Managing Your Recovery During the Holidays

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The holidays provide the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends and enjoy a much-needed break from the regular routine. However, this break in routine can prove more difficult for those maintaining recovery. Here are some helpful tips in successfully managing recovery while enjoying the festivities this holiday season.

First, find routine within the break of routine. Because much of your recovery is centered on the routine that works for you—work, exercise, diet, and time with loved ones—this temporary change of normalcy may prove challenging. Set your alarm to get up at the same time during the weekdays, grab a friend to work out with you, and get to bed at a reasonable time. Even these small rhythms will help ground and reorient you during the holidays.

Next, treat the holidays like any other day. This means that Christmas Day, which falls on a Monday this year, is just that—a Monday. You would manage your recovery by not drinking or doing drugs on any other Monday. Do not let the holiday be an excuse to backtrack.

Finally, grab a friend who will be sober with you. Odds are alcohol will be present at holiday gatherings. It is important to realize this ahead of time and plan accordingly. Find someone who is just as passionate about your recovery as you are and promise to not drink together. Having someone to navigate parties with will make these festivities much more enjoyable.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse this holiday season, call us today at (888) 238-1038 for a free, confidential, over-the-phone addiction assessment. We can help you find the right treatment to fight addiction and get on the path to wholeness. Not everyone’s path to recovery looks the same—let us find the right one for you.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” -Robert Collier