all family and friends will be supportive of your decision. Some may even resent it, or suggest that you don’t “really have a problem.”

This is an important time in your lives to make sure you surround yourselves with the people who will support your decision to go to an alcohol and/or drug abuse facility.

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You will need their emotional support as well as possibly their physical support during this period of time.


Are We Both Ready to Put an End to Our Substance Abuse for Good?

Finally, the biggest question you and your partner will need to ask yourselves before you commit to a couple rehab program is this one:

Are we both ready to go to inpatient rehab and start the recovery process together?

Going to rehab is never going to be an easy decision. Not only are there plenty of factors at play, but sometimes the fear of giving up an addiction is greater than the desire to be free of one.

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Alcohol and drug abuse are one of the most difficult addictions for a person to overcome. Between societal pressure, family history, and life’s stressors, dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction is going to take proactive work on your part, especially if you or your partner’s substance use disorders have grown severe enough for you to be considering an inpatient couples alcohol and drug rehab facility.Successful recovery is possible. But true commitment is necessary for it to happen.


What Are My Treatment Options in Costa Mesa, CA?

At the heart of Orange County, California sits the picturesque city of Costa Mesa, home to some of the nation’s most critically acclaimed arts and theatre facilities and beautifully hugging the Pacific Coastline.

Just thirty minutes down the coastline from Costa Mesa sits one of the most sought-after treatment centers for substance use in the state of California, the San Clemente Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center.The San Clemente Alcohol & Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center is not only a convenient drive from Costa Mesa but is easy to access from other popular cities in and around Orange County, such as Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana as well.

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And – with Los Angeles being just a short drive from the facility, people from all over the United States can access our treatment center by air, bus, or train as well.


What Can the San Clemente Treatment Center Do for Us?

Our state-of-the-art facility specializes in helping couples recover together from drug and alcohol addiction.

We offer couples therapy as well as individual therapy to help both partners work through their addictions together as well as separately.

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From the moment you enter our facility, a licensed clinical social worker will work with both of you in determining what type of couples therapy and individual therapy is going to work best for you.Some of these decisions will be based on what type of substance abuse is present in your relationship, your family history, if you’ve both been to see a family therapist in the past, and what other sorts of couples therapy you have already tried.

The social worker will also ask you questions about family dynamics and whether there has ever been a history of domestic violence in your past.

At San Clemente, we believe that a family oriented treatment approach is often ideal for a couple, so family therapy may also be suggested in addition to couples therapy.

In addition to couples counseling and individual therapy, you will also be asked to attend group therapy sessions as well.

Working with others as you wrestle through your addiction issues will help both you and your partner gain insight into how and why you’ve ended up where you are and will aid in your long-term recovery process.


Are You Ready to Call San Clemente Today?

If you and your partner are ready to commit to an inpatient rehab program, give us a call today.

Our Orange County treatment center has on-call counselors that are available to you at any time of the day or night.

We can answer many of your questions over the phone, such as the types of insurance we take, what is traditionally covered, and what your treatment program will look like.

Once you arrive at our addiction facility, a family therapist, social worker and medical and mental health support team will be available to begin discussing with both you and your partner what treatment options may be best for both of you.

Whether you live in the Costa Mesa area or are willing and ready to travel for treatment, we promise that our facility is equipped to handle whatever substance abuse issues you both have been struggling with, and believe we can give you the necessary tools to begin your recovery journey with us.It’s time that you stop letting substance abuse run and ruin your life.

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It’s time you give yourselves the gift of commitment to have the best life you both deserve and to stay sober once and for all.

If you are ready to start the recovery process from drug or alcohol addiction, please reach out to us today.

You only get one life. Let us help you make it the best one possible. For both of you.