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If you’ve been dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the chances are high that you’ve at least considered moving into a sober living home. But if you’re serious about this, then it’s important to have a clear understanding of what being in a sober living home is like.

That’s why we’ve put together this article. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know to decide if being in a sober living home is right for you or not.

Sober Living Home in San Clemente

Sober living homes are dedicated halfway houses where people who are in recovery from substance abuse live together. The people in these houses live by a set of rules that helps them maintain their sobriety.

Transitional living homes also tend to offer various types of support, such as therapy and group sessions. These allow you to continue receiving treatment for substance abuse as you transition out of residential rehab and back into the real world.

Best Sober Living and Transitional Living in San Clemente, Orange County

It’s important to know that sober living homes aren’t a first-line treatment for substance abuse. Instead, you should only move into one after you’ve already completed both detox and rehab.

That’s because sober living facilities aren’t set up to provide you with the intensive care that you need to identify and resolve the root causes of your addiction. Instead, they’re meant to be a bridge that can help you navigate your transition back into the real world without giving up on your sobriety.

Sober Living San Clemente, Is it right for me?

Finding the right sober living home is all about understanding what you’re looking for. Some facilities will be larger than others. And there are varying levels of luxury that you can choose from based on how much you’re willing to spend.

The best way to get an overview of your options is to do an online search for sober living homes in your area. Then you can compare each of those to see which one aligns closest with your preferences.

Getting started with sober living is easier with The House of the Rising Son

Do you think that you’re ready to move into a sober living home? If so, you should consider reaching out to a specialist with The House of the Rising Son in California and San Clemente. We serve San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Orange County, and all of California

Specialists can answer any questions that you might have about sober living homes and can help you select one that’s a good fit for your goals.