Avoiding Holiday Triggers

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The official countdown to the holidays has begun, which means plenty of gatherings with family and friends are just around the corner. Though the holidays are a special time to reconnect with loved ones and share gifts and meals together, for someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, this time can be full of triggers which make remaining sober difficult. Below are some helpful ways to navigate this time of year so you can join the celebration while faithfully sticking with your treatment plan.

Because recovery plans rely heavily upon consistent routines, this can be a difficult time of the year due to time off work, traveling to be with family, and inconsistent schedules due to vacation or being away from home. This erratic routine can be disorienting and, thus, a trigger for someone who has found a favorable, reliable schedule which works well with their sobriety plan. Being aware of a shift in routine and planning accordingly will be the best way to prepare for seasonal change. As an example, make time each day to exercise, try to eat meals at the same time, and communicate your plans to family and friends who can help you stay accountable to this temporary holiday schedule.

At holiday gatherings with family or friends, it is likely alcohol will be present. If possible, communicate to event hosts your desire for a dry party. If this is not an option, ask a close friend or relative to remain sober and supportive of your wishes.

Though you will not be able to avoid every trigger this holiday season, being prepared for triggers when they occur is your best line of defense. You do not have to navigate the holiday season alone. Communicate your needs and have a plan in place so you can experience the joy this time of year brings.

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