If you’ve decided to quit using heroin and pursue recovery support for your addiction, then congratulations. Making that decision is the first step towards becoming a healthier version of yourself.

The next step will be for you to complete your detox from heroin. If you’re not sure what this is or how it works, don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know about heroin detox below.

What is heroin detox?

Heroin detox is the first stage of the recovery process. It’s when your body gets rid of the last traces of heroin in its systems. The detox process typically includes withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which can make it difficult to get through on your own. That’s why many people prefer to go through detox at a professional facility.

How does heroin detox fit into my treatment plan?

When you make the decision to quit using heroin, the first thing that you have to do is let your body adjust to not receiving regular doses of it anymore. This is what happens during detox and it’s why completing this is the first step towards beating your addiction.

Once you’ve finished heroin detox, then you can begin rehab. This is when you’ll get the intensive treatment that you need to identify and resolve the root causes of your addiction.

After you finish rehab, then it’s often a good idea to continue getting some type of care. Many people choose to continue working with a therapist and going to group meetings. But you can figure out what works for you once you get there.

Do I have to go to a professional heroin detox facility?

It’s almost always a better idea to complete heroin detox at a professional detox center instead of doing it on your own. That’s because this process is an uncomfortable one that can have a lot of negative side effects.

Some of the rarer side effects of heroin withdrawal can be fatal. So you want to make sure that you have a professional medical team watching over you just in case something severe happens.

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