Is Couples Rehab Right for Us?

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Is Couples Rehab Right for Us?

For anyone who is struggling with whether or not it’s time to consider an alcohol or drug rehab center, there is often a point when another question comes up as well.

Is it just me who needs a rehab center? Or does my partner need a rehab center as well?

When you have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse, there is a good chance that your loved one does as well.

Why is this the case? And can couples go to rehab together?

Statistics show us that when a person in a relationship has developed a problem with alcohol abuse or drug addiction there is often problematic drinking or drug use with their partner as well.
Maybe one person in the relationship had the problem first and the other one decided it was easier to participate than it was to try and fight the drug or alcohol abuse singlehandedly.
Other times the relationship may have started with both persons already having substance addiction that just wove into the fabric of their relationship. In either case, when both partners decide they are ready to start a recovery process, it can be the best thing that has happened to the relationship in years.

Yes, going to a rehab center can sound scary.

The idea of getting sober is daunting enough when it is only one person…the idea of trying to do it simultaneously can feel incredibly overwhelming. Taking the leap to look at options for drug rehab for couples near me can often be the scariest part.

You can find drug centers close to home. If you live in Orange County, find a drug rehab Orange County has to offer near you. Luckily, we have resources available online and on social media to find the best rehab center in California, just by searching “drug rehab center california“.

But couples rehab can also feel incredibly exciting as well.

Whether you and your partner have lived with substance abuse problems for months, years, or decades, the decision to make the brave step to enter into an alcohol or couples drug rehab near me together is going to be the start of a brand-new relationship for both of you.

Healthier relationships are possible when you seek treatment.

Is it scary? Yes. Is it going to be hard? Very likely.

But can you do it?


And we are going to walk with you every step of the way.

A couple at counseling

Why Haven’t I Heard Much About Couples Rehab for Addiction Treatment?

For those of you who are wondering why you haven’t heard much about couples drug rehab before or have searched for rehab for couples near me and not found anything, you are not alone. If you’re lucky enough to be searching for couples rehab Dana Point or couples rehab near Costa Mesa and found our facility in your backyard.

The concept of couples rehab is still relatively new to drug and alcohol rehab centers.

For years, it was believed that people suffering from substance abuse issues needed to be isolated from family and friends to truly succeed in the recovery process. Due to this perception, trying to find a rehab for couples on drugs, or struggling with other substance abuse issues, together was very difficult. Individual addiction treatment was deemed to be the most effective way to help those looking for help with their substance use, because professionals believed that the person seeking addiction treatment needing to be removed from any potential person or situation that would cause their treatment program to be compromised.

Anyone or anything that could cause the person’s recovery process to be threatened was considered off-limits, at least while the person was engaged in intense treatment, particularly when they had opted for an inpatient treatment center.

If you’ve ever known what it’s like to try maintaining sobriety, you know it’s twice as tough when outside influences tempt you to choose otherwise.

So, it made sense in the past to not encourage couples to engage in treatment programs together if both people in the relationship were struggling with some sort of addiction issue.

But the good news is this… many of the theories surrounding couples rehab have shifted.

Today, more and more healthcare professionals and addiction researchers are starting to find the opposite to be true.

There is significant research that points to the idea that when a couple decides to deal with their substance abuse together, their success rate at staying sober is much higher than thought in the past.


Consider this: when you are in a romantic relationship, you set goals together.

Think about times when you and your significant other have put your heads together to achieve something. Maybe it was saving for a new car or trying to lose weight.

Of course, wrestling with substance abuse is much different than buying a car or losing a few pounds. Changing patterns that have been a part of your daily existence for years is never simple.

And deciding to deal with substance addiction together is a very big goal.

But having a person who you love (and loves you) walk beside you through it is going to help make the process seem much more attainable. 


How Can Couples Rehab Help Us with Our Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Front view of a couple laying together

Here are some of the biggest reasons why rehab for couples works and why it might be exactly the treatment program you’ve been waiting for:

  • You’ll have individual, couples, and group therapy sessions during your entire inpatient rehab for couples program.
  • You’ll have a chance to seek addiction treatment with other couples as well.
  • You’ll learn what it means to create “no tolerance” zones.
  • You’ll create routines while in substance abuse treatment that will help you on your recovery journey.
  • You will rediscover things that will help you maintain sobriety from your drug or alcohol addiction.
  • You will learn that you are never going to be alone in your substance abuse treatment.

