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Rehab for Couples Near Me – Should We Choose Inpatient vs Outpatient?

For the couples struggling with substance use who have finally decided that going to rehab is the right choice, trying to decide between an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient treatment program can be one of the hardest parts of the process.

Most people know the basic definition of both of these terms, but few really understand what is involved in each.There are some great positives to both types of addiction treatment, but an inpatient rehab program and an outpatient rehab program can have some significant downsides as well.

A couple in therapy

What is an Inpatient Rehab Program?

First, let’s clarify what exactly is meant by an inpatient rehab program and then look at whether or not this option is a good one for you and your partner as you explore the various types of substance abuse programs that are available to you in your area.

An inpatient substance abuse center will be a place where you and your partner will actually reside for a certain period of time.

Most inpatient alcohol and drug addiction programs will last from 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the program, the course of care that’s established, and the severity of both you and your partner’s addiction.

Oftentimes the program length is also dependent on outside factors, like work schedules and family responsibilities.

Inpatient alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers are also referred to as residential programs, as they will almost always require the participants to live at the facility for the duration of the substance abuse treatment program.

The intense schedule of individual and group therapy sessions most often doesn’t allow for the participants to have any time outside the facility’s grounds during their chosen stay.

This means that jobs and family obligations will need to be taken care of by someone else while the addict is involved in the inpatient treatment program.

A couple in therapy
When a couple chooses to enter into an inpatient alcohol and drug addiction rehab center together, there is often the opportunity for them to continue to live together while at the facility.Most recent research on couples’ alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers suggests that it is advantageous for a couple to continue to reside together while seeking treatment, unless there are factors that would lead the treatment center’s professionals to believe otherwise.

Couples struggling with substance abuse may find that individual addiction treatment isn’t as helpful for them in their recovery process together.

And – though the couple that is participating in the inpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatment program is asked to not leave the premises for the duration of their rehab program, many times they will be allowed to have visitors, particularly from their children or other close family members.


What are the Pros of Inpatient Rehab for Couples?

As inpatient rehab programs continue to be a popular option for many individuals as well as couples, there are clearly plenty of benefits to choosing this type of drug or alcohol addiction program.

Experts believe that the number one biggest advantage to a couple enrolling in an inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center is the intensity and the accountability that the treatment program offers.

Because these programs are meant to focus solely on the person with the alcohol or drug addiction, extreme effort, time, and care can go into addressing the root causes of their substance abuse disorder and begin to create a positive path forward, without all the other life distractions getting in the way.

The ability to enmesh oneself into their therapy is a great benefit that an inpatient program affords.

In fact, inpatient treatment centers for alcohol and drug abuse are usually the first option that many addicts will consider once they are ready to leave their life of substance abuse addiction once and for all.

Another huge advantage of an inpatient substance abuse treatment center is how well it can work for a couple.

When there is someone in a relationship who is struggling with an addiction, that struggle can be felt by the whole family, and others that are a part of it may be suffering as well.

But when there are two people who are dealing with substance abuse, the challenges on a family are dramatically increased, and the chances of either person getting clean are greatly reduced.

A couple in therapy

Therefore, for many couples where both parties are facing the challenges of a substance abuse addiction, an inpatient alcohol, and drug rehab addiction treatment facility may be the perfect answer to a very complex problem.


What are the Cons of Inpatient Rehab for Couples?

Though there are plenty of possible positives to an inpatient rehab facility for a couple, there are bound to be some negatives as well.

The most obvious downside to this type of substance use disorder program is the enormous time commitment that is going to be required from both people in the relationship.

As mentioned before, it’s rare for an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center to not require its participants to live full-time at their treatment facilities while they are in the program.

And this doesn’t just mean sleeping there.

Because of the intensity of the behavioral therapy and physical and mental health work that is going to be done, it would be impossible for an individual or a couple to try and work or care for families during this period of time.

It becomes pretty clear how challenging this is going to be for a couple who have careers and/or children to care for at home.
Having one person in an inpatient in an alcohol and drug abuse facility for an extended period of time would have its own challenges.

