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Often, an individual struggling with addiction will find themselves in a relationship with someone who is having the same struggle. Though, from the outside, this relationship is clearly mutually destructive, their current patterns and habits greatly complement one other. This makes it incredibly difficult for couples to get clean. However, when both individuals in the relationship decide to get clean together, the chances of success are much greater.

Should a committed couple seeking addiction treatment undergo treatment together, couples therapy will be a vital element of their recovery. A large component of this type of therapy is unlearning a lot of the behavioral patterns and habits surrounding the substance abuse. Unfortunately, addiction has the potential to affect all areas of an individual’s life—financial, personal, interpersonal, professional, and more. When another person struggling with addiction is added to the equation, the complexity doubles. By working with a therapist in hour-long sessions, negative and enabling behaviors are targeted and worked through together.

Treatment goals of couples therapy within the context of addiction treatment is to strengthen the relationship between both partners, target and retrain problematic behaviors by encouraging and reinforcing positive behaviors. This ultimately creates a new normal for both partners to thrive using vital tools learned in therapy.

Research surrounding the outcomes of couples therapy is very promising. Studies show successful couples therapy reduces substance abuse, improves the quality of romantic relationship compared to other modes of therapy, increases participation in other forms of substance abuse therapy, decreases violence within the relationship, and improves the mental health of the children affected by the couple’s substance abuse.

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Alone we are strong…together we are stronger.