Are you ready to learn more about what couples inpatient rehab can offer you and your partner? Let’s dive deeper and see if this type of treatment can give the two of you the life you truly want to live.


1. You’ll Have Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy Sessions During Your Entire Couples Rehab Program.

It has long been known that a person who has decided they want to enroll in couples rehab centers in order to begin the process of addiction recovery will greatly benefit from a program that doesn’t just focus on the addiction, but on the root causes as well.

Experts now know that in order to overcome addiction, the solution is not to just prevent a person from using their substance of choice… we must find out what’s causing the addiction to happen in the first place.

Substance abuse is usually not the problem. It’s what is causing the abuse that is.

This is where good, behavioral couples therapy is going to come in.

Therapy is going to give a person struggling with addiction a chance to unpack their thinking around their addiction and to begin unraveling the reasons they have found themselves where they are.

It will also help to recognize triggers and thinking patterns that consistently lead to their unhealthy behaviors and begin to be able to cope with them in different ways.

Being able to spend uninterrupted, quality time in therapy is a proven tool for anyone in addiction treatment.

Need to find a drug rehab center in California that fit for you? Look towards The House of the Rising Sun.

But here’s the beauty of behavioral couples therapy – you get to do it together.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you and your partner find yourselves in a pattern of unhealthy behaviors that are resulting in substance abuse, then learning to talk about what got you to this point can be a great benefit to your recovery.

And – by unpacking those unhealthy thinking patterns and learning new skills together that is going to help both of you while you overcome addiction, you are going to set both of you up for far more success than if you try and go it alone.

Couple during a therapy session
individual counseling

You will get individual counseling as well.

At The House of the Rising Son, we will create a therapy plan for you and your partner that will combine group therapy sessions, individual therapy, and session for the two of you to participate in together.

Our skilled and experienced therapists can sit with you and tailor a program, based on your specific needs and set goals with both of you to find the best path forward.

The path that is going to lead to your ultimate goal – recovery.


2. You’ll Have a Chance to Seek Addiction Treatment with Other Couples as Well.

Another big advantage of rehab for married couples is more than just the help you will receive from our expert staff and therapists.

Being able to spend time with other couples who have also taken the brave step toward seeking addiction treatment will make a huge impact on your recovery process in more ways than one.

An addiction of any sort can be a very isolating experience. People may not realize this, but most who are wrestling with a substance use disorder feel lonely. Their addiction has brought them shame and fear and feelings of hopelessness.

When you are wrestling with a substance abuse disorder, sometimes you feel like you’re the only one.

And when it’s a couple who is struggling, it can be even more isolating.

A couple who is battling drug and alcohol abuse may have even more feelings of shame and isolation than an individual. They can’t figure out why neither of them is strong enough to overcome it.

But individual and group behavioral therapy can make you realize you are not alone.

Deciding to take the big step of starting a couples inpatient rehab program together is going to give you something that your addiction has taken away. It is going to give you back a sense of community, a realization that you aren’t alone.

As you explore this new life of living without substance abuse, you will create relationships with others who understand where you are and together you will discover resources and tools that can help you and your partner thrive on the other side of treatment.

Remember, everything that you will experience at The House of the Rising Son Treatment Center & Rehab is completely confidential. The other couples you meet here have the same desire for privacy that you do, and everyone is well aware of the sensitive subject matter that may be shared while you are in recovery together.
Remember – substance abuse thrives in isolation. Connecting with others in a program like ours is going to shine light and allow your recovery journey to begin.

group counseling

3. You’ll Learn to Create “No Tolerance” Zones While Seeking Treatment and Beyond.

One of the biggest concerns our couples come to us with is the fact that in the past, they’ve been unsuccessful in their attempts to quit their alcohol and drug use in large part because there always seems to be another opportunity waiting for them.

This is a problem with most people who are seeking addiction treatment.

But when a couple is doing it together, it can be even more problematic, because each of you probably has different scenarios in which you use drugs or alcohol.

