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At The House of The Rising Son we provide a residential alcohol rehab program. We specialize is helping those struggling with alcohol addiction find freedom from a life of substance abuse and addiction. Our private alcohol rehab program is helping may be your first step to help you start a new sober life. Our alcohol rehab and treatment specialists are available to speak to you now and get you started on your journey.

Alcohol is among the most commonly consumed addictive substances in the United States. Heavy drinking on special occasions, family events, or festivals can often lead to an addiction disorder. If not treated in time, it may turn into chronic addiction disease that does not only take a heavy toll on the social, personal, and professional life of addicted individuals but also may lead to death. Therefore, the need for professional alcohol rehab is on the rise.

According to recent statistics from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 88,000 people die annually due to alcohol abuse. That makes it the third leading cause of death in America. The death fatalities have increased by 20 percent since 2016.

The aggravating statistics demonstrate how important recognizing alcoholism is to prevent death fatalities as well as health complications. Unfortunately, fermenting alcoholic drinks have long been part of people’s life. Once it becomes an addiction, alcohol becomes an escape from life-plaguing problems. However, if consumed in a moderate quantity, alcohol may not be dangerous and facilitate blood circulation and digestion in some cases.

Identifying when to stop excessive drinking is a daunting task. It is because once you consume alcohol, it impairs your motor skills and thoughts. This tolerance increases over time, leading to alcohol addiction. Chronic alcohol addiction can cause over 200 diseases, such as heart problems, esophagus problems, pancreatitis, intestine bloating, and many more that can be devastating for the health of addiction disease.

This is when you need help from addiction professionals; experts in not only recognizing alcoholism signs but also guiding people to overcome the symptoms. The House of Rising Son Treatment Center is a reputed and well-known alcohol recovery solution that has helped hundreds of addicted individuals in achieving their sobriety goals.

Our addiction treatment center provides a complete alcohol rehab with the help of a team that comprises competent addiction specialists. Our medical professionals know how to help affected individuals identify the root cause of their alcohol addiction. The House of Rising Son Treatment Center has an effective alcohol rehab program that does not only treat alcohol addiction disorder but also helps patients steer clear of addiction relapse and trigger.

There is denying that overcoming alcohol addiction can be challenging if you do not take professional help. However, before you go to a treatment center to get rid of your alcohol addiction, you must find out the answers to the following questions.

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“Do I have Alcohol Addiction?”

Many alcoholics do not realize that addiction becomes the focus of their lives. Put simply, when you no longer have control over your drinking addiction to get through your day, it indicates that you have developed alcohol addiction and need alcohol rehab. Remember that alcohol dependency does not necessarily mean that you will be rolling on your floor after getting drunk. In fact, it gradually becomes part of your daily habits, and you do not find it odd. However, the way you consume alcohol is incredibly damaging as it leads you to a point where you physiologically and physically need to drink every day.

Our addiction specialists have years of experience in identifying alcoholism through the habits and lifestyles of individuals. If you feel that you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, our drug rehab center help you determine the signs and motivate you towards taking the next step. Call us at (888) 238-1038 to find out more.

How to Identify the Signs of Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is, without a doubt, difficult to identify. As there are plenty of different levels of substance abuse, it is important to take professional help from addiction specialists like at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center. However, you can spot some common behaviors, symptoms, and signs that indicate alcohol addiction. Some of them include:

(To notice in your loved ones)

  • Frequent blackouts, poor memory, and strange actions
  • Depression, anxiety, and sudden mood swings
  • Lack of attention during work
  • Relationship issues, arguments, separation or divorce
  • Unexplained bruises and injuries
  • Weight loss

(To observe in your personal behavior)

  • Feeling worried about the next drink
  • Feel a compulsive need to have a drink
  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, nausea, and sweating when you try to leave alcohol

Do not hesitate to reach out to professionals at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center at (888) 238-1038 when you notice these signs. Our reputed treatment center offers the best alcohol rehab programs for patients struggling with alcohol addiction, whether it’s alcohol detox or drug detox. Providing some of the effective detoxification programs, we help people struggling with addiction leave behind their self-destructive lifestyle and move on towards a better life.

How Alcohol Affects Brain?

One reason why alcohol addiction may have deadly repercussions is that it affects the brain in numerous ways. Causing both short-term and long-term effects, alcohol addiction may disrupt communication pathways in the brain. This is what influences addicted individuals, cognitive functions, moods, and behaviors.

