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Looking for Couples Rehab Laguna Niguel? Learn What We Have to Offer!

Anyone who has made the decision to consider couples rehab may be trying to figure out what location is going to work best for them.

Do we stick close to home?
Are we better off choosing a place that’s far away from friends and family?
Will the location and scenery make a difference in our substance abuse recovery?
And maybe most importantly…

Will the facility we choose change the outcome of our rehab experience and/or make an overall impact on our recovery from substance abuse once and for all?

Substance abuse treatment is rarely easy. Regardless of your addiction, finding a path forward toward long-term sobriety is going to be challenging.

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But trying to come up with a treatment plan with another person can make the journey even more complicated.

Whether it’s because of family or work obligations, scheduling conflicts, or even budgeting constraints, finding a time and place where you and your partner can both commit to dealing with your individual addictions can be the first roadblock in your road to recovery.

A couple having a discussion with a therapist

But…you’ve already taken the first step in making it around that roadblock!

By doing some research on treatment centers, what to expect, and what you’re looking for, you are setting yourself up for more realistic expectations and a much better outcome.

Though there are many substance abuse treatment centers for couples drug rehab near me across the country, not all of them offer the same services or settings.

Learning what you and your partner need from a treatment center is going to be a big step in your recovery process.

Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing the substance abuse treatment center that’s going to be the best fit for you and your partner through your rehab journey.


Location of the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

One of the first factors that you will probably have to consider when looking for the right treatment center is where it is located.

There are various reasons why a treatment center’s location is going to make a difference for you and your partner as you begin down the path of living a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Choosing a location close to home will be helpful if you are considering a program that is outpatient only.

In a situation like this one, it will be much more feasible for you and your partner to continue some of your regular activities while also getting the various types of substance abuse treatment you need.An outpatient program will allow you to be able to attend therapy sessions and meetings during hours that might be more convenient for both of you, such as evenings and weekends.

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You may even be able to find a facility where you can attend therapy sessions and group meetings before work or during lunch hours.

That said, an outpatient program isn’t going to work for everyone.

In fact, studies show that most couples will decide on an inpatient program first to address their chemical dependency issues as well as address their psychological issues too.

But if inpatient rehab isn’t going to be possible for you and/or your partner, make sure you find a treatment center that is located in an area where getting back and forth is not going to hinder your recovery process.


Setting of the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Humans are very visual, and oftentimes our physical setting will play a big role in our overall mental health and cognitive abilities.

Finding a treatment facility that is set in an aesthetically pleasing location has been proven to do a lot for a person who is wrestling with substance abuse issues.

The more relaxing and serene an environment, the easier it’s going to be to focus inward on dealing with the chaos that is inside of you.

If you are willing and able to go to an inpatient facility that is not necessarily close to home, talk to your partner about what type of environment most appeals to both of you.

mountain-like setting

Are you more relaxed in a mountain-like setting? Do you feel the most calm when you are surrounded by tall trees, forests, and vistas?Or perhaps you find peace in the beach or water settings. Does a beautiful coastline help ground you and bring clarity and calm to your mental health?

Though choosing your ideal setting may not always be possible, it is definitely something to consider if you have the luxury to do so.

And remember – inpatient rehab is a big commitment for both you and your partner when it comes to your time and your financial situation.Making sure that you find a treatment facility that is going to set you up for the most success possible is going to be important so as not to have wasted your resources on a program that doesn’t ultimately bring you the results you want.

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Living Arrangements at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Another important factor to consider when you are deciding where best to spend your inpatient rehab experience is to think about what sorts of living arrangements are available at each one.

Some substance abuse treatment centers will not allow for couples to cohabitate while they are in the program.

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Many treatment centers believe that if a couple is living together while going through rehab, it will be more difficult for each person to work on and through their own addiction issues and mental health needs.These types of programs will bring the couple together for certain meetings and couples counseling but will make it clear that cohabitation during this time is not recommended and may even be a reason to be asked to leave the facility.

Other programs, however, not only encourage cohabitation but actually suggest it as being the best course of treatment for a couple when both people in the relationship are struggling with substance abuse disorder.

In recent years, more experts have suggested that couple’s rehab is most successful when both people in the relationship are given the chance to not only receive individual therapy but are also treated together as well.

Cohabitation during a short term rehab or long term rehab program has proven to help resolve conflict, address home environment issues that perpetuate the drug and/or alcohol abuse, and allow both parties in the relationship to openly share their frustrations and concerns in a way that they feel safe in doing so.

So much substance abuse addiction is rooted in enabling behaviors and codependency issues that it is hard to not look at outside influences as part of the addiction problem.

This is one of the biggest reasons that inpatient rehab is so important.

Changing a person’s environment and removing them from opportunities and others that play a role in their addiction is an important part of the recovery process.

But when two people in a relationship are both struggling with addiction, it is imperative that their codependency on one another is treated as well.

Therefore, by having a couple who is in rehab continue to live together while at the treatment center, issues around their codependency and enabling behaviors can be addressed in real time, while they are happening.

Another reason that many professionals believe that cohabitation during rehab is beneficial is that they see the addiction as a “couples” issue, not an independent one.