At The House of the Rising Son we create a no tolerance policy from day one.

No person will be allowed to use any form of drugs or alcohol while enrolled in our program or at our treatment facilities.

By heavily enforcing this means that we can ensure each person that comes to us for treatment that they are going to be held to the highest level of accountability.

It also ensures that no person can come into our program and jeopardize you and your partner’s recovery process.

But we also will teach you how to maintain a no tolerance policy in your early recovery after you leave.

Not only will you be able to count on our facility to maintain a no-tolerance policy during the entire time you are here, but we will also help you and your loved one learn the necessary tools to create a no-tolerance policy when you return home.

By teaching you the ways to create no-tolerance zones at home, the chance that you both will maintain sobriety is greatly increased. One partner can’t do this alone. You will both need to commit to identifying situations where your recovery may be threatened and where substance use might be encouraged.
Life after inpatient drug rehab for couples can still be challenging. But we will equip you with the tools and resources you need to tackle it and continue to maintain sobriety when you enter back into your lives outside of here.
Positive signs

4. You’ll Create Routines while in Substance Abuse Treatment that will Help You on Your Recovery Journey.

Routine… it is sometimes considered an ugly word, right?

Routine sounds boring. Routine sounds like the opposite of fun.

But for a person who is recovering from a substance abuse problem, routines can be the difference between maintaining a life of sobriety and ending right back up where you were before you sought substance abuse treatment in the first place.

One of the greatest parts of a couple deciding to enter into a substance abuse treatment program together is that they get to create new patterns and ways of doing things simultaneously.

They get to decide together what they want the next chapter of their lives to look like – drug and alcohol free.

We often hear about people who have successfully spent time seeking inpatient rehab for their drug abuse or alcohol abuse. They complete the program and go home, proud of the hard work they’ve done.

But unfortunately, life at home hasn’t changed, and all the reasons they found to feed their drug and alcohol abuse before come raging back.

After all their hard work, they are back to square one.

A couples rehab program like ours can change that scenario.

When you decide to start a rehab program as a couple, you are giving each other the gift of committing to changing old patterns and together creating new ones.

The House of the Rising Son will help you both to do that.

While here, you and your partner will be able to establish new routines together and create environments for yourselves where drug and alcohol use isn’t involved. Yes, it will feel strange at first. But through the development of new routines and new scenarios, you will get to “try it on for size” while at The House of the Rising Son, under the experienced guidance of our staff and therapists.

We will talk about what is working and what isn’t. We will address each of your concerns and help you both discover new routines that are going to allow you to experience what happier and healthier relationships look like when you are both substance-free.

We can make the word “routine” sound exciting. And, we can realize together that routines will be important for your long-term success at living a life without drug and alcohol addiction being a part of it.


5. You Will Rediscover Things that Will Help You Maintain Sobriety from Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction.

Another great thing that couples rehab Irvine, couples rehab Santa Ana, couples rehab Newport, or couples rehab California in general can give you and your partner is the freedom and the time to rediscover some of the activities you used to love to do before substance abuse took over your lives. 

Most people who are battling an addiction eventually realize that everything that used to be important to them has taken a big backseat to their drug abuse or alcohol abuse.

Part of our treatment process is to change that.

At The House of the Rising Son, we offer tons of options for you and your partner to try. If you’re looking for couples rehab Huntington Beach or couples rehab Laguna Niquel our location in San Clemente is perfect. We encourage you to spend time together exploring what types of activities you both enjoy – activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol and give you back a feeling of accomplishment, pride, and curiosity about life and each other.

Whether it’s outdoor activities, cooking together, learning a new skill, or trying a new sport, your journey to recovery from substance abuse is going to need to be built on new habits that will replace the old ones.

Mental health and physical health both play a big role in a person’s ability to overcome addiction. Allowing yourself to try these new things will help with both.

By enrolling yourselves in an inpatient rehab center, you’ll have the time and space to figure out what these new habits are going to be.

Through our treatment process, you’ll rediscover things that you used to love doing.

Or maybe, together, you will find something brand new that you never before thought to try!

