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Struggling with a substance abuse disorder is one of the most difficult things a person can face.

Add to that when a couple is battling an addiction and the challenges can sometimes seem so immense that neither person may know what to do or where to turn.

Not only that, but it’s quite common for couples who are dealing with a substance abuse problem to not always be on the same page as to whether or not they need to seek some sort of substance abuse treatment, or if their issue is one they can resolve on their own.

Oftentimes they will start to ask themselves questions like:

Do we really have a problem?

Maybe we just need to cut back a bit?

Can’t we just tackle this issue on our own?

These types of questions are common for anyone who is questioning their relationship with drugs or alcohol, and they can be hard questions to answer.

But when a couple is beginning to wonder and worry about their alcohol or drug use, these questions can be even more difficult, since both partners may not answer them in the same way. A new question might also come up: can couples go to rehab together?

That said, there are some signs that can help you both determine whether or not your current pattern of alcohol or drug use is one that could benefit from a substance abuse treatment facility.


Your Drug and/or Alcohol Use is Daily and You Can’t Slow Down

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), if an adult wants to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm to their body, it is recommended that they drink in moderation by limiting intake to 2 drinks or less in a day for men or 1 drink or less in a day for women.

They also make it clear that drinking every day is also concerning, even if the person does not drink a significant amount each time.

That said, if you find yourself drinking more than the recommended amount on a regular basis, you will need to ask yourself if it is at a level that is causing you significant harm that you should consider cutting back.

And – if you are struggling to cut back – this is where an addiction treatment program may be an excellent resource for you.

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Talk openly with your partner about both your drug and alcohol use. Practice some strong communication skills and be honest as to whether or not you think that your substance use could be bordering on substance abuse. Talk with each other about the possibility that your drinking or drug use might be something that is above the recommended limit for a sustainably healthy life.

And if it is…can both of you cut back? Or do you think it’s time for some help?


Your Physical Health is Being Affected

The CDC also has some strong information to share about alcohol use and your overall health.

More evidence continues to come out that suggests that even for those individuals who are capable of drinking within the recommended limits may find that their overall risk of health issues will become higher than those who don’t drink at all.

Clearly, this concern could also be applied to those individuals who choose to use and abuse prescription drugs or illegal drugs on a regular basis.

From various types of cancer to forms of cardiovascular disease, anyone with a substance abuse problem is going to have to come to terms with the fact that they are increasing their chances of developing a potentially life-altering ailment that could be prevented if their drinking or drug use were to stop.

Even low levels of alcohol consumption have been found to increase a person’s risk for health issues.

If you or your partner are experiencing health issues, it will be worth exploring whether or not these may be related to your substance use.

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One of the best ways to do this is to set up an appointment for both of you with your family physician or healthcare provider.

Not only can they do a physical exam and ask you a series of specific questions related to your substance use and health, but they can also run certain tests that will help them determine if your alcohol or drug use is causing your health to be compromised and maybe even posing some potentially large health concerns in your near future.


Your Mental Health is Being Affected

Another important determinant in deciding whether or not you and your partner should be researching treatment centers for your drug or alcohol use is your current mental health.

It’s widely known among drug and alcohol rehabilitation experts that oftentimes drug or alcohol addiction can come from an undiagnosed mental health condition that the individual has never fully uncovered.

Many people who struggle with their mental health choose to use drugs or alcohol as a way to “self-medicate” instead of getting the proper diagnosis and treatment.

When a person enters any sort of treatment center with a substance abuse problem and some underlying mental health issues, this is referred to as a dual diagnosis.

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Any reputable and skilled treatment center will understand the gravity of such a situation and will work concurrently on both issues to help a person struggling with addiction and mental health.

Through various forms of individual therapy, couples counseling, and even group therapy, patients will be able to address the issues surrounding their mental health and how it’s played a role in their substance abuse issues.

If you are considering couples rehab, it’s important that both you and your partner take a careful and honest look at your mental health.

Are there unresolved issues that either of you has decided to deal with through alcohol or drug use?

Have you experienced certain childhood traumas or other issues in your past that have made it easy for you to only feel safe when you are drunk or high?