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But having both people unavailable and in an inpatient treatment facility for thirty days or more will clearly present a whole host of other hurdles to overcome.Can it be done? Yes, and it often is. But the commitment is going to have to be higher than ever and the couple will need to rely on more support if there are children at home.

Another downside to inpatient substance abuse treatment programs is that they can often be more expensive than outpatient alcohol and drug rehab options, though oftentimes insurance providers will cover a large part of the inpatient treatment costs.


What is an Outpatient Program?

An outpatient substance abuse treatment program can usually encompass a wider variety of options than an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program can.

Whereas an inpatient program almost always is going to be for a set amount of days and will require the participants to live on-site and stay there full-time, a program that is designed to treat a couple’s substance abuse from an outpatient perspective is going to have more options from which a couple can choose.

Some outpatient treatment may still be done at a substance abuse treatment facility while other times you may find outpatient treatment options through a private therapist who specializes in substance abuse disorders, particularly when it comes to treating couples.These types of outpatient treatment programs can really help both you and your partner get the behavioral couples therapy you may need in order to address some of the other issues in your relationship as well as in your past that may be leading to your substance abuse.

Behavioral therapy that is administered from an outpatient perspective can really help when a couple knows that there is a drug and alcohol problem in their relationship, but they don’t think they need to go to an inpatient alcohol or drug rehab facility to address it.

Outpatient couples rehab can also be ideal for the duo who has gone through more intense drug or alcohol addiction treatment in the past and is having some challenges staying on course with their sobriety.

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Perhaps a more intense program like an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is not necessary for this couple at this time.

That’s when finding a good outpatient treatment center may be all that is needed to continue the recovery process that was already begun.


What are the Pros of an Outpatient Program?

For most couples who are struggling with the best course for seeking addiction treatment, one of the huge perks of an outpatient couples rehab program is that it is something they can participate in without having to uproot their entire lives to do so.

Inpatient alcohol and drug rehabs almost always require that both people in the couple reside in the treatment facility 24/7 if they want to seek treatment as an inpatient couple.

Though there are valid reasons for this, that level of commitment can be extremely difficult on a family and could potentially be detrimental to one or both people’s careers.

With an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program, you and your partner can set up a schedule with your addiction treatment team to ensure that you are both getting the care, therapy, and support you need, while also continuing to participate in your everyday lives.

Another plus to outpatient therapy is that you can also involve extended family members in the process.

Many outpatient couples rehab centers offer family therapy sessions as well as group and individual counseling as part of the program.

Though an outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program is not going to be right for every couple, it may be one to consider if time is going to be a challenge for both people to carve out, and feel they can be truly involved in the process without causing concerns back home.

A couple in therapy


What are the Cons of an Outpatient Program?

When a couple has decided that they both have a big enough problem with drug or alcohol abuse that they are considering couples rehab, an outpatient program may just not be enough.

It’s a big step to get to the point of knowing both you and your partner need professional help for your substance use.

In fact, statistics show that when both people in a relationship have a problem with substance use, it is much more unlikely either person will ever be able to effectively seek professional help and successfully complete the treatment process.

Much of this is because it is hard enough to let go of an addiction like alcohol and/or drugs on our own.

It’s even harder to be on the same page at the same time as your partner, and both be ready to do it together.

Knowing that, once you’ve both made the incredibly brave and difficult decision to go into drug and alcohol rehab together, you may realize that going to an outpatient couples rehab is not going to be enough to truly get both of you to get sober.

You may realize that an outpatient couples rehab program just won’t insist on the level of accountability that an inpatient couples rehab program will.
There are plenty of people who decide to go to outpatient alcohol or drug rehab as a couple and have great success. But just be prepared for the fact that oftentimes a couple who is both struggling with substance use may need something more intensive than just outpatient therapy to get them both to the place they ultimately want to be.
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How We Can Help You Live a Life Free of Substance Abuse?

At Our House – The House of the Rising Son Treatment Center & Rehab we have been helping individuals and couples seek treatment through our alcohol and drug rehab facility for years.

We know the road to a life free of substance use is not an easy one, and we will be the first to applaud both of you on being willing to take this first step in exploring which treatment options may be best for both of you and your family. Our San Clemente facility is perfect for anyone in the area looking for couples rehab Laguna Niguel to Huntington Beach.