Either way, discovering new hobbies and pastimes is going to be a key component of your addiction recovery. And, by allowing yourselves to discover these things while in a safe and well-equipped environment means that you can then add them to your routine when you return home.


6. You Will Learn that You’re Never Going to be Alone in Your Substance Abuse Treatment.

Finally, perhaps the biggest perk of a couples rehab treatment program is that you are going to discover the best tool you can give yourself to maintain your sobriety as a couple.

Couple holding hands

Even after you leave our rehab center, you will never be going it alone. Treatment doesn’t end when you leave The House of the Rising Son. Not only are you going to be equipped with all the tools necessary for ending substance use in your home once and for all, but you will also have a rich bank of resources available to you and your partner as you continue your addiction recovery together. After you leave our program, we can continue to offer you outpatient couples rehab if that is something we decide together would benefit both of you.

You can also continue your behavioral couples therapy with one of our counselors, or with a behavioral therapy clinic closer to you. From couples rehab Mission Viejo to couples rehab in Florida, we understand that rehabilitation is a journey, not a destination.
We can also help you find healthcare providers or alcohol and drug addiction in your area that specialize in drug addiction and relationships to help keep you and your partner accountable.

Thanks to our large network of resources, we can make sure you find the right aftercare programs that will continue to meet any ongoing physical or mental health needs that your substance use disorder has caused.

We can also work with your insurance provider when it comes to payment options and help you understand what parts of your treatment your insurance provider is going to cover. With us, you can know for sure you’re getting the best couples rehab San Clemente has to offer.

Alcohol and drug rehab programs can be costly, but we can help you navigate that.

If you’ve been considering a couples rehab program for you and your partner, reach out to us at The House of the Rising Son today.

We are ready to help you and your loved one with all the addiction treatment services you need, from early recovery to a long life without drug and alcohol addiction.

The first step can be as small as searching for ‘couples rehab near me‘ and finding this article. Rather you’re looking for couples rehab Laguna Beach, couples rehab Lake Forest or any of the surrounding areas, let us help you on your path to recovery and see if we can find the right treatment programs for both of you. When one partner reaches out to us, substance use can end for both.

From individual addiction treatment programs to behavioral therapy sessions, The House of the Rising Sun can help you find the right combination of treatment options that are going to best serve both you and your partner.

Reach out to us today so we can help you write your next chapter… together.

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Couples Rehab in California

The House of The Rising Son in San Clemente, Orange County and California specializes in seeing couples get addiction treatment together. Our personalized treatment plans include couples therapy, and couples rehab as well as one on one counseling. Our rehab program has helped many couples succeed in starting their recovery together.

Couples Rehabilitation: Let Us Walk With You and Your Partner On the Path to Recovery!

Did you know that you and your partner start your journey towards addiction recovery together with couples drug rehab, or couples alcohol rehab? Still Water Wellness couples rehab program can also help couples with our couples programs, couples sober living and couples therapy.

Couples Rehab California, San Clemente, Orange County

Research shows that receiving treatment for substance addiction as a group is fairly effective. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that couples treatment programs are beneficial for both patients involved.

Couples Alcohol Rehab

Healing together makes things way easier and improves recovery chances because each partner acts as a source of support for the other. Recent studies show that couples can better deal with substance addiction or abuse when they start their recovery journey together. Couples in need of drug rehab also are in need of conflict resolution skills. As a part of rehab for couples teaching these skill are necessary to avoid relapse. Codependency can also be an issue when it comes to couples going through rehab, both partners need to understand how to avoid these complications.

Couples Drug Rehab

It is also worth noting that when only one partner receives rehab while the other one continues to abuse drugs or alcohol, it makes it difficult for the one receiving treatment to overcome their addiction. Not only does it demotivate the one receiving treatment, but it also increases their risk of relapsing once the treatment is over.

Moreover, when your partner does not help you escape the addiction cycle, it may worsen the problem. Couples may face relationship problems, financial loss, and, most importantly, the decline of their physical and mental health. No matter how much couples try to rid themselves of substance abuse habits, breaking the addiction cycle without any professional help can be extremely difficult; and each time they fail again, it discourages them from trying again.

