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For a couple who has decided they are ready to go to rehab, there are dozens of decisions that will have to be made before they commit to one specific program.

Decisions like:

  • What is Couples Rehab and what should we expect from one?
  • What is the living situation like?
  • What about our family and careers?
  • How will we pay for it?
  • Where is the right spot for us to go?

Clearly, the list of questions will be much more extensive than this but for most couples considering enrolling in an addiction treatment program, these will most likely be some of the top concerns on your list.

Making the decision to enter into a substance abuse treatment program for an individual is difficult. But making the decision to go to an addiction treatment center as a couple is even more so.

You and your partner have shown you can do the hard thing of taking that first step toward living a life that is free from drug or alcohol addiction. Finding the answers to some of your biggest questions is going to help you take the next one.


What is Couples Rehab?

Couples rehab is for anyone who is in a partnered, romantic relationship where both people in the relationship are struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse.

Oftentimes a couple may first consider either an outpatient program that they can attend together or couples therapy, where they hope that – through talk therapy sessions – they can eliminate their drug or alcohol addiction or at least get it under control.

Unfortunately, for many couples who are in the throes of a substance abuse disorder together, neither an outpatient program nor behavioral couples therapy may be enough.

A drunk person with a bottle of alcohol

This is when the decision to enter into an inpatient couples addiction treatment center in order to go through a more intensive couples rehab program together may make the most sense.

Though couples rehab is not a new concept, there have been many advancements in the way in which drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers now treat a couple who is entering into a substance abuse treatment center together.


What Should I Expect at a Couples Rehab Program?

Entering into an inpatient rehab program may feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you or your partner feel as though you don’t really know what to expect.

And though all programs are going to vary to some degree, there are certain aspects of any addiction treatment program that will more than likely be present.

A couple fighting
  • Patient assessment: Any couple who is first entering into a substance abuse treatment facility first be asked to undergo a complete medical evaluation by a trained medical professional and a psychiatric evaluation by a skilled member of the treatment center’s mental health services administration. Both of these workups and evaluations will help the medical and professional staff at the rehab treatment facility determine what level of care and path of treatment is needed for both you and your partner going forward.
  • Detox: For many couples, a period of detox from the drug or alcohol use their body has become accustomed to will be necessary, sometimes even medically so. After your initial intake evaluation, your inpatient team may decide that medication assisted treatment is needed to help you or your loved one to detox safely. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone and the rehab center will work with you to make that call.
  • Addiction treatment: Once your initial assessments and evaluations are completed, you and your partner will begin the work toward recovery while staying in the addiction treatment facility. Through a combination of behavioral couples therapy, individual behavioral therapy, and group therapy you will both begin to work through what brought you to where you are in your relationship with drugs or alcohol and what steps will be important as you are seeking treatment to move past your addiction and into a recovery process that will work for both of you longterm.
  • Aftercare: Once a couple has completed their time in their chosen couples rehab program, it will be important to make sure that the facility works with you to continue to ensure you have an aftercare program in place. This may take place at the couples rehab center you’ve been an inpatient at, or you may be directed to another treatment facility to continue working on and maintaining sobriety. Either way, it is going to be vital to both you and your partner’s recovery process to make sure you choose an inpatient treatment program that knows the importance of a good aftercare program and can help you make sure that you have a plan in place when you leave.

What is the Living Situation Like?

Knowing more about what couples rehab is and what you can expect when you enroll in one will probably make both you and your partner feel a bit less intimidated about the concept.

But another common concern for most couples considering an inpatient rehab program is pertaining to their family and their careers.

Unlike an outpatient center, the overall design of an inpatient program is to have the couple live at the treatment facility for the entire duration of their treatment program.

Many substance abuse treatment centers are set up with a residential feel in mind. Couples often will be allowed to live together in apartment-style housing and can even bring pets along. Most of the apartments have kitchens so that the couple can cook together, or they may elect to eat in a group setting, like a cafeteria or dining hall.

A couple fighting

One of the huge advantages to this type of residential living is that the couple gets the opportunity to carry on many of their normal activities while doing it together in a sober environment and under the guidance of skilled therapists and medical professionals.

A residential inpatient treatment facility that caters to couples rehab will also make sure there is a strong focus on group therapy sessions and group activities to allow both partners the chance to share with others what they are experiencing while also hearing what others are going through as well.

There should also be plenty of exercise opportunities and other engaging activities that give both of you the chance to participate in things that you enjoy doing, without alcohol or drugs involved in any way.

Before you commit to a specific couples rehab program, make sure you are aware of what the living situation will be like and what types of activities are offered during your time there.


What About Our Family and Careers?

Being away from people we love and who need us can be very difficult, even in the best of times.

But for a couple who is considering going to an inpatient treatment facility, the decision to leave their family and careers behind can almost be the reason they eventually decide not to go.

Most inpatient treatment centers will discourage you from doing any sort of remote work while there. Inpatient treatment is intense work and most of your day will be spent attending couples therapy, individual behavioral therapy and group therapy as well.

You will also be encouraged to spend your free time doing reflective work that doesn’t involve focusing on anything except the reason why you are there. From journaling to meditation to long walks around the facility, spending time immersed in the rehab program should be your number one priority.

