Addiction Recovery and Reconnecting with Yourself

An important aspect of addiction treatment and recovery is reconnecting with yourself through both self-improvement and self-awareness. Ultimately, recovery is about putting your best interests and needs first, which can be more difficult than it sounds. Here are some ways you can improve yourself and gain more self-awareness during your journey to recovery.

First, commit to going on this journey and keeping an open mind. Not everything you learn about yourself will be positive. However, choose to work through it all—good and bad—knowing that you will be a better and stronger person because of it. Grow in self-awareness by staying focused and setting boundaries. In addiction treatment, it can be tempting to become fixated on minute, unimportant things and lose sight of the main goal: your health and wholeness. Set boundaries for yourself and others in order to protect your goals and the hard work you have put into them.

As your self-awareness grows, it becomes much clearer where you should devote your time and attention for self-improvement. If you learn that you are a very undisciplined person, practice self-discipline in a variety of different ways. Remove temptations that may cause you to stumble and create a routine, such as an exercise regimen, and stick to it. If things in your environment regularly trigger you, practice setting boundaries in order to set yourself up for success. Control the controllable aspects of your life and learn to embrace the things that cannot change.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -Aristotle