How Can Someone Know They Are Co-Occurring Disorder Victims

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The symptoms

Mental disorders and substance abuse frequently occur at the same time. While either of the two can come first, especially psychiatric disorders, the effects are fatal, especially when someone tries to administer drugs in an attempt of self-treatment. Visit this link for more information.

Signs of Mental Disorders

Even though mental disorders vary from one patient to the next, these are the common symptoms a patient is most likely going to have. Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, fear, or depression: lack of interest in daily activities: suicidal thoughts: increased irritability: or lack of energy. Note that these can be pre-existing conditions that someone may be having and can only amount to a dual diagnosis condition when the use of drugs is involved. Visit more about What to Expect From A Dual Rehab Facility.

Signs of Substance Abuse

There are very many victims of drugs and substance abuse with mental illness outside there. The journey to seeking help in San Clemente dual diagnosis rehab services can always seem like an uphill task. But before making the first steps in helping your loved one, you should check seriously if the victim has these symptoms. Cravings for substance: increased use of drugs to feel comfortable: failure to attend to daily activities due to drugs and general tolerance of drug use to maintain balance.


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