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The House of the Rising Son Provides High-Quality Care at Every Level

The substance abuse recovery process is one that’s often split into several distinct phases. These phases are based on the kind of care that the patient needs during different parts of their recovery timeline. Often, these steps in the recovery process are called “levels”.

At the House of the Rising Son, we’re proud to offer the highest quality care to patients at every level of the recovery process. This includes residential rehab, aftercare, and much more. Keep reading to learn more about the different levels that we offer care at and how they can support you as you work towards a better future.

Residential Rehab

After detox, patients are ready to begin exploring the underlying issues that have been causing their addiction. This is best accomplished by participating in a residential rehab program. Not only does residential rehab give you the chance to address underlying issues, but it also will teach you strategies that you can use to maintain your recovery when you re-enter the real world.

At The House of the Rising Son, we offer personalized residential rehab treatment that’s targeted to the unique needs of every patient. Therapy is a key part of this process. When you stay with us, you’ll get to speak regularly with a highly-skilled therapist who can help you discover the thought patterns and cycles that have been leading you to addiction. You’ll also get to participate in group therapy sessions that give you the chance to learn from the experiences of other patients.

Residential rehab at The House of the Rising Son is a highly restorative treatment. We take advantage of our beautiful location in Southern California by regularly hosting outdoor therapy and group activities. We also have an on-site nutritionist who can help you develop a diet plan that promotes sustained recovery. Even better, you’ll get to participate regularly in yoga classes and other holistic healing activities that will help you get back to feeling like your true self.

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Couples Rehab

Couples rehab is another option that you have in this level of care. It’s a good option for patients who are recovering alongside their significant others. By participating in couples rehab, you can get the support that you need to maintain your relationship while also working towards your recovery goals.

The House of the Rising Son gives patients the chance to recover alongside their significant others through couples rehab. You’ll each get to work with experienced therapists on your own. You’ll also spend time participating in couples therapy sessions that examine how your relationship may have contributed to your addictions.

Couples therapy is fantastic because it gives you the opportunity to benefit from the support of your partner during this stage of the recovery process. It could be just what you and your significant other need to turn the corner on your recovery.

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Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people who are suffering from addiction to harmful substances have underlying mental health issues that are contributing to the addiction. If that’s you, then consider signing up for dual diagnosis treatment at The House of the Rising Son.

Our dual diagnosis treatment is designed to help you improve your mental health while working towards your recovery goals. Treating these issues together in this way can make your entire recovery process more successful. Patients who choose this treatment option will still get to benefit from the holistic healing and outdoor activities that The House of the Rising Son offers to its standard residential rehab patients.

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Your recovery process won’t be finished after you’ve completed a residential rehab program. Instead, you’ll need to continue working in order to maintain your sobriety in the real world. The House of the Rising Son can help you accomplish that with our aftercare services.

We offer several different types of aftercare for our patients to choose from. For example, some patients continue spending their days at our treatment center but spend their nights at home. This allows you to take the next step in your recovery without becoming overwhelmed by your sudden freedom.

Aftercare involves more therapy sessions, group work, and group activities. However, you get to choose how much time you actually spend at our treatment center before starting your plan. This provides another opportunity for us to customize your care based on your unique needs. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you transition back into the real world after residential rehab.

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