What is the Difference Between 12-Step and Non-12-Step Rehab?

San Clemente Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alternatives

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs can be presented in many forms. Some programs utilize the well-known program established in AA, the 12-step program, while others use a different approach.

The biggest difference between 12-step and non-12-step treatment programs is the focus on responsibility. 12-step programs emphasize that individuals are powerless over their addiction and that recovery requires surrender to a higher power. Adversely, non-12-step programs focus on personal responsibility and encourage individuals to harness the power to control their addictions themselves.

At The House of the Rising Son, we offer patients options for treatment that fit their needs, and what they are comfortable with because treatment is not one size fits all. Our dedicated San Clemente rehab team is happy to help you learn about your drug and alcohol rehab options so you choose your path to success.

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The 12-Step Rehab Approach

In a 12-step rehab program, patients are surrounded and supported by peers within a structured program that follows 12 specific steps that help patients work through their addiction. This approach is most known for its prevalence in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

3 main ideas define the structure of the 12-step program:

  • Acceptance: Individuals accept that their addiction is something that they have no power over and that their willpower alone is not enough to stop the substance abuse.
  • Surrender: The individual must surrender control to a higher power and accept help and support from others in the program.
  • Participation: Individuals who follow the 12-step program must attend regular meetings and are active participants in the 12-step process.

The Non-12-Step Rehab Approach

Non-12-step programs move away from the higher-power-focused rehabilitation model and have a self-help approach to recovery. These programs include the SMART Recovery program, Life Ring Secular Recovery, and Secular Organizations for Sobriety.

Although non-12-step treatment models will vary depending on the one you choose, they may generally include:

  • Personal motivation: This describes the goal for individuals to find motivation based on the negative effects that substance abuse has had on their lives. Considering the negative ways in which drug or alcohol abuse has affected their lives can help patients abstain from use.
  • Personal responsibility: Non-12-step programs require patients to take full responsibility for their recovery and long-term sobriety rather than giving up that power to a higher being.
  • Personal balance: This program emphasizes finding and establishing a balance between overall well-being, maintaining a sober life, and active participation in peer support meetings.

Choose Our Non-12-Step Rehab in San Clemente

If you want freedom from addiction but want options that are less focused on a higher power and more focused on self-responsibility, choose The House of the Rising Son. Our San Clemente non-12-step rehab program offers an alternative path to recovery; one that places the power in your hands. Let our team help you finally be done with substance abuse and give you the tools to live a happy, sober life.

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