Manage Your Anxiety, Manage Your Sobriety

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It is safe to say that the better you manage your anxiety, the better you can manage your sobriety. Anxiety is a huge factor for people in relapsing back into addiction, so being prepared to face and conquer it in the moment will prove incredibly helpful for your continued success in recovery. Here are a few ways to be better prepared for when anxiety hits.

1. Take time for yourself daily.

Whether you practice yoga, meditate, go for a walk first thing in the morning or find another relaxing activity, set aside a part of your day to breathe and center yourself.

2. Get good sleep.

Maintaining a regular sleep cycle will help balance your emotions and energy level, which inevitably affect you anxiety level. When you are stressed, your body needs even more sleep than normal.

3. Eat healthily and drink enough water.

Like getting good sleep, maintaining a healthy body will directly impact your healthy mind. Avoid too much caffeine or sweets, and be sure you are getting good nutrition to fuel your body.

4. Learn what triggers your anxiety.

What makes you feel the most anxious? Is it work, family issues, friends? By learning what triggers your anxiety, you can best manage and avoid certain environments, or catch negative thought patters in the moment.

5. Find a listening ear.

Whether you just need a friend’s listening ear or a session with a trained counselor, talking about your problems will help you get clarity and release the stress of your worries. Anxiety can often be isolating, so bringing someone trusted into the situation will help you feel seen and cared for.

Managing your anxiety, as well as being prepared for it beforehand, is an important part of managing your sobriety. Reaching out for help is not showing weakness, rather it is you acknowledging your desire to stay on the path of recovery, and you do not have to do this alone. Call our office today at (888) 507-1355 to speak with a trained treatment specialist who can connect you with additional resources for maintaining your sobriety and anxiety management.