Learning new coping skills and problem-solving strategies together – while in rehab – will allow the couple to take those skills and strategies back into their home environment once their inpatient therapy is over.

Couple in therapy

Whether you decide to cohabitate or not when in rehab, make sure you do your research and find out which living arrangement each treatment center allows.
It’s also a good idea to speak with a counselor at the facility and find out why they prefer to set up their living arrangement the way they do.


Therapy Options at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Other than your setting and living situation, another important piece to research about any substance abuse facility is to learn everything you can about their treatment philosophy and what types of therapy will be available to you and your partner while you are there.

Just like the setting and living arrangements, different substance abuse treatment facilities take different approaches to how they best believe therapy and counseling should be conducted.

Though any reputable rehab facility will have talk therapy as one of the most important elements of their program, some will lean more towards group therapy or 12 step programs as a big part of their treatment plans.

Others focus more on the individual and their own personal mental health journey.

These types of programs will spend more time focusing on childhood trauma, family background, and how depression, anxiety, or other mental health stress plays a role in your drug or alcohol addiction.

Before you make a decision about what type of treatment center is going to be best for you, ask some of the following questions so that you can get a good idea of the type of treatment plans offered at each facility:What type of treatment plans can you offer my partner and me?

Do you believe in treating mainly the addiction, or is mental health analysis an important part of your program?

Will you offer my partner and me couples therapy as well as individual therapy? Do you have a family therapist who can work with our extended family?

What is your policy on prescription medications while we are in the program?

Will our family members be involved in our treatment plan?

Is your program based on a 12 step program? If so, are there other options available?

What if my partner and I have co occurring disorders. How are they each handled?

This is just a beginning list of some of the questions you will want to ask when you are making your decision for the best drug and alcohol treatment program for both of you.

Though these may seem a bit overwhelming, educating yourself as much as possible before you commit to any inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center is going to play a huge role in making a positive change in your lives.

Not all programs are the same, and not all approaches work for everyone.

Take the time to find out all you can about which one is going to be best for your well being and your long-term success of ridding your lives of drugs and alcohol for good.


Other Activities at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Most inpatient programs focus heavily on the hours you will spend in therapy.
Whether it’s talking with a family therapist, a substance abuse counselor, or meeting with others in larger group settings, a big reason to try inpatient rehab is for the enormous amount of time you and your partner will both spend discussing your addiction issues and trying to come up with a plan forward.
Clearly, therapy is at the root of these programs.
Group therapy

But there are other activities that are going to be important as well.

Research shows that exercise can play a big role in helping an addict not only work toward sobriety, but to continue to be able to live a sober life going forward.

The chemicals the exercise is able to release in our brains have proven to be the same chemicals that certain prescription medications release, especially those designed for depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns.

Another activity that has proven to be extremely important in substance abuse treatment is meditation practices.

Centering on one’s thoughts while grounding one’s body is an effective way to gain control over our brains and feel empowered when an urge to do something harmful strikes us.

Group exercise

Exercise and meditation are just two examples of activities that should be offered at a highly skilled rehab center.Spend some time thinking about what sorts of activities bring about a positive feeling or outcome in your life.

What sorts of hobbies or interests do you enjoy doing that don’t involve alcohol or drugs?

What sorts of hobbies or interests would you be interested in trying?

Once you have some ideas, research treatment facilities that have some of those opportunities available for you.

Remember – a life without alcohol or drugs can be a full and exciting one! But you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of activities that you find enjoyable to replace the time you used to spend focusing on your addictive behaviors.

What We Offer at Laguna Niguel, CA

At The House of the Rising Sun in Laguna Niguel, CA – Orange County – we can offer couples the type of rehab that checks many of the above boxes and even more.

Our state-of-the-art facility is set up for couples to cohabitate together in homes that feel like that – home.

We even have the option for a couple to bring a family pet if they prefer!

While participating in our inpatient treatment program, you and your partner will be able to live together in your own private residence, while also spending the majority of your days with highly skilled therapists and other patients like yourselves.

Our therapy options can be tailored to you and your partner and will address the areas that we decide need to be focused on for both of you.

You will participate in individual and interpersonal therapy as well as group therapy and will work with an individual family therapist as well.
The House of the Rising Son also offers plenty of other activities for both you and your partner to engage in outside of just therapy.

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Located in Laguna Niguel CA (Orange County) near the beautiful California coastline, anyone who is looking for tranquility while in treatment will find it at our facility.

We are also near numerous scenic hiking spots and places that will allow for nature to participate in your healing process and your ultimate long term recovery from substance use.

We also take most insurance plans and operate as a private practice, so there’s no “corporate office” or outside organization to contend with.

Learning how to live a life without drugs or alcohol playing a role can be a challenge for even the most determined person or couple. At The House of the Rising Son, we know this, having worked with thousands of couples before you on their journey to lifetime sobriety.

We also know that giving both you and your partner plenty of opportunities to see how fantastic life can be without drugs and alcohol is going to be an imperative part of your recovery.

By taking your time and researching various rehab programs, you are already proving your ability to take back your life and make it your own.

We hope you will give us a chance to help you on your recovery journey.

Give us a call today and take the next step toward a life well-lived…for both of you.