Not only this, chronic addiction may cause a great deal of brain damage by inducing several nutrition deficiencies, liver disease, and alcohol-induced seizures. The addiction can be even more dangerous for pregnant women. Alcohol exposure affects the cognition of unborn infants and may result in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center has a team that excels at treating alcohol-induced brain problems with their extensive experience. We provide proper alcohol addiction rehab that helps expecting mothers to practice abstinence from substance abuse for months. Our extensive alcohol rehab program helps them overcome alcoholic symptoms and repair addiction effects, including memory skills and thinking abilities.

How Alcohol Affects Behavior?

As mentioned earlier, motor impairment, memory problems, and slurred speeches are some of the common behavioral issues excessive alcohol consumption may cause. This spikes the risks of injuries, accidents, and different types of violent behavior. Alcohol addiction has been one of the significant factors in several severe and moderate injuries, sexual assault, and sexual assaults.

Can You Find Fulfillment Without Drinking?

Luckily, alcohol rehab centers like The House of the Rising Son deliver a plethora of effective therapies and treatment programs to overcome alcohol addiction. Addiction professionals customize these programs according to the needs of each individual to help create their own path to recovery. Finding fulfillment is one of the vital parts of this process that stem from something different.

At our alcohol rehab center, addiction professionals customize an individual plan for their clients that help them find a purpose and joy unexpected places.

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How Can We Help?

As one of the best alcohol rehab centers, we provide many treatment modalities that help with detoxification, clinical psychology, alcohol counseling, and plenty of other therapies. Our effective alcohol rehab programs offer promising effects with specialized modalities to treat chronic addiction and dual diagnosis of mental disorders. Here at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center, the rehab process begins with intake and detoxification after that come therapy, counseling, and aftercare.


The first step of an alcohol rehab program mainly includes an alcohol assessment. Our addiction professionals discuss current conditions with patients, including daily alcohol consumption, physical health condition, and willingness to achieve sobriety. This initial phase may include several meetings, questionnaires, interviews, and blood tests. The purpose is to find out the severity of alcoholism to plan an effective treatment.


The alcohol detox stage begins when an addicted individual enters a withdrawal phase. The process helps patients leave alcoholic substances safely. However, the duration of detoxification depends on factors like length of addiction and its severity. Addiction professionals might recommend medications such as Lorazepam at this stage if addiction is severe.

This step is necessary sometimes to prevent harmful withdrawal symptoms. We ensure that detoxification lasts within ten days and that each patient receives maximum support, facilitation, and care to go through the process smoothly.

Our expert team of medical professionals carefully monitors the progress during detoxification to determine the best way forward. To learn more about our process and treatments in detail, don’t hesitate to visit us or give us a call at (888) 238-1038.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment plays an important role in the recovery phase, particularly when an addicted individual is suffering from underlying symptoms of alcohol addiction. If patients have time, and they do not mind admitting to the recovery center, inpatient treatment is tremendously advantageous to get rid of addiction quickly.

At The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center, patients are provided several behavioral therapies and counseling to help them analyze their emotional and mental condition. The therapies help them understand their state of addiction so that they can make efforts to bring some positive changes in life.

Our therapy furthermore reduces the risks of relapse in addicted individuals. We offer;

  • Individualized counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Healing therapies
  • Meditations
  • Educating Clients

Our alcohol rehabilitation process also includes the education of patients, which makes a substantial part of their recovery process. At The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center, we provide lectures on the effects of alcoholism. Besides this, addicted individuals learn about effective techniques to avoid relapse and strategies to stay clean.

We offer classes to the family members of addicted individuals so that they can help their loved ones overcome chronic disorders. You can contact us to find out more about therapy sessions as well as education for the family of the affected individual.

Aftercare at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center

At our alcohol rehab center, aftercare is a planned phase and an integral part of the recovery process. Once the alcohol rehab program is completed, addiction professionals at The House of The Rising Son help patients transition to their normal daily activities. The aftercare program includes several supportive services, assistance for achieving sober living, training, and other activities depending on the needs of patients.

With comprehensive activities, our aftercare program provides help with ongoing addiction therapies. Our professionals work with patients on an individual level to ensure that they return to their normal life.

If you have any questions about our alcohol rehab program, contact us for assistance. Don’t let this condition affect the lives of your loved ones and your family.

Call us at (888) 238-1038 to find out more about alcohol addiction. Alternatively, you can visit us at our rehab center in San Clemente to meet our expert team and discuss your treatment option.