Couples Rehab for alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery

Call Now 1-888-238-1038

Why Should You Consider a Couples Rehab Program? Treatment For Couples

As mentioned earlier, going sober is a difficult process when one is struggling with an addiction disorder. However, it can be even more challenging when a couple or partners have addiction problems. Moreover, couples with addiction problems often go through a rough patch in their relationship. It may be necessary for both to attend an inpatient drug rehab.

They tend to fight and argue more than partners who are not addicted to substance drugs. This is a major reason such couples experience emotional distance and end up making things worse between them. These ever-increasing relationship problems often lead to physical abuse and violence.

This situation, in turn, increases substance abuse, and this vicious cycle continues and they rely on drugs or alcohol as an escape. Most of them use drugs to relieve their stress and avoid growing relationship problems.

This is where our role as a drug addiction treatment center offering couple-centered programs comes into play. The trained medical professionals here at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center specialize in providing inpatient rehab facilities to cohabitating partners with substance abuse problems.

What is Couples Addiction Treatment? Rehab for Married Couples

Couple addiction treatment refers to seeking professional help together with your partner in addiction rehab to overcome substance abuse. Addiction treatment designed for cohabitating partners is considered to be tremendously advantageous for the partners. Committing to a treatment path together helps partners strengthen their relationship.
The House of the Rising Son Provides Couples Rehab services locally and nationally, here are some of our couples services:

  • Couples Rehab
  • Couples sober living
  • Treatment For couples
  • Alcohol and drug rehab for couples
  • Couples Therapy

The outcomes of a recovery process are often optimal when married couples are willing to attend rehab to break their addiction cycle. Moreover, our couples rehab program not only help escape their addiction cycle but provide them with the opportunity to identify the underlying root cause of their substance abuse. Couples with addiction to alcohol and drugs have trouble expressing feelings, parenting, setting boundaries, and handling other relationship issues.

Couples Alcohol & Drug Rehab For you and your partner

The couple rehab program at The House of The Rising Son treatment Center helps addicted partners learn stress management skills and educate them by giving training and counseling sessions. If one partner suffers from substance abuse, the other partner can learn to prevent triggers and to stay sober. Thus, our couple rehab program is specially designed to teach addicted partners the tools required to prevent relapse, overcome obstacles to achieve long-term and successful recovery.

Couple Rehab Substance Treatment at The House of The Rising Son

Regardless of what substance a couple is addicted to, opting for a couples’ rehab program is an ideal way to break the negative cycle of drug addiction so both partners can regain control of lives. Both long-term drug users and those with newly developed addiction can benefit from the couple rehab program here at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center.

Couples Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Here are some of the substances that we provide treatment for in our couples’ rehab program.

  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Crack
  • Marijuana Rehab
  • Cocaine Rehab
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin Rehab
  • Prescription Drugs Rehab

Additionally, our couple rehab program helps couples address their co-occurring mental issues. That means partners can get professional help to manage psychiatric issues such as anxiety and depression.

If you and our partner, or a loved one and their partner, are facing difficulties in your journey towards a drug-free life, don’t hesitate to contact us through our 24-hour helpline at (888) 238-1038. We’re here to listen and help you find a solution.

Treatment Methods in Our Couples Rehab Program

Our couples drug rehab program offers a wide variety of treatment methods to manage or treat different kinds of substance addiction. Behavioral therapies, in this regard, play a vital role in addressing addiction issues.

The therapies promote positive changes and are great for lasting development. In therapy, partners learn new ways to interact with each other, and this positive interaction promotes supportive and clear communication. This is what helps couples develop healthier relationships and achieve abstinence.

Couples Drug Rehab, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Here are some of the therapies and treatments our program includes;

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

BCT is an effective and beneficial drug therapy that comprises some efficient behavioral modification techniques. The “recovery contract” with the partner is the main part of behavioral couples therapy. The recovery contract requires one partner to state his/her intention not to use drugs or drink alcohol. The other partner has a task to support his/her partner achieves this goal.

At The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center, our therapists arrange private sessions to help partners grow determined by fortifying new coping skills. Some group therapies are also part of BCT, in which one therapist sees many couples at once.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

As the name implies, this treatment plan is a comprehensive method used to address drug or alcohol addiction through medication. Our in-house medical professionals prescribe a range of medications, such as naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone, to alleviate addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Residential Couples Rehab

MAT at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center incorporates counseling and education sessions for non-addicted partners or spouses. The purpose is to make them understand how they can provide emotional support to each other during the recovery process.

Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT)

This treatment is for when you are struggling with heavy and long-term alcohol addiction. This behavioral therapy is highly similar to behavioral therapies based on various psychotherapeutic models. Like BCT, it also promotes abstinence and improves healthy functioning within couples’ relationships.

Couples Outpatient Rehab

It is important to know that ABCT is an outpatient treatment that is designed to improve communication, contingency management, self-control, and problem-solving skills in couples. Overall, the therapy is considered beneficial to help couples achieve sobriety.

12-Step Meetings – Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA)

This is another important treatment that we offer in the couples’ rehab program. The method incorporates 12-step meetings to provide additional support to help couples recover from alcohol and drug addiction. The best part of this treatment is that couples can continue to attend meetings even after their treatment is complete.

If you are searching online for this type of program search for Couples Rehab California for best results.

RCA is typically a group recovery process and focuses on working through comprehensive 12 steps to achieving sobriety. It further emphasizes the significance of the couples’ commitment to each other when it comes to achieving sobriety.

To find out more about the different kinds of treatments we offer as part of the addiction treatment program, contact us through our website or call us at (888) 238-1038 and speak to one of our addiction experts.

What Can You Expect in Our Couples Rehab Program

If you and your partner struggle with heavy drinking problems and substance abuse, it might so because it is the only thing you two enjoy together. Nonetheless, drugs and drinking can harm your relationship in a way that affects the lives of other people associated with you, such as your kids.

To beat this toxic cycle, you should consider enrolling in our couples rehab program to address the following issues:

Isolation from Family And Friends
Substance abuse sometimes becomes so pervasive that people start spending time in isolation and avoid socialization.

Achieving Intimacy When You Are High
Drug dependency may lead to a point where couples feel intimacy only when they take drugs or drink alcohol. Simply put, you feel close to your partner only when you are high on drugs.

Arguments or Increased Fights
Although fights are not something very uncommon between couples, they become frequent in the couple experiencing addiction problems. Reasons may vary, ranging from money, partying late, or neglecting responsibilities.

Domestic Violence
This is one of the worst stages that drug abuse or drinking might lead you to. Addicted individuals lose their ability to judge, think, and tolerate. This is when partners end up doing brutal fights that involve pushing and hitting out of rage and anger. This leads to an increased number of violent episodes of domestic abuse.

If you and your partner, or a loved one and their partner, are showing distressing signs such as the above-mentioned problems due to substance abuse, please contact us. Call us at our 24-hour helpline and take the first step towards recovery and a lasting relationship.

The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center Your Solution to Long-lasting Recovery

Our drug and alcohol rehab center are known for its potential therapies that help those struggling with drug or alcohol addictions achieve long-lasting recovery. With our comprehensive couple rehab program, couples can focus on new activities that can replenish their relationship.

Couples Therapy, Couples Co-0ccuring Disorders & Dual Diagnosis, Marriage Counseling

Combined with relationship therapy, our couples’ rehab program provides partners with the best opportunities to achieve their sobriety goals and to rid themselves of substance abuse. No matter how long a couple has maintained their addictions, entering rehab program together is, without a doubt, one of the most important steps they can take to retrieve a happy and healthy relationship.

Choose either out or inpatient treatment to address your addiction problems, but do not let it take a toll on you. The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center, with our team of professional treatment specialists, can make your transition less stressful and more supportive.

We Also Provide Sober Living For Couples

To know more about the extensive recovery programs or Sober living Couples Rehab programs we have here at The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center, all you need is to contact us.

The Cost of Couples Rehab California

Call us or visit our San Clemente rehab center to discuss your treatment options. Our Couples Drug Rehab is near Orange County California, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, and California, but we serve all those who are residents in the United States. Call our 24-Hour Help Line now at (888) 238-1038.

House OF The Rising Son Couples Rehab Serves Orange County California, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Dana Point, Costa Mesa, and Southern California. We also serve all major cities in California and the United States including San Diego, Los Angles, and San Francisco.


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