Do you have an underlying mental health condition that could be better addressed with specific types of medication or talk therapy instead of alcohol or drugs?

Mental health and the anxiety that it provokes can have a lot to do with a person or couple’s drinking or drug use issues. Doing a deeper dive into both your and your partner’s mental health needs may help you decide if a couples rehab program is the right choice for you.


Your Family and Friend Relationships Are Being Affected

There is a saying in many rehab facilities that addiction is a family issue.

It is no secret that alcohol or drug use and family problems will almost always go hand in hand.

And, for the people who are not the ones struggling with the drug or alcohol addiction, they are often going to have to suffer on a daily basis on a much deeper – yet unrealized – level that the person who is actively experiencing a substance abuse problem.

The problem, though, is this.

For a person, or couple, who is in active addiction, it may be hard to see or understand how their substance abuse is affecting the others around them.

A woman and a man sitting on a sidewalk bench

Most people who are struggling with addiction also struggle with the self awareness to realize what their addiction is doing to the people they love most.

If you are wondering if your substance use is affecting your family members, consider asking yourself some of the following questions.

Is my substance use having a negative effect on our family’s finances?

Is my substance use having a negative effect on how I relate to others in my household?

And, maybe the most difficult question to ask yourself is this one…

Is my substance use causing me to be emotionally or physically harmful to the people that I love?

If you or your partner have answered yes to any of these questions, it may be a good idea to contact a treatment center and talk to a licensed family therapist about whether or not you would benefit from a substance abuse treatment program to help you reclaim your life and heal the relationships that are most important to you.


Your Drug and Alcohol Use has Affected Your Employment

There was a time in our culture that drinking during work hours was made to seem somewhat normal in certain industries.

Looking back at the 1950s and 60s, it’s easy to see how having a martini or two during lunch was perfectly acceptable in many offices and amongst many professions.

But it didn’t take long for employers to realize that alcohol at any point during the workday was going to be disruptive and make it difficult for most employees to do their jobs effectively.

Not only that, but as more information came out about the effects of alcohol, more industries realized how alcohol wasn’t just unhealthy for their workplace productivity, it was unhealthy for their employees as well.

Alcohol is no longer something that is easily tolerated in the workplace. Not only that, but an employee who is struggling with a drug or drinking problem – even if it’s outside of work hours – can be difficult to manage and communicate with.

Drug and/or alcohol use can have a huge impact on your career. From time missed at work because you aren’t feeling well after an evening of drinking or drug use, to issues with focus, temperament, or depression, using alcohol or drugs during your off hours can have a huge effect on your work hours as well.

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If you or your partner have reason to believe that your alcohol or drug use is affecting your work, it’s time for you to both be honest about whether or not it’s time to seek treatment for your problem.

Not only is your job performance a good indicator as to whether or not your alcohol and drug use are problematic, but you could also be at risk of losing your job…a consequence that will greatly affect your finances, and your family, and make an already difficult situation significantly worse.


Your Drug and/or Alcohol Use has Affected Your Finances

Another way for you and your partner to decide if your substance use warrants looking into treatment centers is to look at your finances and see how your financial situation is being affected by your alcohol or drug use as well.

Alcohol and drugs can take a significant toll on a person or family’s monthly budget. In fact, it is estimated that Americans spend over $200 billion a year on alcohol.

A man holding an empty wallet

How much Americans spend on illegal drugs is harder to pinpoint.

The bottom line is this…

If you and your partner recognize that alcohol or drugs are beginning to be a large line item in your monthly budget, it may be time to think about talking to a family therapist who specializes in addiction treatment, or even consider enrolling in couples rehab centers for a short period of time.

Gaining control of your substance abuse issues will also mean gaining back control of your relationships, your spending habits, and your health.

It’s an enormous win-win for both of you, and everyone who matters in your life.


Ready to Consider Couples Rehab?

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Making the decision to seek out recovery support for any addiction can be incredibly tough.

But, it may be just what you and your partner need to finally move past your toxic relationship with alcohol or drugs. Once and for all.

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