We also know that not all couples rehab treatment centers are created equal and that your time and resources are valuable and not to be wasted.

Couples drug rehab is not only time-consuming, but it can be a drain on a family’s finances as well. You will want to make sure that – whatever program you choose – it is truly going to be the right one for both of you.

Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities we offer here at The House of the Rising Sun and see if they can help you decide if our facility is going to be the right place for you and your partner to start your journey to a life free of drugs and alcohol.

The Opportunity to Cohabitate

One nice advantage of our inpatient treatment program at The House of the Rising Sun Treatment Center is that we have excellent facilities in which you and your partner can choose to continue to live together just like if you were at home.

It has been suggested by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism that programs that allow couples to cohabitate can show remarkable results when both parties are actively seeking treatment together.

Though the normal stresses of family life, work demands, and social responsibilities won’t be present, you will be able to continue navigating your life as a couple as you start the path of a sober life.

For many who enter into couples rehab treatment, being able to continue to coexist together is vitally important. Learning how to communicate with one another and put your new skills to use (while neither of you is using alcohol or drugs) can be a big step to your success once you leave our facility.

couple sitting together

Our housing at The House of the Rising Sun is state-of-the-art and will give you all the comforts of home, without the opportunity to resort to using your substance addiction as a coping skill.

Behavioral therapy

The Opportunity for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another important aspect of our treatment program at The House of the Rising Sun is that we believe strongly in the dual diagnosis treatment process when helping individuals and couples recover from substance abuse.
Research continues to show that most individuals who are struggling with substance abuse also have a history of mental health needs that many times have either not been addressed correctly, or have been overlooked entirely.

Understanding the correlation between a possible mental health disorder and a drug or alcohol addiction is an imperative part of a person’s treatment and ability to not only get sober but stay that way.
At The House of the Rising Sun couples rehab center, we have an excellent mental health services administration ready to help you and your partner with any ongoing or undiscovered mental health needs that may be affecting your recovery.

They can set up a process that will look at each new patient differently and help assess where our skilled therapists and medical professionals can help get the mental health treatment you each deserve and need in order to live a fully productive and alcohol and drug-free life.
Our mental health services administration will also aid you from the very beginning of your time with us to determine what sorts of mental health services both you and your partner need in order for your couples rehab to truly be successful for both of you.

We will also spend some time analyzing your physical health, ensuring there is no medical issue that could be problematic or impede your couples rehab from not being successful for either one or both of you.

The Opportunity for Intense Behavioral Couples Therapy

Finally, one of the most unique aspects of our program at The House of the Rising Sun is our specific approach to treating not just the individuals, but the couple who enter into our couples rehab program.

Though we will provide both you and your partner with ample opportunities for individual addiction treatment, we offer much more than that as well.

We believe that when two people have made a commitment to go to couples rehab together, they are in need of behavioral couples therapy as much (if not more) than individual counseling.

The reasons for this are straightforward.

When two people are both struggling with addiction, and they are both at a place of being aware of it, the substance use disorder needs to be addressed as a “we” problem, not a “me” problem.

Couple laughing together

Couples rehab isn’t for everyone. But for the couples who have committed to seeking out a drug and alcohol rehab center together, then there is proof of a strong desire to change the behaviors of both individuals and a recognition that rehab treatment is going to need to be a dual goal.


Reach Out to One of Our Substance Abuse Counselors Today

If you and your partner are convinced that an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment center is the best choice for both of you, then please reach out to us today.

We have a 24-hour hotline that you can access at any time, seven days a week.

Our kind and skilled mental health services administration will know which questions to ask you to help them better understand what you and your partner are struggling with, what sorts of environmental factors may be roadblocks in your treatment options, and what concerns you may have moving forward.

They can also answer many of the additional questions you may have about our facility, or about drugs and alcohol rehab centers in general.

Yes, there are many American Addiction Centers for you to choose from.

And there are many drug and alcohol rehab centers throughout the world today.

But finding couples drug rehab centers that understand the intricacies of treating both people in a relationship is something that we at The House of the Rising Sun have learned to do exceptionally well.

Give us a call today and begin your path toward a better you…for both of you.