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How Inpatient Rehab for Couples on Drugs Will Affect the Whole Family

For anyone who is considering going to a drug abuse treatment center, the decision may be the scariest – and bravest – they have ever made.

But for a couple who is considering this together, the decision is almost overwhelming.There are so many questions to be answered.

Is it possible to deal with a drug addiction together?

Do we need to go to an inpatient treatment center?


How will going to a substance abuse facility affect our family members?

These are probably just a few of the many questions you are both facing right now.

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But, they are good questions to start with, and the answers are going to depend on each of you, your commitment to tackling your substance use disorder, and your family’s understanding and support of your decision to rid your life of substance abuse once and for all. 


Can We Deal with Our Substance Use Disorder Together?

One of the first concerns for most couples who are considering seeking treatment together is probably going to be this one. 

The connection between drug addiction and relationships is complex and will look different for every couple. Is it even possible to deal with our drug abuse at the same time?

This is a valid concern.

For years, it was believed that couples who are both wrestling with a drug or alcohol addiction shouldn’t consider treatment programs together.

Much of this rationale was based on the idea that addiction is a personal struggle and one that must be overcome by the addict themselves.

There was also the realization that many times family dynamics may add to the substance abuse problem and that trying to go through treatment programs while you are in a dysfunctional relationship may not be in your best interest for getting the help you need.

Now, experts no longer feel that this is the case and couples rehab is now available.

Oftentimes when a person is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, it is quite common for their partner to be struggling as well.

Whether it’s lifestyle choices, family dynamics, post traumatic stress disorder, or physical or mental health issues, there is a strong correlation between a person’s addiction and other family members having an addiction issue as well.

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Perhaps it’s not the same drug of choice. It’s not uncommon for couples to enter a residential treatment facility and both be trying to overcome different addictions.Maybe one person in the relationship is abusing alcohol, while another has become addicted to prescription drugs.

In either case, addiction affects both parties, and deciding to deal with both simultaneously is going to allow you to get to the root of the problems and find the resources necessary to maintain your sobriety, and start your recovery process together.

Addiction treatment is not something you have to do alone. Finding a safe and supportive environment is possible for you and your partner to do together.


Do We Need to go to an Inpatient Treatment Center?

For many people who are ready to get help for their addiction, one of the biggest roadblocks is that they don’t want to go to an inpatient treatment center.

Taking time away from their jobs and families sounds unrealistic.

But for a couple considering inpatient rehab, the idea of doing it together can sometimes sound even more impossible.

Who will stay with the kids? What about our jobs? Who will remember to take care of the pets?

All of this is understandable. Inpatient rehab requires a big commitment from both you and your partner. It is also going to be challenging for other people in your life who count on you.

But the other side of those concerns is this…without a true inpatient program, it is likely that you and/or your partner will end up relapsing, which will just start the whole cycle of abuse over again.

A good addiction treatment center will understand the difficulties and challenges you both face by having to leave your home and enter into their facility.They will work hard to ensure the time spent in their program is worthwhile and that you are in a treatment program that has the number one goal of getting you both clean and healthy so you can return to your normal life as quickly as possible.

While you are in the treatment program, you both will learn new ways to deal with family and work stress, as well as other environmental challenges that have aided your substance abuse in the past.

You will also be put into specific therapy and support groups that will involve individual therapy as well as involve group therapy settings. These will give you both opportunities to share with others and learn how to cope with life after an addiction together.

Inpatient Rehab isn’t right for everyone.

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But when both people in a relationship are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, inpatient treatment might be the only way to combat it.
Being away from your job, your community, and your kids are going to be tough. But parental substance abuse is one of the leading causes of a child beginning to abuse substances of their own later on.


How Will Going to an Inpatient Substance Abuse Facility Affect our Family Members?

Once you’ve decided that inpatient rehab is right for both of you, give yourselves a high five. You have taken the biggest, bravest step toward changing your family’s future that you could take.

When you are first admitted, most addiction centers will discourage any contact with family members for a specified period of time.

This is to help you begin to focus solely on yourself and your addiction. You may also be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms that are best to have an experienced health professional help you navigate through without the distractions of other demands.

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As your time in the program continues, however, there will be opportunities for others to be involved in the treatment process. Addiction affects whole families, not just the addict.You may have a family member with that you would like to participate in group therapy with you. Perhaps you and this person have had strained relationships because of your substance abuse problem and a good drug counselor will be able to help you mend that relationship.

There are also opportunities for family therapy at many treatment facilities.

Sometimes the entire family is dealing with various forms of dysfunction, whether it be mental health issues because of chronic substance abuse problems in the house, or emotional disorders that have stemmed from having at least one addicted parent in the home.

Unfortunately, homes, where there has been at least one addicted family member, have many times also had to confront issues such as child abuse or sexual abuse instances.

These types of painful and destructive behaviors can cause severe emotional disorders, and children who have witnessed these types of behaviors are at an increased risk of developing addictive behaviors of their own.

The ways addiction affects families are endless.

But the fact that you and your partner are ready to seek treatment now is going to change your family for generations to come.

You are brave to be confronting your drug use together. Your family will thank you for it for years to come.


How Do We Take the Steps to Start Inpatient Couples Rehab?

You’ve done the hard part by just searching for couples rehab near me.
Now let us help you do the next one.

At San Clemente Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center we have intake counselors available 24/7 to assist you the moment you decide you are both ready to enter into treatment.
We can gather your information over the phone and be waiting for you when you arrive.

Most of your questions can be answered and treatment providers will be on hand to offer immediate emotional support, while taking additional information about your situation, such as any medications you are using, or any other chronic disease we should know about.

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Healthcare providers will also get some family history, such as whether or not either of you has siblings or parents struggling with addiction as well.

We also have addiction counselors who can meet with you as soon as you get settled and begin charting the best course of action for both of you.

We can also talk about what sorts of outpatient treatment we have available for you when you are ready to return home.

Remember – one of the hardest days in an addict’s life is admitting they need help.

And making that first phone call is one of the bravest.

Give us a call now so we can help you both start your sober chapter, together.