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Couples Rehab Huntington Beach…A Perfect Place to Start Your Recovery Journey

For a couple who is ready to begin exploring a world free of alcohol or drug addiction, Huntington Beach, CA is the pristine location to do so.

Situated on the beautiful Pacific Coastline, Huntington Beach, CA is located near Costa Mesa and just 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles in Orange County, making it the ideal location for any couples rehab program.

Though couples enter treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction all across the United States every day, why not spend your recovery time in a couples rehab treatment program that is in a spot as physically uplifting as it is going to be mentally and spiritually as well?
Even though it can be convenient to check into a couples rehab near me, it may be worth it to travel to a facility that matches what you and your partner need to recover. Coming to terms with addiction is already challenging enough. Why not have the support of a skilled staff in a substance abuse treatment center that is also in a beautiful locale?

Added to that challenge is if you and your partner are both trying to tackle addiction disorders together.

Couple at the beach

If you are a couple trying to do the brave and difficult work of overcoming drug or alcohol abuse by enrolling in an addiction treatment program together, then you both deserve a location that brings feelings of peace, comfort, beauty, and serenity into your lives as you begin your recovery process.


What Does Huntington Beach Have to Offer?

Maybe most people think that a spousal or partner rehab program is going to feel more like an uncomfortable experience than a pleasant one.

When you or your partner conjure up your image of a couples rehab treatment center, what does it look like?

Do you envision dark hallways, cinderblock walls, small rooms with folding chairs, and little ventilation?

If so…you may be in for quite the surprise!

Drone Shot of Shaws Cove in Orange County, California

Huntington Beach, in Orange County California, offers a unique spot for a rehab facility.The location is peaceful and pristine and can serve as a beautiful spot to get away from the drugs and alcohol that have plagued your life up until now.

Though not all couples rehab recovery programs are located in a spot as beautiful as Huntington Beach, most have evolved significantly from the days of feeling more like an institution than like a place of comfort and tranquility.

Research has shown that individuals and couples who are considering different treatment options would prefer to spend time in an addiction treatment facility that feels more like a home than feels like a hospital.

And – that same research has shown that those addiction treatment facilities that can provide this type of environment have a much higher likelihood of helping those who want to seek treatment than the addiction treatment facilities that still feel more like a hospital or clinical setting.

One reason for the above theory is this:

When a person is attempting to tackle an addiction to drugs or alcohol, taking them completely out of their home environment has been proven to not always be the best way for treatment programs to help their clients get the long-term results they need.

Many people who are struggling with addiction will decide to spend a period of time in a sober living environment that is vastly different than their typical home setting.

While engaged in an addiction therapy, these participants may be dealing with their drug or alcohol abuse through individual and group therapy, practicing abstinence, and living among others who have experienced the same struggles as they have.

It is a strong foundation and a good way to find a path forward that doesn’t involve drug or alcohol addiction in the future.

The problem though is this…Once these individuals go back into the “real world,” their sobriety is often challenged when their sober living space is no longer keeping them safe from all the potential challenges that are going to be faced when they are no longer in the addiction treatment center.
This is where many addiction treatment centers have drastically changed.
couple at home

The Residential Approach to Individual and Couples Rehab Treatment Programs

One of the most innovative approaches to treating drug or alcohol abuse has been to provide an individual or couple with an inpatient substance abuse treatment facility that feels as similar to their home situation as possible.

When an individual or couple come into a treatment facility program and feel as though it has significant reminders of home, it makes it much easier for their therapists and healthcare providers to talk with them about what are some of the challenges with maintaining sober living when they return home.

By being in a couples rehab program that is less clinical and more consistent with reality, these individuals and couples can truly experience how they are going to cope with their new sobriety when their time at the treatment center is over.

homey room with sofa

Another perk to inpatient programs that feel more like a home than a hospital is that family members will often feel less intimidated when they come to visit.It is often stated by therapists that when family members are asked to show their support and participate in family therapy or even a simple visitation program, they are hesitant to be their authentic selves since an inpatient treatment center can feel intimidating to many.

Having an inpatient residential treatment facility that models a home environment has proven to be a great way for most individuals and couples to attain and maintain sobriety for the long term and to tackle their substance abuse problems once and for all.


What Types of Couples Rehab are Available to Me at Huntington Beach?

If you and your partner are ready to make the next big step towards a life of sobriety together, consider the San Clemente Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center at Huntington Beach for your inpatient experience together.

Our Huntington Beach, CA location is ideal for a couples rehab experience that combines the needed recovery tools with an environment that will allow both you and your partner to feel as though you are getting the support needed.While here, you will also be living in a couples treatment program that simulates a home environment. If you’re looking for couples rehab Costa Mesa or the surrounding area, you won’t find better than our facilities.

At San Clemente, we will discuss your recovery goals while also addressing the challenges many couples face when there is a dual diagnosis on hand.

Our facility is set up to help both partners through this challenging process and find the effective treatments that you each face – knowing some of those effective treatments may be similar for both of you, while there will be others that are unique to each partner.

Not only will both partners be engaged in couples therapy while at our facility, but you will also be a part of individual and group therapy as well.

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Many couples successfully recover when they are allowed to engage in this type of therapy, and our method has been a tried and true way for people suffering from the grips of alcohol and/or drug abuse that has plagued their relationship for years.

Substance abuse disorders steal from a couple the ability to cope with the everyday challenges of living a life together, without having to turn to drugs or alcohol in order to function properly.

Whether it is work stress, family dynamics, or just the daily tasks of being good partners and parents, at San Clemente we will help both partners regain the skills needed to successfully do all these things while also living life sober.

Our skilled therapists and healthcare providers will also help both of you improve your communication skills, coping mechanisms, and how to have a good relationship while in the recovery process…even after you leave our couples rehab facility.


Are You Ready to Commit to Couples Rehab Once and For All?

If you and your partner are ready to put your substance use disorders behind your relationship or your marriage permanently, then consider our San Clemente treatment program as the place to finally find your path forward to a new life that is free of addiction and can heal your relationships once and for all.

A couple standing together

So many couples struggle to take this step. It’s hard, but brave work to sit in the same room and admit that you both have a problem with addiction and need a rehab program to help you heal your relationships that have been struggling because of drugs or alcohol abuse.And… this type of substance abuse work can’t be done without the proper support and ultimately finding a rehab program that understands the recovery process and the challenges that are ahead.

Rehab centers are not hard to find across the United States.

But at our location in Huntington Beach, our staff and the overall facility feels honored to have a person like you and your partner trust us to help you through your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Couples rehab works best when both people enter into it ready to get addiction out of their lives and their relationship back on track for good.

Our couples rehab Huntington Beach location is ready to give you the support you need to make this happen. We welcome your call today.