Drug Interventions—Do they work?

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Drug Interventions—Do they work?

An intervention is a professional-led meeting with the friends and family of a drug abuser.  A drug intervention occurs when the addict’s loved ones wish to bring to attention the severity of the addiction in hopes that the addict will recognize his or her need for rehab. The ideal outcome for a drug intervention is for the addict to admit their destructive behavior and the need for a real change in their life.  While this seems like an extreme option, sometimes it is necessary for an individual to be faced with the reality of their addiction and the effect it has had on their loved ones in order to admit their need for change.

A major part of this process is education and support for the family.  Preparing for an intervention also includes sharing how each individual has been affected by the loved one’s addiction and how they can work together for the benefit of the one.  This communicates to the abuser that they have the full support and love from the family and friends to get help and pursue wholeness.  The goal is to clearly show the loved one that their best interests have been taken to heart and everyone is on board and ready to play a part in their rehabilitation.

Though interventions can be conducted without a trained interventionist, it is ideal to seek professional help. If the individual possesses any of the following factors or conditions, seeking a professional to lead this process is highly recommended. Seek professional help if your loved one:

  • has a history of serious mental illness
  • has a history of violence
  • has shown suicidal behavior in the past
  • currently taking several mood-altering substances, or
  • if you suspect your loved one will respond in a harmful or violent way

The success rate for drug interventions is very high. And even if the individual does not recognize in the moment the severity of the situation, often after processing through the intervention, they will come back and admit they need help.

If you would like more information on professionally directed drug interventions, call us today at (888) 507-1355. A trained treatment specialist would love to talk with you about your options and direct you to an intervention specialist.  It is never too late to call and get help. Perhaps this is the first giant step towards wholeness for you and your loved one.