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Importance of Aftercare Services

Dual diagnosis programs offer vital foundations in assisting patients to recover fully and maintain a sober life. Aftercare services come handy in helping the patients maintain the progress made during treatment. Taking this critical step to ensure zero chances of relapse are very important. You do not want to see your loved one suffer a gain. 

A comprehensive aftercare service for dual diagnosis patients is very critical. It is one of the services your prospective rehab facility should offer at best. You do not want to go through the complicated process of treating your loved one only to relapse immediately after recovering. Aftercare services should come into play as soon as the patient recovers to avoid this frustration. Click here for facts about San Clemente, CA.

Types of Aftercare Services

Aftercare services come in different ways. While some San Clemente dual diagnosis rehab facilities offer them, others do not. Weekend stays at the facility, for example, can help in checking on the condition of the patient. While at it, they undertake different activities, including completing some jobs and attending group therapy sessions. Another basic aftercare service includes scheduled drug testing, which works as complete accountability to check on abstinence from drugs after completing treatment.  Click here to read about Why the House of the Rising Son Is the Go-To Dual Diagnosis Rehab.


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