Drug Detox Rehab Program

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The House of the Rising Son in San Clemente provides a residential medical assisted Detox program. Our private location specializes in helping individuals taper off of substances safely under the care and supervision of our qualified staff. Our program involves customized treatment plans to meet your specific needs. Our staff is ready to help you now. Please reach out to our specialists now to discuss your potential treatment plan by calling (888) 238-1038.

Did you know that your body and brain do not always process at the same time and the same speed, especially when drug addiction is at play?

While your brain may be willing and ready to achieve sobriety, your body might be under drug’s influence. It is worth noticing that you cannot get full recovery until both your body and brain are in synchronization. The healing process requires a lot of effort, particularly when it comes to dealing with drug urges and craving during withdrawal phase.

Our medical drug detox program at The House of The Rising Son is designed for addicted individuals to get rid of leftover drug toxins from the body. The first step towards sobriety is detoxification, which is essential to successfully function without drugs.

The House of The Rising Son, in this regard, ensures providing a secure, safe, and monitored environment to addicted individuals. Our drug detox program is customized according to the needs each addicted individual and is supervised by our qualified addiction professionals.

If you or your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, don’t hesitate to call us now. Our specialists at The House of The Rising Son are ready to help you today.

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What is a Drug Detox Program?

To answer the question precisely, detoxification is a natural process used to overcome drugs. Addiction is a multilayered physiological disorder. It requires detoxification that can be a complex process if attempted without medical assistance. It is a process to eliminate the drug substance from your body.

When drugs enter your body, the systems of your body adapt to the new changes processed by the chemicals. Drugs create havoc on the natural processes of your body. Drugs like heroin and cocaine are powerful enough to damage the natural cleaning protocol of the body.

People who rely on natural detoxification methods often end up putting their lives at risk. This is where the role of the drug detox program comes into play. The House of The Rising Son provides the safest treatment choices for alcohol and drug rehab for individuals with newly developed drug addiction and people with old drug addiction history.

What Happens in the Detoxification Process?

As mentioned previously, detoxification is the first step in addiction treatment. The psychological burden of leaving drugs and entering detoxification is apparent for an addicted individual. Not only does he/she fear to lose the drugs, but also the stress of mental, emotional, and physical effects that accompany withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms appear when your body becomes addicted and habituated to drug you have been consuming over a long time, and you stop them completely or reduce the dosage.

Can I Detox Drugs Cold Turkey?

Some people believe that leaving drugs cold turkey is as easy as leaving any other medication they have been taking for a long time. In reality, it is not the case.

When you stop taking drugs all at once without using drug tapers or medication, you push your body system to sudden withdrawal.

For many people, leaving drugs is a conscious choice. It all depends on their decision as they stop taking drugs the day they made up their mind to get rid of the addiction. However, it is not a choice for some people. Prison inmates, for example, are forced to go through withdrawal process cold-turkey as many countries do not provide any medical care or drug rehab unless there is a life-threatening health complication at play.

While leaving drugs, cold turkey might seem an appealing idea, the process is difficult. As soon as it allows people to decide to leave drugs, it comes with plenty of risks. Not all drugs have the same withdrawal effects. The withdrawal cravings of opioids, heroin, Benzodiazepines are difficult to ignore and may lead to many life-threatening complications.

Remember that a rapid withdrawal from any drug addiction can cause medical crises and relapses. For a consultation call our team now to discuss your needs. Our medical professionals at The House of The Rising Son can assist you in how to manage your withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapses.

Withdrawal Symptoms during a Drug Detox

Before we plunge into the discussion of how medical detox program works, let us quickly navigate through the withdrawal symptoms of different drugs.

One thing that is important to understand here is that different drug substances and their detox involve varying symptoms of withdrawal.

Opioids (including heroin addiction or hydrocodone) cause the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Muscle ache
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Adnominal cramps
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea


  • Depression
  • Oversleeping
  • Increased appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Lethargy
  • Strong cravings

Benzodiazepines like Valium and Xanax

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Panic attacks

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Who Can Help?

Medically Managed Drug Detoxification at The House of The Rising Son

There is no denying that medical professionals from The House of The Rising Son can help you treat detrimental and undesirable effects of drug withdrawal. Competent and trained addicted professionals recommend medication to reduce unpleasant symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Medication is important in certain cases to make the process not only tolerable but also safer for the patient struggling with the withdrawal symptoms. Medical professionals administer medication for drug management at inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Addiction professionals at The House of The Rising Son prescribe medication that is linked to a particular drug substance that the patient was taking. Moreover, the volume and time of drug intake are also some important considerations when a doctor recommends any medication.

Some of the common medications to manage drug detox include:


The medicine is activates opioid receptors of the brain that help prevent opiates withdrawal symptoms. The medicine is also effective for reducing cravings.


Doctors at The House of The Rising Son prescribe this effective medicine after the detox process to prevent relapse. The medicine combats opioid receptors to ensure addicted individual does not feel high or euphoria.


It is another common medication medical professional at The House of The Rising Son prescribe to reduce the withdrawal symptom without causing individuals the euphoria. It is given with naloxone that causes an addicted individual to go through a withdrawal reaction.

Detoxification Process at The House of The Rising Son

Addiction professionals at The House of The Rising Son ensure that all addicted individuals receive personalized treatment during detox process. The process includes the following steps:


The medical team at The House of The Rising Son screens the addicted individual to evaluate his/her mental and physical health issues. Addiction professionals take urine test to determine the drug volume in drug addicts’ system. This helps doctors find out the medication level patients require.

Moreover, the step is important to give a comprehensive review of the psychiatric, medical, and drug history of the patient. This review analysis provides information that helps doctors make a long-term treatment addiction plan.


The step-in detox rehab program is for stabilization of addicted individuals using psychological and medical therapy. The stabilization process plays a critical role when it comes to preventing withdrawal symptoms to the addicted individual.

At The House of The Rising Son, medical professionals prescribe treatment medications to decrease the withdrawal symptoms and other health complications.

Preparing Patients for Treatment

This is the final step of the drug detox rehab program in which medical professionals familiarize addicted individuals with the drug treatment process. It is a phase where patient chooses between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Detox Program

Our drug detox program has two main categories inpatient and outpatient detox rehab. At The House of The Rising Son, each type of rehabilitation has its unique attributes to offer.

Inpatient detox includes intensive care in our rehab center and also called a residential detox treatment program. If a patient is suffering from serious drug addiction, an inpatient rehab is suitable where he/she receives emotional and medical support 24 hours. Residential drug detox/ rehab is inclusive and has no distractions that increase the chances of relapse. The House of The Rising Son, in this regard, provides a controlled environment to help patients get rid of addiction.

Outpatient, on the other hand, is less restrictive as compared to the inpatient program. Patients at The House of The Rising Son will visit our rehab center weekly to receive drug education, group counseling, and longer-term treatment support.

To find out if you qualify for in-patient drug detox, call our 24-Hour Help Line now at (888) 238-1038 to speak with our addiction professionals and discuss your journey.