But this is easier said than done, right?

In order to have a successful experience during couples rehab, both you and your partner will have to make arrangements as to how your home, your children and your pets are going to be cared for.

You will also have to devise a plan for any work or community responsibilities you may have and determine who will complete your tasks while you’re gone.

Most inpatient rehab programs last anywhere from one month to three months. This can be a long period of time to be away from your loved ones and your responsibilities.

But, the couples who have the most success in rehab are the couples that plan accordingly for children and animals to be cared for, work projects to be completed and other obligations to be met.

Clearly, this can be one of the hardest parts of choosing to go to couples rehab. But it can also prove to be invaluable for your family, friends and professional life if you are able to follow through with it.


How Will We Pay For It?

No matter how intentional or passionate a couple might be about going to a couples drug rehab or a couples alcohol rehab center, there will always be a question on both people’s minds about the cost and how they will be able to afford it.

Let’s face it…receiving extensive inpatient treatment will not be inexpensive, particularly if you both choose a facility that is known for its highly skilled medical team, therapists and mental health services administration.

Someone handling over their card to another holding a POS machine

Not only that, but while both of you are in a treatment program, it is likely that you will still need to make sure expenses are being paid at home, which can be problematic if you are not receiving a paycheck while you are away.

Fortunately, most reputable alcohol and drug addiction facilities take a large number of insurance plans and will have staff on hand that can help determine how much of your stay will be covered by your insurance company.

In addition to that, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) serves to protect individuals who need to take a leave of absence from their job in order to care for themselves, for a child, for a spouse, or for a parent with a serious health problem.

A substance use disorder – regardless of what the substance is – is considered by the government to be a serious health problem, which the government then defines as:

  • Receiving treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction.
  • Receiving treatment for a drug or alcohol induced physical illness, such as liver failure.
  • The need to care for a spouse, a parent, a child, or any other close relatives who may require treatment for a substance addiction.

The Family Medical Leave Act also makes it clear that an employer cannot demote or fire an employee for having to take FMLA leave.

One caveat to know regarding FMLA is this:

Though it protects a person from losing their job or their position at their job while they receive treatment, it does not require an employer to continue to pay that person while they are gone.

Some employers may offer to continue to compensate you – at least partially – while you seek treatment. It’s worth having that conversation with your employer to be clear on the expectations surrounding your work and your pay.

Despite the FMLA and health insurance coverage, choosing addiction treatment for couples may still place some financial burden on you and your family.

But knowing that your health insurance will cover a large part of it and knowing that your job will be secure while you’re gone will hopefully bring some financial peace to your decision.

Remember, nothing about going to couples rehab is going to be easy. But making the commitment together and finding the right facility will make your decision worth it in the long run.


Where is the Right Spot for Us to Go?

Once you’ve figured out the logistics of family, work and finances one question that will remain is often this one…

Where is the best place for us to go to seek treatment for our substance abuse disorder?

Some people are fortunate enough to have a treatment facility that is close enough that travel doesn’t add to all the other challenges the couple is already facing.

That said, even if you live close to a couples rehab program, it may not have the services you’re seeking or the reputation you desire.

On the other hand, you may find a program that you believe is going to be able to meet both your and your partner’s needs but you will have to spend money and time getting there.

Throughout all 50 states there are good programs that help thousands of people begin the recovery process from alcohol and/or drugs.

If traveling does not sound appealing to you, or its going to be difficult, do some research into the treatment facilities close to home.

A couple during a therapy session

You may be surprised at what you find once you begin delving deeper in.

On the other hand, if traveling is not an issue, consider looking at options outside of your local area.

Many highly recognized treatment facilities are located in Florida and California, as both states have excellent medical resources as well as a mild climate year round and lots of opportunities to spend time outdoors.

Think about what your priorities are when choosing a locale for a treatment facility and spend some time doing research on places that meet those priorities.

Regardless of your travel constraints or financial situation, finding a treatment center for your substance abuse disorder is possible.


Do You Want to Start Your Recovery Process? Reach Out to Us Today

There are many factors that any couple will have to consider when they decide they want to seek treatment for their substance use disorder.

From caring for your family to deciding where to go, both you and your partner will want to research all of your options and determine what is going to be best for both of you and lead to the most positive results. While we’re closer to home for couples rehab Mission Viejo residents, we are happy to take patients who want to distance themselves from where their addiction started.

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At The House of the Rising Son, we understand all the unique challenges associated with being a couple who is hoping to seek treatment for their addiction together.

Having worked with thousands of couples over the years, our state-of-the-art facility is well-equipped to work with a couple as they go through the early stages of recovery and continue to provide the necessary support long after you leave.

Our customized recovery approach will combine behavioral couples therapy sessions along with individual therapy and group therapy sessions.

Not only that but you’ll find plenty of interesting activities at our facility, nestled on the southern coast of California.

If you want to learn more about what The House of the Rising Son can offer you and your partner, please reach out to us today.

Making the decision to leave your life of drug and alcohol addiction behind is one of the bravest things you and your partner will ever do.

Let us help you navigate the path forward and find the life free of addiction that you both deserve.